Have You Ever Loved Me? (A Riansh Fanfiction) Ep.5

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Recap – Ridhima’s best friend entered in her life again as her PA. And Vansh got jealous seeing them together.

Episode starts here….

After 2 months

SR Mansion

Ridhima was at her office working late night and suyash was in his room thinking something….

Suyash’s POV

Have I done something wrong by giving company’s responsibility to Ridhima. Because nowadays she has indulged so muck in work that she sometimes ignore her health even me. I understand that she’s doing all this for the company for its reputation and is successful in it,Β  I’m really proud of her that she has cracked 5 deals back to back this month but that doesn’t mean that she’ll ignore her well-being. I did this just to divert her mind from her past and I don’t know what it ended up but I still have some hope that one fine day she’ll say that “Dad I’ve decided to move on in my life from my past” and that day I’ll be the most happiest person.

Suyash’s POV Ends

And soon he drifted into deep sleep…

Next day


Vansh was talking with Angre about Ridhima…

Vansh – “Angre I think sometime back I told you to do your best in making Ridhima’s clients mind against her and they should back off from their deal. And what is the result she had cracked 5 deals back to back in just 1 month.”

Angre- “Sorry Boss but I tried my best in changing their mind but I don’t know what made them deal with Ridhima’s company.”

Vansh – “It’s still not late Angre. I think we should work on our second half of the plan. And for that you need to offer Ridhima a meeting in which I’ll be present.”

Angre- “Ok boss. As you say”

Scene shifts to Ridhima’s Office

Rohan – “Ridhima there is some meeting invitation from VR Industry and I got to know that this industry is one of the best industry in India. I think you should go for the meeting. What say?”

Ridhima – “What are you sure? VR Industry?”

Rohan – “Yaa πŸ’―%”

She snatched the invitation from his hand and read carefully reading the letter she felt shocked and a bit angry remembering everything about her past.

Ridhima(thinking) – “But why they are trying to deal with us. Since Vansh has not even forgiven me then what’s the need. Anyways I’ll be just face him just for my dad’s company. I’m bit scared but Ridhima you need to calm and strong”

Rohan – “Ridhima, Ridhima, Ridhima” he shouted atleast 5 times to call Ridhima out from her dreamland.

Ridhima – “Yaa … Haan Rohan bolo”

Rohan – “Then what’s your decision for this meeting?”

Ridhima – “It’s a Yes. Schedule my meeting with them”

Ridhima (thinking) – “I know I’ve to face him again but this time it’s for my Dad. And I’ll be strong enough that he can’t break me at all” she thought fiercely.

Next Day At VR Industry

Ridhima reached with Rohan to VR Industry and waited for Vansh and his PA in the meeting hall. Soon Vansh too reached they both saw each other after a long time and especially Vansh felt something strange seeing her with Rohan again and somewhere in their heart they both wanted to give each other a tight hug but their mind didn’t allowed them,and again Vansh felt jealous from Rohan seeing him arranging seat for Ridhima and helping her to sit and after that scene they settled themselves and talked…

Ridhima – “So what made you to deal with our company?” She asked with a firm voice

Vansh – “I guess your fame and success!” He spoke

And they talked about the deal for which they’ve met and decided…

Ridhima – “I’m ready for this deal.” She spoke

Vansh – “Ok. I’m too ready with your decision but I hope that you don’t break my TRUST once again.” He taunt her over the word trust while she ignored him.

While he arranged some papers for her signatures and they had their deal On. And soon Ridhima departed from Vansh’s office to her’s and did some other important work. And their day was busy like other days… And at night they both reached at their particular place…

At VR Mansion in Siya’s room

Vansh used to daily talk to Siya about his every day here also he talked to her and told her about His and Ridhima’s deal. Listening Ridhima’s name she showed some movements which was noticed by Vansh and he used to think why she don’t react on other’s talk why only about Ridhima’s.

Vansh – “Siya pls wake up dear. See it’s been a long I’ve listened your chattering and seeing you in your senses. Pls wake up soon. I can’t see you like this” he spoke this while a lone tear escaped from his eye to her hand and she showed some movement feeling his tear which was unnoticed by Vansh and then he cleaned his tear and talked a little more about his day…

And he then after sometime talking with her he left to his room and slept thinking about Ridhima’s betrayal and remembering Siya’s condition which made a feeling of anger rose in him…

Episode ends…

Precap – Riansh Locked in Vansh’s office lift…

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