Hate to Love (Part 11)

sorry guys for spoiling your time with my stupid stories. really sorry for that. and thanks for your comments. love you all but you have to forgive me updating after a long time.

how can I take a senior? what will I do now? god… k .. I decided what to do. I Will do it. that evening I was waiting in the bus for the right moment. and it came… he was sitting in the last second seat. I went and sat on the opposite side. he was surprised.
he: hey junior.
me: hello sir..
he: sir? call me by name!
me: are you sure? you want me call you with your name?
he: yeah… of course.
me: k. what’s your name?
he: me.. aadhitya. my friends call me aadhi and you too.
me: k aadhi. I have to ask you something.
he: what
me: will you reject an offer for coffee if a girl invites you?
he: not for every girl. but a friend like you.
me: well, tomorrow I gonna take you for a coffee date. the venue is far away to avoid getting caught.
he: whoa… you are so cool. a coffee date? with you? but on one condition.
me: what?
he: we should go in my bike.
me: but the weather is too bad.
he: are you afraid?
me: afraid? its not in my dictionary.
he: amazing. well get ready babe.
me: not the word ‘babe’ its funny.
he: really? but girls like them
me: never me.
he: k.

I went back to my seat. I turned back and he smiled at me.

next day evening,

I was in my fav black jean and baby pink t shirt. I also wore my over coat. I was pretty cute. I took my helmet and jerkin . I informed my parents that i am going out with friends. then I waited for him near the bus stop. he came…….

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  1. aruna it is awesome ….plz update soon

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  4. Awesome yaar pls update daily if possible

  5. Nice…bt very late update

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