Hate or Love? – Part 20 – Airing videos + snake sisters meet evil brothers

snakelana: accha ragini, i have a good friend here who works with the news channel. i will send these videos to her.

nagini: ok di.

snakelana gets her phone her out and found the videos stored in her photo and video gallery.

snakelana: done!

nagini: finally! now shivay and om will know what pain is. that sso killed neil! he murdered neil di! meri neil!

snakelana: meri jaan, i know how you were mad for neil. i was mad for advay but that omkara killed him. 1 year ago, we lost our love. they told us that maybe anika and gauri were sisters as they resembled this ahana. that ahana rejected their dad!

nagini: i know di. now more pain will come to that shivay and omkara. they already lost their loves and now when they see those videos, they will get more pain.

both evilly smile at each other.

neil and advay were walking down the road, pissed at themselves.

advay: i have just realized that chandini was easy to deal with but anika…… she is impossible!! i can’t even go close to her. thanks to that ahana!!

neil: yes, ahana rejected our dad and now we will get revenge from anika and gauri!! by the way bhai, avni was always easy to handle.

advay: yes bro. chandini and avni had always let us come close to them.

neil: anyway back to the real thing, how are we going to get anika and gauri’s attention and ‘love’?

advay: we trap them like we did with avni and chandini.

neil: talking about this matter, i just remembered svetlana and ragini….

advay: svetlana was the best. she actually loved me.

neil: same with ragini.

the snake sisters were waling and they bumped into the evil brothers.

advay: svetlana?

snakelana: advay?

neil: ragini?

nagini: neil?

snakelana: but you two died right?

neil: no, we didn’t die.

nagini: what? why didn’t you come back to me neil then?

neil: i will tell you later.

snakelana: are you here to trap anika and gauri for your father?

advay: yes. we are going to trap them and then break their hearts. lust as well.

snakelana: but us two?

neil: you two are probably trapping shivay and omkara right?

nagini: humailiation and pain!

neil: wow babe, you got beautifully evil.

nagini blushes.

advay: so we are going to team up now right?

all: yes.

precap: rikara and shivika sees the videos+outburst

so what must have happened between snakelana-advay-omkara and nagini-neil-shivay?

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