Hate or Love? – Part 7 – Oberois after one year

dadi: choice is yours tej.

tej: one minute! nothing is more important than my relationships. meaning if i want to save them, i have to tell the truth, right?

all but tej: yes!

tej: then listen, that day i saw anika and gauri on the streets. i stopped the driver and got them to come with me. they told me everything about shivay and om. so for their safety, i had to send them to Goa. i had some property there in which are in anika and gauri’s name.

pinky: whys you sends them to Goa?

tej: because of shivay and om’s mistakes. a few days later anika and gauri became pregnant with shivay and om’s children. luckily they didn’t abort. now one year, our anika is a event planner and gauri is a fashion designer. anika had her son and gauri had her daughter.

jhanvi: tej, i want to see the pictures of my granddaughter………

pinky: ands my grandson.

dadi: let me see my great grandchildren.

shakti: come on bhai, stop enjoying being the only dadaji.

tej: fine.

tej gets his phone out and shows the pictures:

tej gets his phone out and shows the pictures:
dadi: oh their names?

dadi: oh their names?

tej: geetika and ansh.

all but tej: aww

jhanvi: i want to meet them

tej: but…….

pinky: shes rights. we wants to meets ours grandchildren.

tej: but you don’t understand………

shakti: i swear that you met these two before.

tej: yes but…………

dadi: we want to meet these two.

tej: but the problem is svetlana and ragini. they will suspect i know something about anika and gauri and then follow me when i go to Goa and then do something to anika and gauri.

jhanvi: but please tej. what type of dadi am i? i have only seen prinku and rudy’s sons but i never got to see my own granddaughter. what type of husband are you? tell me tej! tell me!

tej: jhanvi, please don’t emotionally blackmail me.

jhanvi: oh so you think this is blackmailing and that too emotionally?! i only have one granddaughter tej! just one! and i………..i can’t even see her personally.

pinky: yes, evens i wants to meet ansh.

jhanvi: tej, if you don’t let us, then………then i will leave this house forever.

tej: jhanvi, pinky………..fine. i understand the pain. i kept this truth away for one year. in that one year, only i got to see ansh and geetu. you two are dadis. you guys have the right. i’ll inform anika……..

jhanvi interrupting: what about gauri?

tej: she is ill.

jhanvi: what?

tej: she hasn’t ate for a month hence she fainted today.

jhanvi: oh no! i need to see gauri no matter what.

precap: tej informs anika+shivom’s business trip to………..

where is shivom’s trip to???

what will anika’s answer be?

how will all find out why gauri is not eating?

also do not try not eating for a month. i did that this September and let me just say that it was the worst mistake i have ever made. so do not try.

sorry if this was boring and short.

will give a longer updte perhaps tomorrow.

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