I Hate you like I love you…Ishqbaaz ff (Anika POV) By Nishi (Part 2)

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HELLO everyone…!! i’m extremly happy with your respose towards my ff…though i didn’t got many comments but every comment for me was worth…so Janta ki purzor farmaish par i’m going to write other parts as well…thankyou and please drop your views.

Scene -1 (hostel room)
I slightly peeped from my blanket to remind myself where Iam..The clock stuck 5’o clock in he morning and took a deep breath…
With a smile on my face..which is permanent i guess 😉 I called my parents and had a sweet- short convo with them.
“Nainaaaa….wake up girl, we have to reach collage on time, I said, almost in a nervous manner. Sleeping is our mutual hobby…but today was special..MY FIRST DAY AT COLLAGE.
“what happened?? you look nervous?”, she said rubbing her eyes.
“I don’t know why i’m feeling strange..maybe it’s just bcoz i’m thinking too much”.
“don’t worry..i’m there with you” she said tying her gorgeous black hair.
Her words broke down my nervousness…’All is well’, i muttered and opened my closet to get ready.
Just after a while i heard a loud shreak..
“Aaaaaaaaa”, i quickily jumped on to the bed thinking of a cockroach or something.
“What’s that?”…i blurred out in frightening voice
“oh..I’m sorry Anika..i was just over exited to see your wardrobe…it dominates BLACK and you know i love to wear black clothes..i’m just getting crazy over it”
“Ohh..”, i said still standing on the bed..”you gave me a mini heart-attack” smiling at her exitement.
“Anika what’s that in that..a gift?”
“Not exactly a gift but i got for myself for my farewell party in school..but i never wore it..it’s just a little black dress” and i could see her eyes gleaming at my dress.
“okk..what will you wear today? look this baby pink coloured kurti..it looks decent right?”
“That’s why you are my favourite..i love you nainuu.”
“I love you too anika”

Scene -2 (Collage)
“Ye collage hai ya circus…everyone seems to be least interested in studies…every thing happens here exept studies..some participating in theatre some in sports others in their own wide world”
I can see naina amused at my thought..
“why are you smiling now?” i asked almost irritated
“you are soo inocent anika..this is a collage not a school..btw there is one place where you can see 100% attendence..”
“really..? where?”
“huh…i knew it”
“hey meet her my best friend shama” nainaa said, smiling as if she’s doing happydent white gum advertisement.
“Hii..anika”,and forwarded my hand as a warm gesture.
“hii..shama”, saying this she too resiprocated.
“let’s go to taj mahal of our collage”, i said in an exited tone.
“TAJ MAHAL..???”, both looking at me for my explanation.
“Are CANTEEN….sabse zyada log vhi jte h to hua na vo apne collage ka taj mahal” showing that ‘famous logic wala sign’.
“Anika and her logics…i think we should write a book on it” naina laughed at my foolish jokes..but I just do it to make them happy and enjoy life.

SCENE -3 (canteen)
I could see many girls in a crowd smiling and talking which seems like a “hot topic” about someone.
“These girls are soo strange”..i blurred out in confusion.”do you both know what are they talking about?”
“yes…they are talking about shivaye..the most handsome man in collage. you know anika..he’s soo damm cute..every girl loves..”
“stop it..it’s rubbish..there’s nothing in this world like ‘love’ it’s all infacuation…I LOVE MYSELF..AUR MEIN APNI FAVOURITE HUN.”
“How unromantic anika..well you don’t know when love comes in your life…then i’ll ask your’ FAVOURITE’, shama smirked at me.
“Whatever…we’ll see.”
“Nainaa…I have to go for a shopping…i forgot some daily products at home so wanted to buy a new one…will you come with me?”
“i’m sorry anika you know i have to complete my assignment with shama so we’ll go tomorrow”
“it’s okk…i’ll go by myself today only..bye…see you in hostel..i’ll be back around six “, departing from some unnoticed people.

Precap…anika and rudra’s naagin dance…masquerade party..shivika’s first kiss…

note – hey guys i’ll try to make more longer next time..as i had to go in my friend’s party so i couldn’t write it more….please drop youe views…any suggetions or something will be taken…thanks

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  1. Shivika

    Wow babes ….it was fab…..keep going but make the episodes bit long i requst u…..i ll be waiting for ur ans…..

    1. Nishi33

      thankyou shivika…and yea sure i’m going to post longer episode next time..pinky promise

  2. Sat_9492

    Awsm…… Precap is tooo good …Waiting for next update….

    1. Nishi33

      thankyou so much sat

  3. A different story and awesome too. I love the way you write. Waiting for aniru naagin dance

    1. Nishi33

      thanks naimee…for your comment <3

  4. Samm

    can’t wait for the next one

    1. Nishi33

      even i’m excited to write next part..thanks dear

  5. Priyanka_22

    Amazing nishi
    And exciting precapp
    Update soon

    1. Nishi33

      thanks priyanka…i’ll update it soon

  6. Nainaa

    Woah!! I am spellbound after this episode… I am so grateful that I got to cuties as my besties…????
    Everything is perfect Dear….?
    Episode is fab and I have no words to express how I am feeling right now but I can atleast say that this is a beautiful feeling… This a kidki this episode…???
    Uff….the PRECAP is making me restless I wanna see AniRu’s naagin dance and ofcourse Shivika’s first kiss….
    Tell me one thing whether this kiss will be a accidental one or intentional one….
    Keep going like a Punjabi Jatt….
    Love you…??

    1. Nishi33

      Nainuuu…thankyou soo much dear…your comments are like rudra’s protein shake for me…
      next episode would surely a BANG…
      love you loads <3 <3

    2. Hey my comment goes same with naina my Cinderella and as now u r in friends gang aaj toh tumhara bhi naamkaran hoga… Ni2 or na2 I found it cute if u didn’t so I will change it anyways I guess ur full name means devotive to something…
      Moreover I liked my role???
      As far as suggestion concerns I will suggest you to give a title like in anika talking naina me so I could easily read that whose dialogue is it
      Thanks for surprise….

  7. Jazz1

    It was amazing ?. Every girl loves shivaay ohhlala ?

    1. Nishi33

      thanks jazz..yea everyone loves shivaye…he’s such a man <3 <3

    1. Nishi33

      thanks anah…i’ll read ur ff sweetie 🙂

  8. Pooja26

    its superb dear

    1. Nishi33

      thanks dear 🙂

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