Hate or Love? – Part 25 – Engagement Part 1

Two days later:

Today it was aniri’s engagement with adneil. They already informed shinky and tejvi and convinced them for the marriage after so many difficulties and now it was the engagement.

The dilbros or shivom were silent the entire time.

Silent with guilt.

Silent with pain in their hearts.

Silent with tears bleeding from the heart.

Anika’s room:

As Anika slowly kept a necklace on, she was not smiling. Why was that? Why? Because she was concerned for ansh and somehow Shivay. What was her heart say? Advay or Shivay? She didn’t know. Just then she saw ansh crawling and felt tears rolling down her cheeks. She goes towards her son and lifts him up in her arms.

Anika: meri jaan, Bhoot quiet hai. Why haven’t you spoke yet? Why haven’t you walked yet? You know Mama can’t wait for you to run and walk. Anyway how is Mama looking?

Ansh cooed meaning yes.

Anika: so sweet of you.

She kisses his forehead and just then Shivay entered.

Shivay: are you sure you want to marry advay?

Anika: listen diljeet, I want to marry advay and this is for my son. Meri ansh.

Shivay in mind: but ansh is my son and now you are giving him another father. That filth bag!!

Anika: anyway please tie this back.

Shivay nods. He goes towards her and slowly and slowly ties the back of anika’s outfit. Normally this never happens unless Anika was with Shivay but Anika heard oh Jaana playing in the b.g and she felt like her hair was flying in the heavy breeze as Shivay tied her back. Anika felt weird. Once Shivay was done, he went quietly.

Anika: what was that? Why did I feel like that?

Why did she feel like that?


Gauri’s room:

Tying those glittering anklets around her feet, gauri too wasn’t smiling. She was very quiet as well. Would she regret marrying Neil? Why doesn’t she feel the joy in marrying in Neil like every girl does before her marriage?

Whilst gauri was engrossed in her thoughts, a small geetu crawled in her room and grabbed the end of her dress and pulled it a little. Gauri didn’t noticed till she heard ‘waah’ from geetu. Gauri snapped out of her thoughts and saw sweet geetu almost about to cry. She picked her up a and says: meri geetu is wanting Mama.

She kisses her cheek and geetu makes some cute sounds.

Gauri: speak soon na. I want to hear you say Mama. Hey Bhagwan, make geetu speak and walk soon. You know geetu I want to chase you around the house. I want to sing songs with you. Don’t make me wait for too long.

Just then Om came in and smiled seeing gauri with her baby geetu ?? Their baby geetu. Gauri saw him and said: hi dilpreet.

Om: just asking, are you very sure you want to marry Neil?

Gauri: matlab?

Om: do you want to marry Neil? Is your heart telling you that you want marry Neil?

Gauri: I don….. I don’t know. I am only marrying Neil for the sake of geetu and her future. That Om doesn’t even know he has a daughter so who should I consider going back to Om when he doesn’t even know that geetu is alive? He has a daughter?

Om was silent with guilt. Gauri noticed him silent and said: anyway dilpreet, I am unable to tie this back thread and I am carrying geetu so please?

Om: bilkul.

He goes towards gauri and gauri feels butterflies in her stomach as he came closer. He went behind her making gauri feel like her hair was flying in the heavy breeze. She felt his hot breath and felt like the world has stopped but her heart hasn’t. She felt like time stopped but her heart hasn’t.

Soon Om was done tying the back and silently left the door.

Gauri: what was that? That feeling?

What was that feeling? Will she find the answer?

Soon Aniri we’re ready and they also got ansh-geetu ready.








Shivom saw aniri coming down the stairs with ansh-geetu in their arms

Shivom saw aniri coming down the stairs with ansh-geetu in their arms. ‘Ae dil hai mushkil’ played in bg.

Shivay to Om: see how beautiful they look. And our children.

Om: our children are looking so cute. Geetu is looking like she is a princess and ansh a prince.

Shivay: and Anika gauri, heartless princesses.

Om: very funny.

Shivay: I know.

Aniri handed ansh-geetu to Jhanvi and pinky and went in the middle waiting for adneil.

Precap: engagement part 2

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