Hate or Love? – Part 15 – Trying to woo Aniri

the next day:

aniri’s house:

anika: pinky mum, i don’t want to go to work today.

gauri: me neither.

jhanvi: just because of yesterday, you two aren’t going to work?

pinky: forgets thems and focuses on your children and work.

aniri: ok.

they get changed:




tej: and do not worry about geetu and ansh, we're here

tej: and do not worry about geetu and ansh, we’re here.

aniri nods, seek blessings and goes.

anika’s work place:

anika: ok so advay, you are pretty useless………so why don’t you blow up those pink balloons?

advay: ok.

advay’s pov:

called me useless? i’ll show you how useless i can get!!

no one’s pov:

advay goes to where the balloons were and started to plan whilst work.

advay in mind: idea!

he finds fresh beautiful flowers and goes up to anika.

advay: for you.

anika: pink roses? how did you know that…….

advay: i find out about people very quickly. their likes and dislikes.

anika: oh! so sweet.

advay: you know i am not useless and you look like you need help with loading a chocolate fountain.

anika: funny? i actually do need help with it. and everyone else is busy arranging this sweet 16 so i have to ask for your help.

advay: ok come with me and we’ll bring this chocolate fountain near the big balloons, am i right?

anika laughs and says: yes.

advay: ok then.

they go to where the fountain was and both picked it up and brought it to the big balloons.

advay: now that’s done. anika, i have a question.

anika: feel free to ask.

advay: will you go for dinner with me?

anika: arre advay, i have my sister to look after, my niece, meri beta…..

advay: arre please?

funny music in b.g:

anika: pink roses?

advay: yes.

anika: chocolate?

advay: yes.

anika: ride on champa?

advay: champa?

anika: that vehicle in where hero take a heroine on a ride?

advay: oh motorbike, yes.

anika: ok.

advay: anything you want. let it be diamonds, dresses, your choice of food.

anika: you’re soooooo sweet. i don’t need diamonds. my diamond is my son. ansh.

advay: ansh?

anika: his picture.

she gets her phone out and shows him his picture:

she gets her phone out and shows him his picture:

advay: aww he is so cute.

anika smiles.

advay: so tonight, 8pm.

anika: ok fine.


gauri’s workplace:

gauri was designing the clothes till neil came.

neil: hey!

gauri: hey……………………..

neil: so you need any help at all?

gauri: yes, you could start by leaving me alone.

neil’s pov:

a bit too dabang!!! but i can work with that. it worked with avni so it can work with this one.

no one’s pov:

neil: oh, miss dabang.

gauri gets emotional hearing that word ‘dabang’ because her omkaraji, sorry, sorry, mr OSO used to call her that.

gauri: please do not call me dabang.

neil: sorry.

he pulls his ears and do the sit ups.

gauri laughs and says: please stop, it’s very funny and cute.

neil: ok, so forgiven?

gauri: yes of course you are forgiven.

neil: so can i help you?

gauri: maybe……um, i know! please may you get that purple fabric?

neil: which purple though?

gauri: this order says any purple.

neil: mulberry purple?

gauri: no.

neil: royal purple?

gauri: no.

neil: orchid purple?

gauri: no.

neil: dark purple?

gauri: no.

neil: pearly purple?

gauri: that will do. thanks.

neil: no problem.

gauri: and this is how you use a sewing machine.

she shows him and neil feels that his plan is working.

neil: well gauri, i would like to say that you are a very unique girl and i feel that i would love to know you a bit more by dinner tonight?

gauri: but how? i got my sister, my nephew, meri beti??

neil: arre don’t worry. please?

gauri: i don’t know, my daughter will have to spend evening without me and that too for the first time.

neil: don’t worry. i am sure that someone will look after her.

gauri: yes someone will. ok fine i’ll go.

neil: ok, any jewels in particular?

gauri: the only jewel i have is my daughter. meri geetu.

neil: geetu?

gauri: here’s her picture.

she gets her phone out and shows him:

she gets her phone out and shows him:

neil: she is so cute just like you.

gauri: thank you.

precap: dinner+ advay and neil try to get close to aniri

i really hope that this wasn’t boring. i honestly had no idea about wooing so i asked my sister who has friends who have been wooed and she helped.

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