Hate or Love? – Part 24 – Proposal + Accepting Part 3

this now focuses on neilri.



neil was being very impatient. why? because gauri was taking a long time to come. just then gauri came looking so beautiful:

 just then gauri came looking so beautiful:

neil in mind: gauri, you are so innocent. you don’t know that a storm is about to take over your life.

gauri goes up to neil and smiles.

gauri: hi neil.

neil: hey gauri. how are you?

gauri: fine….

she looks around and sees no one else in the garden but them two.

gauri: neil, how come no one else is in the garden?

neil: you see gauri, you chose a time when no one comes to the garden.

gauri: oh! ok thanks for clearing that thought.

neil: your welcome.

gauri: next time do explain properly before we meet up somewhere.

neil: fine!

they start to walk. little did they know that someone was watching them in the bushes.

just then neil made a flower crown and kept it on gauri’s head.

gauri: neil….. neil what is this?

the person in the bush was fuming in anger. his face was revealed to be om.

note: whatever neil says now is fake

neil goes on his knees and gauri was shocked.

neil: gauri, when i met you, my life is wonderful because you are with me, you make me happy even if I feel sad and low. your smile lightens up my life and all the darkness disappear.

gauri: what are you trying to say exactly? tell me!!

neil: your love is something that i can’t control. you are on my mind and heart all the time. before i met you, i was not familiar with the feeling of love. but now icame to know what love is. my heart misses its beats when i come closer to you. i love you, so gauri, will you marry me?

gauri was speechless and shocked. om in the bushes was too shocked.

om to himself: meri jaan, don’t accept. please. don’t accept.

how could gauri remarry? she was already ditched in love. she knew that love can be magic but sometimes just an illusion. for one year, her heart has been doing nothing but bleeding tears. but how could she marry neil when she only known him for a short period of time? meanwhile om was praying silently for gauri not to accept.

gauri: punar vivah? remarriage? shaadi? neil, don’t feel bad about what i am saying but can i really remarry again? look love is nothing to me anymore. neil, i can keep you as a friend but shaadi? don’t forget that i was married before and in that marriage, it was one sided love (om was guilty hearing that) he kept me only so he could misunderstand me more and more and more. every word was stabbing my heart. and now i have left him but i don’t know about punar vivah!! and think, i have a daughter from that marriage, meri geetu. i need to look after her and anika didi….. i have been separated from her for 15 bitter years and now i have her with me and i don’t want to leave her and her son. one more thing, i have a job and that job helps me and my sister.

neil: and do not forget that i am not a typical husband type that i would stop you from working. gauri, if you truly love your daughter geetu, then THINK! when geetu starts school and the kids find out that she doesn’t have a father then what will happen? she will get bullied. non-stop! kyu? kyunki she doesn’t have a father. when she starts to talk, she will ask you one question over and over again. ‘meri papa kaun hai?’ she will ask this question. you know this very well!! look gauri, i may break a sewing machine but i am very capable looking after children.  because of past, you don’t want to marry me, fine! but think of geetu’s future.

gauri was silent. she stood very stil whilst om was angry.

om in mind: that cheapde neil! he is using my daughter!

gauri in mind: today god has gaven me two options. one is punar vivah and other is not get married and let geetu face humiliation when she is older. being a mother, i am forced to take this decision.

neil: what is your decision?

gauri: shaadi.

shaadi echoed in the garden but in om’s ears more.

om whispering to himself whilst wiping tears: don’t cry om. she deserves better in life.

neil went back up and hugged gauri tight.

neil in mind: congratulations gauri! you have chosen the decision in which your life will be destroyed.

precap: engagement

so how was this?

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