Hate or Love? – Part 3 – Last part of leap and promo


anika was crying whilst covering that one…….that one red mark with her hand whilst gauri was doing the same. they bump into each other.

anika: gauri?

gauri: anika bhoojal?

they get up.

gauri: anika bhoojal, you are suppose to be at the party right?

anika: what’s the point of partying when my husband doesn’t love me?

gauri: what are you trying to say?

anika: i am trying to say that i saw…..i saw shivay cheating on me. he was….he was sleeping with another woman.

gauri gasped in shock.

anika: and he said that he didn’t love me and………and he slapped me really hard.

she lifts her hand on her face and shows gauri the red slap mark.

gauri: anika bhoojal, i feel so sorry for you.

anika: leave me, what happened to you?

gauri: me and omkara were in the garden, then he started to put all these accusations, i lost my temper and then he slapped me.

anika: let’s see.

gauri lifts her hand from where the mark was. anika gasped in shock.

anika: gauri, that must have really pained.

gauri: it did. not the slap but omkara’s accusations.

anika: where’s the ‘ji?

gauri: why should this man be respected? he doesn’t deserve it.

due to the fact that they were on the streets, a black car was moving and inside that black car was tej. he saw aniri.

tej: driver, stop the car.

driver: ji sir.

he stops the car and tej goes out.

tej: anika? gauri?

aniri: tej uncle/ papaji?

tej: anika beti, gauri beti, what happened? arre these red marks? come on, let’s go home and tell me everything.

aniri: no!

tej: arre why not?

anika: the last thing we need is to go home.

tej: but why?

gauri: shivay cheated on anika and slapped her and omkara accused me and when i lost my temper, he slapped me.

tej: those two did that to you two. let me deal with them.

gauri: papaji, please don’t. already this matter is bad.

tej: i won’t do anything then. but you two need someplace to stay. coem in the car.

aniri nods in agreement and goes inside the car with tej. tej orders the driver to drive them to a hotel near the airport.

aniri: tej uncle/ papaji?

tej: anika, gauri. you two are like daughter to me just like prinku is. to keep you two safe from your husbands……….

anika interrupting: sorry to interrupt but they aren’t our husbands anymore. just animals.

tej: it’s alright. to keep you two safe from those animals, stay in this hotel for the night, tomorrow morning at exactly 10am, board your flight to goa.

aniri: goa?

tej: yes goa. there you guys will be safe in go.

gauri: thanku papaji.

anika: yes. thank you tej uncle.

tej: papaji? tej uncle? girls, like i said you two are like daughters to me and does a daughter call her dad papaji or uncle? no. so from today, you two call me papa.

hearing this, aniri get emotional. they hug tej and says: papa.

tej hugs them back.

tej: also i found out that you two are blood sisters.

aniri: what?

tej: yes.

anika: chukti……

gauri: smiley didi…….

aniri: thank you papa.

tej: no problem. now go inside the hotel and rest for tomorrow. i got a house in goa in your names.

aniri: ji,, bye papa

tej: bye.

he goes.


living room, all members including tej presented. pinky and jhanvi were shouting at shivom.



jhanvi: from today, me and pinky have no relationship with you two whatsoever. shivay, just becsause you were drunk that doesn’t mean that you should go ahead and sleep with someone. and om……om, you were influenced. my ancestral neckalce was with me all this time. i was going to give it to gauri but thanks to you i can’t. om, thsi is for gauri’s pain.

she slaps om harshly leaving a red mark on his cheek.

pinky: ands this is for anika’s pains.

she slaps shivay hard leaving a red mark on his cheek.

five days later:


aniri has settled in goa. got jobs. told everyone that they are divorced today anika was vomiting every 5 minutes. gauri who was tensed for her, called the doctor.

the doctor came and checked anika.

doctor: congratulations, anika is pregnant.

gauri: ji thanku doctor.

she shows the doctor to the door.

gauri to anika: congratulations di, you are pregnant.

anika: really?

gauri: yes.

anika; despite this child being made with shivay, i won’t go under abortion instead i am going to let MY child live.

gauri: yes di, it hasn’t seen the world so why kill an innocent person?

anika: yes.

2 weeks later:

gauri was feeling weak after two weeks but she still looked after anika. up to this day…….

gauri was filling up a bottle of water for anika till she was feeling so weak that she faintied. anika heard the bottle dropping and rushed to the kitchen.

anika: gauri, gauri??

she calls the doctor and the doctor checks gauri.

doctor: arre what to worry? she is pregnant.

anika: really?

doctor: yes.

anika: thanks doctor. this way to exit.

once gone, anika goes to gauri.

anika: gauri, congratulations. you are to be a mother.

gauri: really?


gauri: di, despite this child being made with mr oso. i will never let myself go through abortion. i want this child to live.

anika: and you should let it live.

the girls phoned tej to tell him good news (once tej sent them new phones)

9 months:

anika became a mother to a cute boy called ansh who was two weeks older than geetika, gauri’s daughter who people nicknamed her geetu. but shivom…….the family stayed in one part of the house and shivom in another. nagini and snakelana were trying to persuade shivom to marry them but shivom refused.

precap: one year later

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1 year later:


nagini: shivay! shivay, listen to me for once!

shivay: what?!

nagini: look shivay, . one year ago, you slept with me. we didn’t go to the next level. but now if you don’t marry me then i will tell media, i also have the videos. one containing you slapping anika. you have to marry me. you have a month.

shivay: i..i’ll think about it.

he goes.

on the other hand:

snakelana: om, om! listen to me om! if you don’t marry me then i will humiliate you to hell. i will send media the videos of gauri being mistreated. i have the power to do that.

om: svetlana, i will give it a think. just leave me alone!

snakelana: fine but you have a month.

om: a month?

snakelana: yes.

she goes.

on the other side:

dadi, shakti, pinky and jhanvi: tej?!

tej: what?

dadi: i can tell that you know something about anika and gauri.

pinky: nos more lies. tells us the truth.

tej: guys, guys. i can’t tell you.

jhanvi: why?

tej: because it’s secret.

shakti: bhai, just tell the truth.

dadi: else we’ll break our relationship with you.

oh no! tej is stuck to tell the truth. shivom trapped. 

should tej tell the truth?

and for shivom, how about you guys decide?

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