Have You Ever Loved Me? (A Riansh Fanfiction) Ep.27

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Ridhima was unconscious and somehow Rohan rescued her without caring about himself. He also got many burns on her hands but he didn’t cared about himself.

He took her to hospital and informed Suyash about his location while Vansh got to know about this incident through news portals & media and somehow he got to know that Ridhima is in the hospital and he too reached there with angre and Sia as she insisted him a lot.

He was crying but not through his face, through his heart and had an cold expression outside on his face while entering the hospital. He enquired about her being in Operation Theatre and reached there and saw her love, her life lying lifeless attached with numerous wires. He couldn’t control himself and shouted on Suyash……

Vansh – “If anything will happen to her then I won’t blo*dy leave you. This is all because of you and your f**king Rivals. Angre give me all information about those who have done this and I promise I will not let them live with happiness. And I better suggest you to leave because you are not going to meet her from now on.” Suyash was shocked listening him he tried to spoke but Sia interupted….

Sia – “Bhai what are you saying He’s bhabhi’s dad how can you not let him meet her. He deserves and he has a right” Suyash nodded

Vansh – “You should not take his side Sia. I’ve already listened a lot about everyone’s wishes. First I let Ridhima to stay over there till evening and this happened. I shouldn’t have listened her and let her stay over there in his So-called well protected mansion but I was wrong and I realised it now. I can’t repeat the second mistake by letting him meet her and again be a danger for her.” He spoke with blood shot eyes

Suyash – “Enough of all this. If you didn’t know about anything then you shouldn’t speak Vansh. They burnt the house considering me as staying there but they didn’t know that I was in an important meeting. I’ve already listened a lot but now you cannot. You are speaking as if you’ll protect her from everyone but do you know that you and your environment is more dangerous than mine. Don’t you forget that you are a mafia. Why are you shocked Vansh I know every bit about my son-in-law. What about your Rivals? Aren’t they part of your enemy circle? So better don’t raise finger against me.”

Vansh – “You know what you are wrong Father-in-law about me being mafia” he spoke with a slight smirk confusing everyone

Suyash – “What do you mean Vansh?”

Vansh – “I mean that I’ve left my Mafia Buisness but it hasn’t reached to anyone yet until I want and it’s just a secret between me and you. So better don’t” he spoke smirking widely with red eyes

Suyash – “And how can I trust you?”

Vansh – “Of course you can. Just search about my dealing from last one and half months in underground world And you’ll get to know. Now better leave because I can’t tolerate danger any around my wife especially when you are surrounded by all political enemies”

Suyash – “Vansh this is wrong. You can’t let me not meet her.”

Vansh – “I can because now she is Mrs. Ridhima Vansh Raisinghania not Ms. Ridhima Rajdhir Singh.”

Suyash – “You can’t Vansh this is blo*dy wrong. Atleast let me meet her once”

Sia/Angre – “Bhai he’s right atleast let him meet once. He has right over her”

Both spoke together

Vansh showed his palm indicating them to stop

Vansh – “Father-in-law oops Mr.Suyash Rajdhir Singh you have your daughter’s swear. And better don’t even try to break it” he spoke angrily putting him in a big dillema shocking everyone

This was it he stopped pleading and lastly took a glance of her daughter seeing her through glass of the doors and can see her being attached to numerous wires and machines and doctors treating her. It broke his heart completely. But he was determined to punish all those who dared to touch her daughter and silently left there with Rohan.

Vansh (thinking) – “Now I’ll never let him even talk to her. This is my promise to myself. If he’s her Dad then I’m her husband and she can’t give more importance to any man rather than me even if that one is her dad” he spoke determined

Sia – “Bhai you’ve done very wrong and If bhabhi will get to know about this then she’ll not even talk to you”

Vansh – “Shut up Sia and better don’t speak anything…..” He was completing his words just then doctor arrived and he stopped himself and asked to doctor…..

Vansh – “Doctor how’s my wife? Is she okay. Just speak damnit”

Doctor – “Mr.Raisinghania I can just tell that due to inhaling a big amount of smoke her vital organs are quite damaged, she also got several burns on her feet and palms and due to the damage to both her internal organs and her skin. Her body needs a lot of blood to atleast recover a little bit of damage and we need blood. Her blood group is very rare to find. And.if we didn’t get the blood then I think we cannot save her” (MAAF KAR DENA MUJHE BECAUSE I’M NOT A SCIENCE STUDENT JO MANN MEIN AAYA BANAA DIYA πŸ˜‚ ALSO I HATE SCIENCE. SO KINDLY IGNORE IT 😝)

Vansh – “Don’t you dare complete it you Mr.Whatever. What’s her blood group? You just say and I’ll definitely arrange it” he spoke holding his collar while Angre and Sia tried to make him leave his collar and he then left

Doctor – “It’s O negative”

Vansh – “Angre You better know what to do”


Vansh – “Hmmm”

Saying so Vansh sat on the nearby chair covering his eyes not to show anyone that he’s crying for his girl. And especially not to show his emotions in front of everyone while Sia tried to comfort him.

Whereas Suyash reached his farmhouse and cried a lot while Rohan (His PA) comforted him, and gave him a glass of waterΒ  but then suddenly a thought errupted in his mind and he asked Rohan…….

Suyash – “Rohan from where did you rescued Ridhima I mean where was she present when you rescued her?”

Rohan – “Sir when I reached to Rescue Riddhu she was present in the store room which Y.. YOU LOCKED AND WHERE SHE WAS PRESENT” he spoke realising

Suyash – “O god. Did Ridhima saw her?” He spoke shockingly

Rohan – “I don’t know Sir. Because when I reached to Ridhima I found her unconscious.”

Suyash – “I just pray that Ridhima hasn’t seen HER. Btw have where is SHE now?”

Rohan – “Sir we’ve arranged her in the room near to you so that know one can reach there as Servants are prohibited until they get your permission”

Suyash – “Good. And pls can you help me for one thing?”

Rohan – “Yes Sir just order me”

Suyash – “I know that You and Sia are very good friends but I just want a favour ask her to update about Riddhu’s health to you and you kindly inform me. I’ll be grateful to you”

Rohan – “Sir why are you saying. If you wouldn’t have asked for it. I would’ve myself informed you. So you don’t worry. Afterall she’s like a sister to me”

Suyash hugged him and then he immediately left not before telling him to apply some oinment and then search for those who dared to hurt his daughter while Rohan left for the work assigned by Suyash.

Episode ends here…..

Precap – Ridhima – “Sia tell me where is my dad?” She shouted

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