Hate or Love? – Part 18 – Daddies in action

the next day:

anika: papa, to see if we can trust dilpreet and diljeet, this means we have to all leave the house and leave these two with ansh and geetu.

all agreed. once they left……

shivom took off their turbans and found ansh and geetu playing on the floor.

om: hey you two!

as they sat out the floor.

shivay: so ansh is mine and geetu is yours?

om: correct. geetu is my princess and ansh is your champ.

shivay: they are really cute right?

om: yes. geetu is a full resemble of gauri.

shivay: and ansh has taken after anika.

om: where is my resemble in geetu and yours in ansh?

shivay: maybe when they grow a little more, then we’ll see it.

shivom laughs.

om: shivay, i think we should start to look after them like how fathers will do.

shivay: you’re right.

om: where is internet chachi?

he tries to find his phone but realized what he said and shivom laughed along with ansh and geetu.

shivay: internet is a khidkithod idea.

they laughed again.

om: their language has a big effect on us.

ansh pulls shivay hair.

shivay: om, that internet help please!

om: ok.

he finds his phone and searched it up.

om: do one thing, let’s give them a bath first.

shivay: but you have a daughter.

om: fair point. next is games…..

shivay: games?

om: yeah like peekaboo.

ansh and geetu giggles at peekaboo.

shivay: peekaboo it is.

shivom grabs the blankets and hides behind them and then says: peekaboo!

both ansh and geetu laughs. geetu pulls om’s hair and ansh pulls shivay’s nose.

shivom: they have definitely taken after their mothers.

soon they put on their turbans as they were going to go on a walk with ansh and geetu.

shivay: do we put them in a stroller or carry them?

om: can’t find a darn stroller so we are going to carry them.

shivay: good idea.

they go out of the house with the kids.

soon they came back and waited for aniri, tejvi, shinky and dadi.

they came back.

anika: arre we can trust you two dilpreet and diljeet.

gauri: sorry if we doubt you two.

shivom: no problem!

anika: arre meri ansh.

she takes ansh from shivay.

gauri: aur meri geetu.

om gives geetu to gauri.

gauri: hope they weren’t any trouble/

om: they weren’t.

precap: snake sisters back.

it’s pretty easy to guess who the snake sisters are.

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