Have You Ever Loved Me? (A Riansh Fanfiction) Ep.7

Hello Everyone I’m here again πŸ˜ƒ. Sorry the last episode was a bit short as I was dealing with my projects. But maybe this one will be upto your expectations πŸ™‚. Kindly Ignore any kind of grammatical mistakes.

Recap – Vansh and Ridhima got stucked in lift and Ridhima got unconscious in the lift.

Episode starts here…

Vansh took unconscious Ridhima to his cabin and made her lay down on his sofa and called the doctor.

Soon doctor arrived and checked Ridhima….

Vansh – “Doctor what happened to her pls tell me?” He asked worriedly

Doctor – “How she got unconscious?”

Vansh – “Actually we got stucked in lift and she was taking very heavy breathes when the lift stopped and then she got unconscious”

Doctor – “I think she’s claustrophobic. That’s why she got unconscious”

Vansh – “But doctor she never told me that she’s claustrophobic”

Doctor – “It is maybe a sudden change. Maybe she had faced any traumatic event in her past life. That’s why she is now claustrophobic. I’m giving some medicines that’ll make her feel slight better. Pls give her when gets consious.”

Vansh – “Ok doctor. Thank you. Angre will drop you down”

Angre helped Doctor to reach down. While Vansh was just seeing Ridhima or staring Ridhima. After sometime she was getting her consiousness and Vansh saw her getting up.

Vansh – “Hey are you okay?”

Ridhima – “Yaa. But I think it’s non of your concern”

Vansh – “Why should it not be my concern you are in my cabin in my office and saying none of my concern. Waise I want to ask something”

Ridhima – “Bolo” she said annoyingly

Vansh – “Are you claustrophobic?”

Ridhima – “No. I’m not… But why are you asking?”

Vansh – “Because doctor told me damn it. You got unconscious because you are a claustrophobic. I know you are lieing to me but why?” He spoke being irritated

Ridhima – “Yes I’m claustrophobic but why should I tell you who are you for me? And who Am I to you?”

Vansh – “Because……” He didn’t know what should he speak and being silent was a good option for him

Ridhima – “Thank you I got my answer”

Vansh – “What about my answer. I asked you before also and I’m asking now too. If you really love me then will you prove your love?”

Ridhima – “Are you mad? I’m not gonna prove my love to you. Vansh love is not something that we need to prove it’s just a pure feeling which you can’t understand”

Vansh – “I don’t understand love yaa right I don’t understand that’s why you betrayed me with that bastard Kabir and even hurt my family”

Ridhima – “You know what Vansh you need proof which I can’t give you. And I’ve never hurted your family and nor you. Because you got hurt yourself believing Kabir over me”

This made Vansh angry and he took Ridhima’s arm in his hand and caged her between him and the wall. And was holding her arm very tightly making her winced in pain but he didn’t care.

Vansh – “You know what why I don’t love you why don’t my family trust you because you’ve never got such family, love and care.”

These word made Ridhima numb and she didn’t had any words to fight with Vansh for her innocence and tears made their way from her eyes.

Ridhima – “I think I was here to take your sign on some papers. Pls sign them and let me go. I’ve many important works to do” she spoke this without making an eye-contact with Vansh.

And he signed the papers while she just ran taking the papers and left the office crying…

Vansh in his cabin

Vansh(thinking) – “I think I’ve hurt her a lot by my words. I shouldn’t have said that much. But why I’m worrying I spoke the truth”

While thinking his hand kept on some medicines which made him realise that he had not hand over her medicines in all this chaos.

Vansh – “Ohh no. These are kept with me. I just forgot to hand over these to her. Now I need to give it to her office. And i think should even apologise her”

He then reached to his car and drove off for her office.

While Ridhima after leaving Vansh’s office reached her home. Tears were shedding from her eyes continuously.

She reached hall of her mansion where her dad was sitting reading newspaper. And he saw Ridhima crying while entering the house which made him worry.

Suyash – “Ridhima beta what happened why are you crying?”

She just saw her father asking for the reason of her tears and she in return hugged her tightly and was crying miserably.

Ridhima – “Dad Am I that bad that no one deserves me. No one loves me” she asked while crying

Suyash – “No beta who told you. Just tell me his name. I’ll kill him”

Ridhima realised that why she was crying and she was just going to narrate the incident to him. She then broke her hug and spoke…

Ridhima – “No dad. No one has told me something like this it was just my imagination”

Suyash(thinking) – “I think something must’ve happened with her. But she’ll not tell me. But for now I need to change her mood.”

Suyash – “Accha tell me are you hungry?”

Ridhima – “No dad I’m not hungry and I need to go office”

Suyash – “No office for today. I know I handed over this company to you myself but that doesn’t mean that you’ll forget about yourself and your health too, see how dull and pale you are looking. So no office for today. It will be father-daughter time. Ok” he said while smiling

And Ridhima also her understand his words and deep somewhere in herself she too wanted something like this.

Ridhima – “Ok dad. If you don’t mind then can I help you today in cooking pls” she asked cutely which her dad can’t deny and he nodded. And they left for the their kitchen to cook something delicious.

While Vansh reached Ridhima’s office and got to know that she didn’t came to her office and left for her home.

Vansh(thinking) – “I think I should myself now hand over these medicines to her at her home. And I’ll apologise to her there”

And he departed from her office to her home….

Episode ends here…

Precap – Vansh at Ridhima’s home saw the father-daughter duo cooking happily and he realised what he spoke to her in the office and hurt her.

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