HATE ? REALLY (A RagSan Fanfiction) Chapter 35

Shekar was in his own world when Sumi placed the tray in front of him. He moved his eyes and realized that he was in his thoughts.

“Are you okay?” Sumi asked concerned. “How  can a father be okay Sumi whose two daughters are going through so much. One is adamant arguing her love is right and the other adamant to protect her sister. What has happened to our kids?” he looked at her helplessly.

“Shona is thinking she will save Ragini staying in Maheshwari Mansion. But from whom is she trying to save her sister. She is in her own world of assumptions.” Sumi said handing him a cup.

Shekar looked at her confused. “Shona is very stubborn. One she assumes something about a person she never changes. Not like Ragini who looks at the things from other person’s perspective also. That’s why she has brought the good out of Sanskar and Shona due to her assumptions worsened her relationships” Sumi said and Shekar took the cup and looked at his wife.

“Are you taking Ragini’s side?” Shekar asked. “I am not taking anyone’s side Shekar. I am showing you the mirror. May be I know Ragini from a very short time compared to Swara but as a mother I know the differences between them.” she looked at him.

“I wonder you are not understanding your own daughter” Dida walked and Sumi and Shekar looked at her. Shekar placed the cup and both stood up to face Dida.

“Both Swara and Ragini are my own daughters maa. And I do understand them both. Better than anyone” she said and Dida’s eyebrows narrowed.

“If so why are you supporting Ragini who was wrong and not Shona who is ready to do any sacrifice for her sister?” Dida fumed.

“Because Ragini is not wrong.” she turned to Shekar. “Don’t distrust your upbringing Shekar. Don’t” Sumi pleaded him.

“If Ragini was wrong to stand for her love aren’t you wrong? Isn’t Shona wrong?” Sumi asked. “That was a different case Sumi” Shekar did not looked at her.

“Why is it different? Just because it is Sanskar? If you have forgotten he stood for Ragini when we all were against her. Have you done this for me? Or Laksh has done it for Shona? When he has done things which anyone in love would do why is it different?” asked Sumi and Shekar had no answer.

“When you gave chance to Swara. You gave yourself a chance then why are you not ready to give a chance to Ragini. Don’t be so partial. I know Shona is dear to you because she was deprived of your love for many years. But think once and try to remember. Have you not deprived Ragini also from the same love for years? Then how can you favor Shona and not Lado?” asked Sumi.

“Enough Sumi” Dadi walked to them. “Nobody will take her name in this home. She is dead for us” Dadi stated clearly. “But Maaji” Sumi protested. “I said na enough” Dadi walked from there and Sumi moved her helpless gaze to Shekar. He walked away from there. Sumi watched him and stood there blankly.

“Don’t you ever compare Shona with Ragini” Dida warned. “There is no comparison Maa. Ragini is Ragini and Swara is Swara. And who knows it better than me. May be today her destiny is not in her favor. But she will rise rather than blaming fate” Sumi smiled and walked from there leaving Dida confused.


Ragini looked at Sanskar worried and waited for him to speak. But he was still stunned. “Laksh” they heard Annapurna scream and walked out.

Laksh was walking with the help of two people dangling his hands across each and there was a small cut on his forehead and some bruises across the face.

Sanskar rushed to get hold of Laksh and held him firmly. Adarsh walked and helped him from other side. “Thank you” he smiled at the people who brought Laksh.

They made Laksh to sit on the couch and Annapurna and Sujata rushed to him. “What happened to my son?” Annapurna asked worried. She touched the band aid and Laksh winced in pain.

Sanskar signed Ragini who brought water for him. Laksh took it and gulped the water. “It was just a small accident maa. Nothing serious” Laksh said after he relaxed.

Annapurna was still worried. “Why is that you don’t take care of yourself?” Sujata asked and Laksh nodded his head lightly. “It was just a small accident Chachi. Nothing to worry” he said trying to cool her.

Swara fast walked as soon as she saw Laksh’s wounds.  She was about to speak but did not speak. Laksh ignored her. “Bhai will you help me till the room?” asked Laksh looking at Sanskar.

Sanskar nodded his head and helped Laksh to reach his room. Ragini looked at Swara sadly. The silence between the husband and wife was not doing any help.

Sanskar made Laksh sit on the bed. “I’m sorry. I should have listened to you when you said the car needs a service” Laksh looked at Sanskar.

Sanskar smiled at his brother and nodded his head. “Where is your car?” asked Sanskar. “It’s tire was flat and I needed to reach the meeting soon” Laksh said and Sanskar gave him a tight lipped smile. “You take rest. I will check if anyone else can handle the meeting” said Sanskar.

“But Bhai you don’t like involving in Maheshwari company right?” asked Laksh. “I don’t mind when it is about your health Laksh. Don’t worry I will not let your Khadus father know about it” Sanskar said and looked Laksh who was sitting with zero expression.

Sanskar thought Laksh might have felt offended. “I’m sorry” he said and Laksh smiled back at him. “You should not be sorry to speak truth” he said and lied on the bed.

Sanskar covered him with the quilt. Ragini walked to the room. “I brought Milk with turmeric. You will feel better” she looked at Laksh. Sanskar helped him to sit and made him to drink the milk.

“Thank you” Laksh smiled at her. Sanskar could understand the awkwardness between them. “Bhabi” Laksh’s smile widened and that in a way relaxed not only Ragini but Sanskar also.

“Now let him have some rest” Sanskar walked out with Ragini.

Swara stood in front of them just at a little distance from their room crossing her arms. “So it was your car? Did you plotted all this?” Swara raised her one eyebrow looking at Sanskar.

“Swara what are you talking?” Ragini defended Sanskar. “Excuse me Biwi” Sanskar dragged her towards him.

He kissed Ragini’s forehead and smirked at Swara. “See this is easy. Not poking nose in others matter” he bent his head making Swara fume.

“But it is my business. Because You are trying to harm my husband” she stood in front of him. “Aren’t you tired of this? Seriously” Sanskar narrowed his eyebrows.

“Just before yesterday you were blaming him that he doesn’t give a damn to your so called Burja Kalifa high self respect and look at you today. My husband” Sanskar rolled his eyes.

“The way I treat him is my personal problem. Who are you?” She asked. “Swara” Ragini said sternly as she was in no mood to tolerate that tone against her husband.

“Me? Oh I’m a simple man. Who is your husband’s I mean the one who you pretend to claim as your husband. His blood related brother. And that makes me your Jeth” he smirked at her making her fume.

“So you have all the right to interfere?” asked she not giving up. Sanskar turned to Ragini.

“Don’t tell me she did not go to school. Or her brain decodes antonyms all the words” he said annoyed. “Talk to me. Why are you dragging her in this conversation. Isn’t it enough you have manipulated her to stand against her family that you want her to support the wrong?” asked Swara.

“I told you she needs serious education. Anyway I’m getting late for the work Jaan. I will miss you” Sanskar kissed Ragini on her cheek and walked from there leaving Swara fuming.

Swara turned to Ragini. “Did you believe me when I told he is only concerned with his revenge. See what he has done with Lakshya?” Swara looked at her sister.

“Please Swara. It was just an accident” Ragini pleaded her sister. “Then why was it Sanskar’s car?” asked Swara and left from there and Ragini stood in confusion.

“My taxi has arrived” she remembered Sanskar’s word. She walked to the window which opened towards the gate. She saw Sanskar standing there. He waved at her. She weakly smiled at him and waved back. Sanskar sat inside the taxi and the taxi drifted towards it’s destination.

Ragini moved to get herself busy with some work so that she can rest her thoughts instead of letting them wander.


Ragini sat in her thoughts on her bed. She felt a kiss on her side of head. She jerked and found Sanskar grinning at her. She smiled at him weakly.

“What’s wrong?” asked Sanskar. Ragini just nodded her head. “I will get your tea” she walked from there only to be pulled back. She landed on his chest. 
Sanskar slowly moved her hair strands and kissed her neck. Ragini closed her eyes bending her head aside. “Sanskar” she called his name.

“Hmm” he moved up on her neck. “Someone will be here” she said. “And are you a fortune teller to know?” he asked and kissed the spot just behind her ear and blood rushed to her cheek.

“Bhabi” they jerked and departed hearing Uttara’s voice. Ragini tugged the hair strand behind her ear. “Wo. Maa was calling you” she said and walked out. Ragini nodded her head and walked out of the room blushing.

Sanskar collapsed on the bed facing the ceiling. “She really is a fortune teller” he said seriously.


Sanskar brought Laksh to the dining table and made him sit. Ragini served everyone the food. Swara was serving the Dal but Laksh stopped her by placing his hand on the bowl.

Swara looked at him and walked from there to serve others. Ragini saw Laksh’s bowl empty and served him the same Dal Swara placed on the table. Laksh smiled at her and dipped the roti and ate.

Swara looked at him blankly. She rolled her eyes and controlled her bursting anger. While Ragini was passing Sanskar he held her hand under the table. Ragini looked at him shocked and he smirked lowering his head.

“Ragini Dal dena” Adarsh called and Ragini smiled at him weakly. Ragini pleaded Sanskar but he did not budge. He controlled his laugh folding his lips. “Ragini?” Pari called her and she looked at Pari.

“Adarsh ji asked for Dal” Pari said and Ragini smiled at her weakly. Ragini stamped on Sanskar’s feet and he left her hand and she walked to serve Adarsh.

Sanskar winced in pain. “What happened Sanskar?” Sujata asked concerned. “Some ant mom” he said glaring Ragini.

“I have to check with Pandit Ji. Is there any cure for the Ant curse. You get troubled by ants a lot” she said and Sanskar gave her a weak smile.

He signed Ragini she has to pay for it and she smiled at him victoriously.


Ragini walked inside the room after the cleaning chores. She was pulled by a hand. Sanskar pinned her to the wall in darkness. She hyperventilated looking into his dark eyes.

“Don’t you think you deserve punishment for hurting your husband?” he smirked and she smirked back. “Ahh I don’t fall for core less warnings” she tilted her head and Sanskar claimed her lips.

She widened her eyes looking at him shocked. He winked at her smiling. Ragini pushed him a bit and he dragged her along.

“You invited it. Didn’t you?” he asked and Ragini tried getting out of his hold but he squeezed her waist and she stopped her struggle.

He moved his hand up on her back and untied the lace and smirked staring her eyes which went wide and wide. “You still want to check how do I punish Mrs. Maheshwari?” asked he nearing her ears and biting the edge of it.

“Jerk” Ragini pushed him and he chuckled. “You know you can’t control yourself around such a handsome husband” he gave her a grin and Ragini rolled her eyes.

“Happy dreaming Mr. Maheshwari” she threw the pillow to him. He looked at her confused.

“Now time for my punishment” she threw the blanket at him and signed him towards the couch. “Not fair” he walked whining.

“Ahh don’t fret over pity issues Mr. Business Tycoon” she showed her tongue and he pouted and walked to the couch and lied on it covering his face behind his muscular arm.

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