Have You Ever Loved Me? (A Riansh Fanfiction) Ep.15

Hello guys πŸ˜ƒ I’m back here. I hope everyone is great I want to tell everyone that maybe I could some time be imputual because my exams are approaching so pls co-operate. Thank you for your immense response on my last post. Let’s begin………

Recap – Vyom and Ridhima went on a date while Vansh planned something so that he could break Ridhima and Vyom’s wedding alliance.

Episode starts….

At SR Mansion

Suyash – “Don’t you understand it that garland need to be hang in there” he spoke indicating the direction to one of the servants

Suyash – “Arre keep that cloth there and that candle too”

Soon everything got arranged and he was happily observing every bit of the arrangements.

Suyash – “PERFECT!”

Suddenly guests seem to be appeared in the haldi function of Vyom And Ridhima (guys I’ve skipped some days that they’ll decide that when is the auspicious days and all these things.. so bare me 😜. In all these days Vansh was working in his plan that how to cancel the wedding)

Everyone was settled and applied jaldi to the bride and groom, all were happy excluding the RaiSinghanias as after the Knowing the truth of Ridhima they had a change of heart. Vansh wasn’t there in the ceremony

Suyash – “Ridhima beta I think you need to wash all this haldi. So it’s better you go to your room and change”

Ridhima – “Yeah dad.” Saying so she moved to her room and reached there as she entered her washroom she was going towards shower area and checked if water was coming hot or cold but she found that the tap wasn’t working properly so she just messaged her dad to send a servant for repairing and soon the servant went up and started checking the tap but Ridhima wasn’t able to see the face of servant she suddenly started moving towards her room and…..

Ridhima – “Hey you, how dare you to touch me” she spoke angrily as the servant held her hand and pulled her towards himself in such a way that her back collides with his front and spoke to her…

Person – “What happened Sweetheart? Is anything troubling you?” He spoke huskily

Ridhima – “Vansh what is this leave my hand” she spoke angrily after realising that who was the person

Vansh – “Aree sweetheart itni jaldi bhul gyi apne Vansh oops apne EX ko” he pressurized her arm speaking this

Ridhima – “Aah….Vansh leave my hand it’s hurting”

As soon as she spoke it’s hurting Vansh freed her and asked that how’s her arm with concern

Vansh – “Sweetheart you know na that whenever I see you with someone else then I feel something wrong and that may even lead to harm you, I’m sorry for everything”

Ridhima – “It’s not feeling wrong Vansh it’s jealousy that you do this kind of behaviour, and why the hell did you come here because I haven’t forgiven and you were here as my dad invited you as a guest. So be in your limits”

He was listening her non-stop blabbering about the right and wrong And he started getting close to her grabbing herself in his strong hands he started rubbing his cheeks with her as she has applied Haldi his cheeks also got yellow by rubbing and they both felt a different feeling.

Ridhima – “What the hell is this, why aren’t you leaving and why are you doing all this, this haldi, being a servant and everything”” she spoke irritatingly

This made Vansh angry and he started kissing her badly, but being shock for her she doesn’t realise when Vansh made her to reciprocate but she didn’t lose and didn’t reciprocated this made Vansh hell angry and he pinched her hand which made an entry for him to enter hers and they both started kissing badly while Vansh touched the back of Ridhima as it was backless giving a butterfly kind off sensation to her and he felt getting soft as soon as he touched her cheeks while she took his hair in her fist and reciprocating the same while suddenly water from the shower started flowing towards their body this gave a cherry on the top to their romance but in the fight of dominance Ridhima won….. After 5-6 mind of kissing each other they part their ways….

Ridhima – “Why the hell did you kiss me” she spoke realising what happened a bit ago

Vansh – “Sweetheart don’t take tension and especially when you were also involve in it” he spoke smiling in a flirty way

Ridhima realised that she couldn’t control herself when Vansh is in front of her and chose to keep quiet as she moved towards to the door of the washroom her foot got slipped due to water and she closed her eyes in order to meet with floor but two strong hands protected her and soon she opened her eyes and saw his brown orbs and got lost in those while Vansh spoke holding her……

Vansh – “Pls Ridhima yeh shaadi mat karo” he spoke softly and sadly

Ridhima – “Nahi Vansh yeh shaadi hoke hi rahegi. You can’t force me to cancel the wedding”

But she didn’t agreed again after pleading a lot while he picked her up and realised she that was shivering and kept her on her bed and tookΒ  a towel from her cupboard and started rubbing her which she indicated in no but he didn’t listen her being concerned for her….. Soon after a lot of request Vansh left her room while she strated getting ready for her wedding which was at the same day in the evening.

(Sorry guys I didn’t wrote about Mehendi and other rituals as I seriously don’t know anything about it and I don’t wanna drag these rituals more. Hope you understand)

Episode ends…..

Precap – Police Inspector – “You are under arrest mrs.raisinghania” Everyone gathered there were shocked

I hope you like it. I’ve tried my best in showing the romantic scenes as beautiful as I can. Hope you understand and do tell me about your reviews and suggestions in the comment section πŸ‘‡

Also, Comment down that What do you think about whom police inspector was talking about in precap? πŸ€”πŸ˜œ

Till then bye everyone πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

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