Hate? Really Episode 2 (Her Decision)

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The night turned more subtle with each second. The darkness was spooky and it made her heart flinch and beat with more speed. Her eyes not depicting what is running in her mind. She stood that way and analyzed the situation.

Life seemed like a question mark now. Was she really need to find the answer for it or she already had the answer and just has to discover it. She took a breath inside her lungs.

Will she be able to cross this moment. Will she be able to cross the tornado which has developed inside her which may destroy everything she hold so dear to herself. The values her Daadi imprinted in her. Will she forget them. Her heart was continuously battling with her mind.

You will have the love of your life. What could be possibly wrong in this. Laksh whom your Dadi selected for you. With whom you dreamed of a future.

The future where you are giggling and smiling. A good life with a good husband whom you love immensely. Annapurna maa and DP papa tho anyways like you. You will have a easy life. A life with love and only love. Love of your husband, and his family. Her mind spoke convincing her.

Ya a good life until they discover your truth that you walked on a wrong path to reach him. Your husband who you love immensely and can do anything to keep him happy.

The future where he will blame you all life for deceiving him. Annapurna maa and DP papa will hate you for playing such a game with their son. A life full of regret and guilt. You have to tolerate the disgust of your husband and family all your life. Her heart stood with head high.

No you will not be caught. You can plan something to escape a situation. It’s that easy as it is.

And then one more plan to escape the situation and then one more and you will end up forgetting what you exactly said and planned early and dig your own pit. It’s as easy as it is.

Oh common it’s not that nobody has done a mistake. You can always do the emotional thing and try getting out of the situation

Ya like every cunning person cheats with emotions and plays with the emotions.

Nobody is a saint. All commits mistake.

Mistake is different than sin. Mistake happens without our knowledge and sin is committed with our consent.

Let it be called a sin who cares.

The people who love and trust will care. Can you break their heart.

They will be happy when they see me happy. What does they want more than that.

Will you be really happy?

Ya of course. You will get love of your life. What more do you need in life

The peace of mind

Who really cares for it

Ragini cares for it. The Ragini who had grown up with values and tradition cares for it. The Ragini who loves her family cares for it. The Ragini who loved Laksh with pure heart cares for it. The Ragini who accepted Swara as her own sister though she was her half sister cares for it.

Ahhhh. Her mind had no answer.  Her heart smiled. Finally you got your answer Ragini.

She smiled as she literally came back to reality.

She looked at Sanskar and smiled widely. He looked at her confused.

Is she ready for the deal’ his mind asked. ‘I don’t think she is’ his heart spoke

Why can’t she?

Because everyone are not like you Sanskar. ‘Selfish and self centered’

Don’t you know the reason

I do but then I wonder do you really understand

It’s revenge and you can’t waste your time understanding.

Of course if the understanding had come on time there was no point to revenge

Aren’t they wrong

I did not say that

Then why to avoid revenge.

Because it has no meaning

It has as avenging someone gives immense pleasure and happiness

There is something which gives more precious thing than the so called pleasure and happiness

Stop fooling around there is no better thing than watching your enemy repent

Your enemy will still repent

What’s that so powerful thing


Never ever.

His mind huffed and brushed off his heart and he came back to reality

“So Ragini ready for the deal?” he smirked looking at her

Her smile widened and became a smirk in next moment and his mind rejoiced as it understood her answer. It jumped with joy finding a evil soul like his. Only if he really knew her answer

“No” she held her chin up a bit for winning the battle between her mind and heart. His eyes widened and he looked at her shocked. Did she just say ‘NO’ I mean seriously she said a ‘NO’

No she can’t say that. She loves Laksh so madly she can’t refuse my deal. She can’t. Did she really say ‘NO’
“You can’t say that word Ragini. Tell me you agree for the plan” he held her near to him and looked into her eyes. Annoyance clearly depicting in his eyes. He just wished she say a yes this time. He can’t lose her confidence as she was the only person who will take him to his destination.

“NO MEANS NO SANSKAR” she roared jerking his hands off her and stood determined. He looked at her shocked. Is she the same Ragini? How is this even possible. She was so weak emotionally. He was so sure she loved Laksh so madly she will definitely agree for the deal. Was he looking at someone else. Was she Ragini in first place. His mind had infinite questions.

She is Ragini, the real Ragini’ his heart spoke smirking. And he had no option but to stare at her face which was glowing with determination. There was no option for him now. He couldn’t convince her now. She isn’t the Ragini who will give up to her obsession as her feeling was love not obsession. She will not snatch her sister’s right though she was her half sister. She will not.

I hope mind and heart talks were clear.

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      Half sister means step sister

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    Superb Sally Jaana love you and take care?

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    Awesome akka…so strong so perfect…but others r also wrong in their places…

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    This is best……???? Sally ?????????

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      Nazu all your idea I’m just penning it down. If you were doing it instead of me it would have been the best

  8. amazing akka i loved it

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