Hate or Love? – Part 13 – Promos + Meeting Ansh and Geetu

Promo 1:

shivay’s pov:

first i married anika, then i treated her like junk, then i fall in love with her, then i betrayed her. anika thinks that i hated her all my life but i loved her and i still do.

anika, today i am taking this form for you only and for our son. so you better watch out.

so get ready mrs anika shivay singh oberoi, i’m coming for you!




Promo 2:

om’s pov:

i have even confused myslef. first i marry gauri with hatred then i torture her then i fall in love with her, pamper her a bit then i accuse her and lost her. what type of man am i?

but now i realize everything. i am taking this form only for you gauri and for our daughter.

so mrs gauri omkara singh oberoi, you better watch out.





the next day:






aniri were with jaya and sudha and ansh and geetu.

sudha: accha didis, why didn’t pinky aunty and jhanvi aunty and uncles come today?

gauri: yesterday they looked after these two monsters so they are resting today.

jaya: oh so this is the matter!

sudha: anyway you two go and shop and me and mama will wait with geetu.

aniri: ok.

they go to the stores.

shivom enters the shop.

om: shivay, let’s quickly fix that phone of yours and then we’ll go.

shivay: fine.

his eyes meet ansh who looks at him smiling.

shivay: om?

om: yes?

shivay: doesn’t this little boy look a lot like anika?

om: that little boy?

shivay: yes.

om: yes, he looks a lot like anika bhabhi.

om then looks at geetu who was next to ansh in the stroller.

om in mind: little gauri?

shivay: om?

om: ji?

shivay: where are you lost?

om: this little girl.

he points to geetu who smiled at him.

shivay: little gauri?

om: yes, little baby gauri.

shivom walks closer to the ansh and geetu.

ansh raises his arms and starts to wail.

sudha: arre ansh, what happened?

he signals his arms to shivay who was shocked.

sudha: sorry sir, my little nephew wants you to pick him up. hope you don’t mind?

shivay: arre no problem.

sudha takes ansh out of the stroller and hands him to ansh. ansh stops to wail and coos at shivay.

shivay got teary seeing ansh being so attached to him.

shivay in mind: why? why do i feel such a strong connection with him? agree that he looks like anika but for me to feel a connection…..

geetu looks at om and pulls the famous cute pout. jaya notices.

jaya: geetu, what is the pout for now?

geetu signals her to hand her to om.

jaya: look beta, i am very sorry that this princess wants you to hold her.

om: arre, it’s no problem.

jaya also takes geetu out of the stroller and hands her to om.

om felt a weird connection with geetu as he felt a current with her like he did with gauri.

om: current? this is exactly what i felt with gauri when she disguised herself as chulbul. why choti? you look like gauri and reminds me of her. why?

shivom hands the babies back to jaya and sudha and goes.

shivay: did you feel something weird?

om: yes, those babies….

shivay: yes, why?

om: i don’t know.

precap: humiliation 

so who is getting humiliated?

find out in the next chappy.

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