Hate or Love? – Part 8- Trip place revealed+Goa drama to begin

shivay: please say.

mr patel: goa!

shivay: ok and when do we need to leave?

mr patel: tomorrow.

shivay: sure no problem.

he cuts the phone.

om: what did mr patel say??

shivay: that we are going to goa.

om: for business?

shivay: yes.

om: and when do we leave?

shivay: tomorrow.

om nods.

on the other side of O.M:

tejvi’s room:

jhanvi: tej, when are we going to goa?

tej: tomorrow.

jhanvi: tomorrow?!

tej nods.

jhanvi: meaning i have only 24 hours to do shopping. you stay here, i need pinky.

she goes out of the room leaving tej with a confused look.

tej: girls!


anika: gosh! so much work for tomorrow.

gauri: di, i’ll help.

she starts to cook.

anika: you better?

gauri nods. anika checks her forehead and smiles.

anika: good, but do eat, ok?

gauri: ok di.

geetu and ansh crawls to the kitchen and aniri picks them up.

gauri: meri geetu. you trouble for maasi?

anika: trouble? shut up! geetu was an angel better than ansh.

gauri: arre ansh is a good boy.

they laugh.

the next day:

tejvi, shinky and dadi arrived at goa and to their house. little did they know that shivom were there too.

precap: surprise for shivika fans.

sorry if this was short and boring. and get ready for the next chappy especially shivika fans!

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