Hate or Love? – Part 19 – Snake sisters back

back in mumbai, O.M:

snakelana: ragini, have you found out anything about shivay and omkara yet?

nagini: just one thing, the fact that they are in goa.

snakelana: what?!

nagini: and i overheard rudra on the phone with those two.

snakelana: what did you hear?

nagini that there are these kids called ansh and geetu. geetu is omkara’s and ansh is shivay’s.

snakelana: kids?

nagini: yes.

snakelana: these kids might be an obstacle for us. we want the property and titles of obeoris but those kids might change that.

nagini: so we go to goa?

snakelana: wow you are really smart. of course we go to goa, found out where those kids are, air the videos of 1 year ago to public and then the fun will start.

nagini: but please don’t post me and shivay in the bed.

snakelana: you are my sister meaning i would never do as such to you. we’re just going to air the slapping videos.

nagini: good idea. besides they have forgotten about the one month deal. one month is over so now humiliation.

snakelana: exactly! afternoon, we go to goa. next day, we air the videos, then we find this ansh and geetu.

nagini: perfect plan.

meanwhile in goa:

both shivom were in their punjabi form.

shivay: how long do we need to stay in these forms?

om: for as long as it takes.

shivay: geetu, never think like your papa. he thinks of these ideas all the time.

om: oh hello! don’t try and influence my daughter to think business-like. ansh, don’t think like your papa who forced us to come here as punjabi men.

shivay: now you don’t influence my son to be like you. all shayari.

om: why are we even arguing on this topic?

shivay: don’t know why.

geetu and ansh were confused looking at those two.

om: i think we confused them.

shivay: agreed.

jhanvi came in and shivom quickly went back to the accents.

jhanvi: gauri asked if you two would like anything to eat.

shivom: no thnak you.

jhanvi: ok. also anika asked if you two would like a rest.

shivom: we’re good.

jhanvi: ok then.

she leaves

ansh and geetu start to giggle and shivom had no clue why.

om: oh what happened?

geetu points at a small toy puppy.

shivay: oh.

on the other side:

a plane landed in goa and the snake sisters went out of the plane.

snakelana: i have a suspicion that maybe anika and gauri stay here.

nagini: same. if ansh and geetu are shivom’s children and obvisioisly the mothers has to be those two low-class girls because they never got that pyshical with us.

snakelana: good thinking.

nagini: thank you.

precap: airing vidoes+snake sisters meet evil brothers

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