He left me, but I will be with him![TS – (Part – 2)]

Pls read the prrevious part: Read Here

As you know, Shivaay didn’t know some things since he was busy talking to you. Don’t tell this to him, Ok?

Ok! I am going to start.

See, you people thought I was a fool to suicide. No way! It was just a drama.

I just wanted to make him understand that I am made for him.

This was planned between me, Nani and Dadi. Both of them knows how much we loved each other.

Anyway, I hope you people remember  how khidkitod my acting was on Karwachauth!!

I know even you people would have fallen for it, hadn’t you seen my expressions!!

Anyway, it was our plan to have the conversation of Shivaay, Dadi and Nani.

It was our plan to act like attempting suicide.

But one thing was not our plan. My head! I literally bumped my head that day.

The feelings which I conveyed him that day was something from my heart.

I really wanted to tell him that.

I am really begging you not to tell this to Shivaay.

Don’t tell him about our plan.

Just then, she heard a voice.

V: They won’t tell this but I know it dear!

A: Shivaay! When did you come?

S: I came when you started telling the stories and I heard your plans. Anyway, I never expected this from you.

A: Shivaay, I am sorry!

S: What if something really happens to you? Then how can I believe you are not acting?

A: I just did that so that we will get our happiness. I am sorry!(pouts)

S: You know, I always fall for it. It’s Ok!

Anika smiles.

S: I am punishing you for this.

A: What is it?

S: I need to be a father.

A: Ok! How to do that?

S: What? You don’t know how!

A: No!

S: Ok! I will teach you!

Seems Shivaay is in a naughty mood, so signing off here!

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  1. Hi agga
    How cute hehe loved it

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  2. ItsmePrabha

    both the updates are love..i know meri anudi dramebaaz hai..billuji ko sahi tarah se ullu bana sakthi hai ..end was really cute..Loved it..

    1. Agga4102

      Thank you so much, di!!!!😗😗😗😗

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear

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