He Made Me Turn!! (Two Shot: Part – 2)

I smiled for the first time after years. I really prayed to meet him once in a good position. At last, they were answered!I walked up to him and,

Me: I am sorry! I never knew it was a lie. I met all others but not you. I was in fact searching for you since I got freedom. I was breaking myself because of the words I split which have hurt you. My heart was screaming that you were never wrong. But according to my situations those days, my brain overcame it. My mom suffered a lot because of my dad. So, that day, I was totally against them. Today, at last, my only wish was fulfilled. I am really sorry for the mistake I have committed long before. I don’t how was it affecting you or not. I never cared that moment. But after that, I am eagerly waiting for you, just to meet you. I only had one wish, to see you in good position. Now I am happy. How are you now? Good life as a CEO of the Oberoi Industries, rt?

Tears were running through my cheeks. Seeing it, he gave me a towel!

S: No, not that good! I don’t know why you said those words that day. I saw you few months before. My heart was saying that it was you. As I knew some details of you, I searched upon it. So, I got to know it as you! Those words you said was indeed a blessing for me! Till that day, what I cared was only my enjoyments. But from that day, I got the driving force to my victory. If you hadn’t said those, I would have been living around as rubbish, ready to be thrown out. I should in fact be happy seeing you. I want to tell you something serious!

Me: Ok! You can talk!

We started walking together. Each foot I kept on the ground today, made my burdens fall down by loads.

S: I love you even now! Will you be ready to…( I know what you are going to say!?)

Me: Shivaay, I think you deserve someone better, because I am a stone-hearted person. I don’t believe in the institution of marriage and you know why!(You will change your words soon, dear!?)

S: Ok! I understand! So, you have nothing for me?

Me: I don’t think so! 

S: So, can we be friends? (He forwarded his hand)

I nodded my head and forwarded my hand for a handshake. That touch was something special for me.Then we exchanged each others numbers. From that day, we talked to each other most of the time. I even changed my notification tune just for him. The way, I went to take my phone every free period, is something I have never done. Slowly, my stone-heart melted without my knowledge! (I knew it!??)

He was sweet and not cheesy! I remember about my so-called ex-boyfriend(Daksh?) who stalks me even now. I even insulted him in front of the public but he didn’t stop! Because of him, I even changed my places, but somehow he tracks me down. I even complained to the police, but they are on his side, as he is rich. But from the day me and Shiv met, I didn’t see him for God’s grace! That guy was irritating! I used to get bad vibes, when he is near me. But Shivaay is different. When he is near me, I feel a sense of secure, confidence…it’s something which I can’t express!

Once I felt that I should know what I am for him. Now, it is important because even I love him. So, I went and,

Me: Shiv, did you really like me?

S: Yes, there is nothing in you that makes me hate you!

Me: See, after marriage, I have seen the wall of positivity in the couples breaking down. They fight and at last divorce. So, basically I am scared to marry. I don’t want to break the good relationship with you!

S: Maybe, it is true for some instances, but there are couples living happily, what about them? Ani, I have only one thing to say, If we get married, then I will make sure that we adjust with each other’s mannerisms.

Me: What if I didn’t?

S: You will!

Me: Why are you so sure?

S: See, if you could ask me this question, then you won’t be like that! You’re willing to be with me!

That’s where I turned!(???) He turned me from the stereotype of marriage, he turned me from extra-normal to abnormal and he turned me from a friend to wife!

He is my sweet husband, Mr. Shivaay  Singh Oberoi, who turned me into his wife, Mrs. Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi!

I truly admit, he is a magician, who made me forget my regret!

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