Hate or Love? – Part 1 – Shivika one year ago and promo

it was at a success party of shivay singh oberoi. anika was there looking very beautiful in a long blue dress. blue because she knew that shivay’s favorite colour was blue. she was with shivay a hour ago but now she didn’t know where shivay was.

anika: khanna!

khanna: ji madam?

anika: um please may you tell me where this bagad shivay is?

khanna: shivay sir…….even i don’t know where he is.

anika: is it?

khanna nods.

anika: ok then. if you see him, tell me that i want him.

khanna: ji madam.

he goes.

anika to herself: strange. it is his success party and he isn’t even here. such a bagad billu.

she sees shivay’s watch on the floor. she picks it up.

anika to herself: arre, shivay’s watch. it was in front of this door. looks like this billu is in this room.

she goes in the room. lights were off. she turns them up only to realize that………..that her husband was sleeping with ragini.

anika: SHIVAY!!!!!!

shivay and nagini wakes up.

shivay in drunk mode: anika……meet ragini.

anika: whta is this shivay? tell me! such cheap behavior!

shivay: she….she is my love.

anika: no…….no…..NO!!!!! this can’t be true. this can’t be true at all. shivay, shivay i am your love. i am your wife. right??

shivay: are you? to me, you are nothing.

anika: what?!

shivay: to me, you are a rotten, shameless pysho.


shivay looses it and slaps anika harshly (he is drunk). the red mark is visible on anika’s face.

ragini in mind: wow ji wow. my plan has worked. well done ragini. wonder how svetlana di is doing?

anika covering the mark with her hand and says: shivay…..shivay…SHIVAY I HATE YOU!

she runs out of the room crying, out of the hotel crying and on the streets walking and crying.

so guys tell me how this chappy was. next two chappies are about what happened a year ago then we go to the one year leap. sorry to anyone if this was boring.





anika’s pov:

i hate you like anything shivay singh oberoi. you are a dog, a jungli billu, a fake, a fraud and…….and a cheat! i hate you. this child growing in my womb. this child is mine only not yours. i am so sorry mr shivay singh oberoi but my child will never be our child!

gauri’s pov:

i hate you like hell omkaraji. non, no omkara singh oberoi. you are a idiot, a nandi, a player to my heart and…..and a jerk. i hate you. the child growing inside of me is not your child. just mine. i am very sorry mr oso but this is my child. not our child.

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