HaYa~Humsafar by salley145 (Prologue)

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‘We’ll have to get them separated,  this is the right time.’

‘No, if they’re conjoined then at least you won’t try killing my baby.’

‘Try to understand, if someone gets to know about it, our prestige will be mixed in mud.’

‘As if I care, I won’t ever let them separate, not today, not tomorrow, never ever, did you understand? Never ever.’

.      .      .      .       .       .        .        .

‘Papa ji, how you got hurt? Did someone beat you?’

‘Yes, fate hit me, since you’ve come, there is no day in our life where there are no problems, get lost!’

‘Don’t take someone else’s anger on her.’

‘So what to do?’

‘You both go in, when elders talk, kids shouldn’t be there.’


‘They both are equal, both are kids, I thought she will also get your love one day but your hatred is increasing like fire. Its nonsense talking to you.’
.      .     .      .       .       .        .        .

‘Nimmi! Look what she did today? She stole my money.’

‘Papa, she didn’t steal.’

‘Child, you don’t speak in between, you are little to understand all this.’

‘She’s also little, please don’t shout on her.’

‘She stole today, tomorrow she will even become a criminal.’

‘Maa, I didn’t steal, I wanted to draw, there was pen but there wasn’t paper. I didn’t do intentionally.’

‘Whats the use of this note now?’

‘Stop, she’s small, you made this, wow. Go play outside.’

.       .       .       .       .        .        .         .

‘For my sake, don’t tell anyone about this.’


‘No buts, no ifs, let’s take advantage of our separated bodies.’

(So this is a story about conjoined twins, one is loved while other isn’t… what will happen next? Stay tuned)

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