I Hate you like I love you…Ishqbaaz ff (Anika POV) By Nishi (Intro and Part 1)

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Hii everyone..!! This is my first ff on ishqbaaz as I’m not so skilled like you guys who write such a beautiful ff’s..bt here is just an attempt for I am kinda motivated by you all. Please tell me your views truly,i’ll appreciate. Hope you all like it *fingers crossed*..so here it goes..

Anika..a perfect mixture of beauty and brain. Her life was simple and easy going till she discovered love in her life. she lost her her parents in childhood and now the only people she is left with are her uncle and aunt in pune..since they are childless..they love anika a lot. Anika has now moved to a collage in mumbai. She has always been an excellent student so she easily got an admission in the second semister. Her luck was favoured that she got a new friend and room partner as Nainaa arora. After a series of goodbye and take care she drove off from pune to mumbai or her destiny.
[Here i’m going to describe anika’s pov , her feelings pre and post relationship with shivaye *ofcourse it’s a shivika love-hate story but a different way* , her immense love for life, everything.]

Hey everyone out there ..i’m … I know i know you guys know me..me hu hi itni famous..haina?? okk i’ll tell you something about someone and guess what she’s amazing *flips hair*.She taught me that it’s okay to be selfish. Because when will I ever be at the age again when it’s okay for me to pack up and move 400 miles away? There will come a day when I will have a spouse and a family who will depend on me, but for now, it is vital that I’m making decisions based on no one but myself. I, for once, can do whatever I want.
She taught me that I don’t need another half. The problem with everyone searching for their other half is that in doing so they are in turn claiming that they’re only half a person. I don’t want another half; I want another whole.
She taught me that it’s okay to laugh at my own jokes and sometimes eat ice cream for dinner. To sit and watch sunsets alone and sing to myself in the car. I’m 23 years old and will never be younger than I am in this moment. My life does not begin when I find someone who loves me, it began when I started loving myself.
I know that God has already written me a beautiful love story and will one day send me someone who will encompass all the things I’ve dreamed about having in a man. But as for right now, I’m way too busy falling in love with myself to even consider falling in love with you. Heading to a new journey of my life.

precap – anika in collage..her meeting with
nainaa….buzz about shivaye in collage.

So guys…it’s all for today..please tell me weather you like the concept of not.?.If i should continue or not..?.I value your comments. Thankyou

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  1. Shivika

    Nyc dear…..post nxt one too…….

    1. Nishi33

      thankyou shivika…i’ll post it soon 🙂

  2. Jayashree

    Sounds interesting…go ahead 🙂

    1. Nishi33

      thanks jayashree…means a lot 🙂

  3. Very nice nishi

    1. Nishi33

      thanks dear 🙂 🙂

  4. Ayath

    its seems intersting go ahead dear bt plz make it lengthy not in big big para…..sry if i hurt u by this comment….i said my views only its ur ff and ur wish dear plz upload next part soon

    1. Nishi33

      It’s all ok Ayath..I respect your views…and thanks a ton for your views..

  5. Cuteprincess

    nice one..go ahead…full support from my side…

    1. Nishi33

      thankyou sooo much…it really means a lot..:)

  6. Priyanka_22

    nice n fresh nishiii
    update soon

    1. Nishi33

      thanks dear for your comment 🙂

    2. Nishi33

      thanks priyanka for your comment

  7. Sat_9492

    Nice 1

  8. Jazz1

    Nyce one

    1. Nishi33

      thanks jazz 🙂

  9. Nainaa

    Woah!! I feel like I was on cloud nine or in seventh heaven? this a shock which made my slumberous morning into a full on Josh one. I can’t express what i feeling now and I am just searching for words to make realize you are worth to write an ff. Everybody here had something special and unique about their writing. And you made place in that list.
    Everything is perfectly carried and intro is pretty cool. Naina(me) is Anika’s classmate!!??? Woah!! I got many surprises from TU and thus one is mind blowing one. Love dear…. keep going…??

    1. Waaah naina tum toh demand me ho ? tum toh jhaaa gayi dear sach me anika ki classmate aur ab toh meri ff ke surprises baki hai Zara sabhalke in case you fall from your seat…..
      Coming to nishi
      Seriously who stupid told you that you’re not that much skilled or capable to write huh? What you meant that we all are professional author’s or writer’s anyways your storyline seems very very interesting in case you need help we all friends gang are at your service just loved it

      1. Nainaa

        Aapki ff se meri rishta abhi baki hai…
        Usse aap khatam hone dete na mujhe surprise dene ya surprise karna nahi choditi…?? aur main usse padna nahi chod Sakti….??
        Bahuta gehra rishta hai mere dost?

      2. Nishi33

        SHAMA…there’s no comparison to my ff from your ff’s ..they are just awesome…but i’m sooo happy that you commented…and you too wait for surprises…it would be surely a big one

      3. Nishi main wait karu meri liye bhi koi dhamaka hai kya…?
        If yes so thanks

    2. Nishi33

      Nainaa…just wait for more surprises girl…I sooo damm happy to get a friend like you..you and shama are my inspiration truly..love love love for your beautiful comments…THANKYOU..*all the way from my heart”

      1. Nainaa

        Arey!! Bas kar… an yeah Thank you ki pattar marna band karo….
        Wait karo ani toh shuru kiya tumne apni ff…. picture abi baki hai mere dost?
        I am so pleased to get such a cute friend like you….??
        And Shama is really such a sweet person she can spellbound everyone with her sweet words. That’s why she is my Dimples???
        Being your inspiration is truly a big thing for me….
        I don’t know what I did in my ff but if I deserve this surprise from you then I am sure I did something great in my ff. Love you Dear???

      2. Guys chane ke pedh per mat chadho mujhe seriously I am lucky to have u guys

  10. Sanaya_malik

    Wow nishi its awesome…. Plzz continue.. But nxt tym more longer??

    1. Nishi33

      Yea sure sanaya…thanks for your lovely comment

  11. Pooja26

    loved it……….
    post asap……..

    1. Nishi33

      thanks pooja dear

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