*HBD Manish* Thahaan (The Unknown Love For Each Other) Episode 7

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A very happy birthday to Manish.. I am wishing him a very grateful year ahead.. I thought to wish him through the title of today’s ff..that’s y I did it.. Thanks the readers who are commenting for my ff regularly.. My ff is nothing without ur love and support.. I want the silent readers also to comment for my ff.. The readers who are commenting please do comment for every episodes.. thanks once again..Here Priya back with the seventh episode..
On the engagement day morning, Thapki thought of something and went to Bihaan’s room..
Thapki: I want to talk with you Bihaan..
Bihaan(surprised) :what?
Thapki: After our marriage also, I want to work.. will you permit me..
Bihaan: How can you raise these like questions to B for Bihaan Pandey.. I will not permit u..
Thapki(pleasing) : But Bihaan.. I want to work..
Bihaan : why you want to work?
Thapki: Oh.. you want me to tell the reason also.. just I want..
Bihaan: Oh.. you want to ruin ur Pathi’s respect outside right?
Thapki: Naii..Bihaan I will not ruin your respect at any cost..
Bihaan: Then why you want to work..?
Thapki : Bihaan..I want to fulfil one daughter’s duty to my parents..
Bihaan: Its okay.. I will give money for that.. you need not to work..
Thapki: But I don’t want to take other’s money..
Bihaan: Oh madam.. Have you forgotten that I am your hone wale pathi…?
(Thapki shakes no to him)
Bihaan: And I will make arrangements for my father in law and Aditi’s job here.. And still you need money.. I will give it.. happy?
(Thapki gets happy tears)
Thapki: Thank u Bih..
Bihaan (stops her): No thank u. .Mank u and all…I don’t like that to get it from you..
Thapki was feeling like she want to hug him..and she was about to hug him and she remembers that he asked the reason for her hug that time and stops it.. Bihaan notices that and gets a naughty sad face.. then he calls her words( You called me Thapki.. I am feeling different .. that’s why I hugged you..) he started calling her as
Bihaan: Thapki..

Thapki: Yes Bihaann..tell me..
Bihaan: Thapppkiiiii..
Thapki(smiles): Yes Bihaan..tell me naa..(she realized his intention)
Bihaan: Thaaapppkkiii….
Thapki: Yes Bihaan..I am here only.. tell me…(smiling)
Bihaan gave a naughty face again..
Thapki smiles and pinched his cheeks and turns.. she saw the cockroach there..she turned back suddenly and hugs Bihaan..
Thapki: Bihaan … cock…cock..cockroach Bihaan… (On losing the balance they fall on the bed..Thapki is on Bihaan..They hold each others around their waist.. Then Bihaan removed the hair from her face and looked at her..She looks him..They had an eyelock.. (The music na na na plays..)
Shraddha passes the room.. she saw them..
Shraddha’s mindvoice(Oh.. here are our Romeo and Juliet.. what they are thinking in their mind.. This is engagement day or what.. But look at me.. Dhruv don’t even talked any romantic words with me..Why these bad things are happening with me alone…Its okay..let’s see after marriage..)
Suman and Preeti entered Bihaan’s room..On seeing them Bihaan and Thapki came to normal position..
Preeti: Bihaan devarji.. what actually Bade sasu maa asked you to get ready for your Aswesome wala engagement.. but don’t worry devarji.. I will tell to bade sasu maa.. that you people misunderstood your engagement as your Sugha raat..
Bihaan(without in sense): Okay Bhabi..
Thapki : Bihaaan..wo..bhabi.. actually what he means is you misunderstood us.. There is one cockroach..
Preeti and Suman started screaming.. They climbed on the table and the chair.. ..They were shaking their hands and standing on the tables..
Suman: Oh.. Thapki.. where is that cockroach.. not on this table right..
Preeti: Oh..cockroach.. cockroach where is it?
They were dancing on the table and screaming…Bihaan and Thapki looking at them and laughing..
Shraddha’s mindvoice( Oh.. nooo.. this whole family is a cartoon)

In the engagement, Bihaan and Thapki were exchanging the rings..
Dhruv and Shraddha were exchanging the rings.. Vasunthara.,Bhabuji,Poonam,Krishnakanth, Dhadhi maa, Preeti, Suman, Aditi,Ashwin, Sanjay, Kiran were throwing flowers on them..
Thapki’s mindvoice( I think I got a good life partner.. Bihaan is so good)
Bihaan’s mindvoice(why I behaved with her like that.. we are just marrying for our maa’s sake.. but why I behaved like that)
Shraddha’s mindvoice( I have to make him fall for me soon)
Dhruv’s mindvoice(I am marrying only for maa’s sake.. my maa’s life should not be in danger)
After the whole family started dancing.. The engagement ends..
The whole family planned to go out for getting marriage dress..In the dress shop, Vasunthara asked the couples to go and select according to your wish..The couples nods and enters the shop..The shop keeper asked Thapki..
Shop keeper: In which color shall I show?
Thapki thinks something and went to Bihaan
Thapki: Bihaan.. (Bihaan turns..)
Thapki: Bihaan.. which is your favourite color?
Bihaan: kyo? Yellow..
Thapki nods at him and came back to the shop keeper..
Thapki: Show me yellow colour lehangas..(Shopkeeper nods and showed her yellow colour lehangas.. Shraddha and Preeti sees this)
Shraddha’s mindvoice( Oh.. these were the secrets of their romance.. Very good.. I will try the same thing) Shraddha went to Dhruv..
Shraddha: Dhruv.. which is your favourite color?
Dhruv: White..
Shraddha’s mindvoice( whitea? But how can I wear white color dress in my marriage…)
Shraddha: Dhruv.. can you tell me any other favourite colour of you..
Dhruv: Oh..what is your problem shraddha? Go and choose your dress first..
Shraddha left angirily..Shraddha’s mindvoice( Why this Dhruv is behaving like a robot with no feelings..)
Preeti came to Ashwin..
Preeti: Ashwin baby.. tell me your awesome wala favourite colour na..?
Ashwin: why baby?
Preeti: I will choose the lehanga in that colour.. This will symbolise our love na.. I got this idea through Thapki..
Ashwin: Oh..Preeti baby.. they are new couple..they can do this and all..
Preeti: Ashwin.. I am not that much aged… tell me..
Ashwin: We are couple for more than a year.. but you don’t even know my favourite colour.. okay…I will tell.. brown, yellow, black, white, red, blue,…
Preeti(angirily): Oh..Ashwin..uuuuuuuu… not fair… not fair…
Bihaan came to Thapki and sees she is selecting from only yellow colour…
Bihaan: Oh mahan atma.. u need not to behave as my original pathni..
Thapki(angirily): I am not doing this for u Bihaan.. this is for my satisfaction..
Bihaan: gajaab..(he went)
Thapki’s mindvoice (I am doing this for him..but he don’t even asked my favourite colour..)
Bihaan came back with one red colour sherwani with yellow coloured work on the border in it.. Bihaan shows this to Thapki…
Bihaan: How long you will select? See I have selected mine.. whether it is good?
Thapki: Bahuth achhe hi..
Bihaan: hmm.. anyway you are going to select the one with my favourite color.. let me choose..(Thapki nods..)
Bihaan took one yellow colour lehanga with red color materials on it..
Bihaan: How is it?
Thapki:This is very good Bihaan..I like this very much..
Bihaan: Mr.B for Bihaan Pandey’s selection madam.. (Bihaan asks the shopkeeper to pack those dresses)
Thapki: Bihaan.. shall I ask you one thing..?
Bihaan: hmm..
Thapki: why you chose red colour sherwani?
Bihaan: Because that is my hone waale pathni’s favourite colour..?
Thapki(surprised): But how do you know? Who told you?
Bihaan: who should tell me? Whenever we are meeting you were in that colour dress only..
Thapki : Oh.. you used to notice these things too..?
Bihaan: Not with all… only with my special ones..(He said it fastly)
Thapki looks on..
Bihaan: wo..ye…actually…hmm.. have you noticed that ur dress is with my favourite colour and your favourite color on the border and mine is with ur favourite color and my favourite color on the border..(Thapki continuously staring at him)
Bihaan: kya hua?…why are you looking me like that..? (Thapki came back to senses..)
Thapki: ye..wo..
(Vasunthara calls them..they went)

Precap: Thahaan’s and Shruv’s marriage… Sheena came to marriage.. Thapki gets jealous on Bihaan’s and Sheena’s closeness..

If you people liked it , please let me know by your comments guys.. Thanks for reading..
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      Thanks a lot Anchal.. thanks for reading and commenting regularly..

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    Excellent update..
    But plz dont create rift b/w thahaan…
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      Thanks a lot alia.. thanks for reading and commenting ..I ll not create rift between them often but sometimes..

  5. Superb Priya…Ur storyline s very nice…keep rocking.. 🙂

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      Thanks a lot Jacqueline Nicole.. thanks for reading and commenting regularly.. thanks for the support…

  7. Today is My bday too :p 19/11

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