Hate: The First Step Of Love (Episode 3)

Episode 3
the episode start with Mausam came out of washroom wearing the dress he gifted it was a beautiful white half sleeves backless dress which came above her knees she was looking for her earning that time aryan came inside the room and saw her and was must staring her as she was looking very beautiful and hot he came from behind and hug her mausam saw aryan from mirror and try to go but aryan held her tightly then he and said

aryan:u r looking beautiful saying this he kiss her neck softly as mausam feel his lips on her neck she close her eyes and said
mausam:aryan please leave me what r u doing
aryan:what if I say I don’t want to leave u and I want to make love to you then
mausam was shocked she open her eyes both were staring each other through mirror aryan then remove her hairs from her shoulder and put them on other and kiss her back romantically and mausam just couldn’t resist she don’t know what happened to her that moment that she just forget everything except that she love him a lot and he is her life then aryan kiss her shoulder and then her neck again and then he whisper in her ear
aryan:its dam difficult to resist your attraction babe u r so beautiful that its getting so difficult for me to stay away from u saying this aryan turn mausam to him and now both were facing each other aryan came even more close to her and kiss her left cheek mausam close her eyes and held his shirt tightly as her hands was on his shoulder he then looked at her lips and was about to kiss her but a servant knock on door and said
servant:mam guest r coming and they r asking about aryan sir
aryan:tell them we r coming
servant:ok sir

when servant left mausam realize what just happened and she turn her face not wanting to face him aryan saw mausam and he came close and again whisper
aryan:babe I’m going down u get ready fast and come out I will be waiting for u saying this he kiss her ear shell and left mausam then turn and said to herself
mausam:why aryan why r u doing this with me saying this she wipe her tears then after sometime she came down aryan saw her coming down and came toward her he was smiling then he hold her hand and introduced her to everyone as his gf mausam was just staring him thinking what is the reason behind his changing behavior then everyone ask aryan to sing a song as he is a singer and he agreed then he ask DJ to give the music and he start his song (this song is from movie Airlift)

Dil le dooba dooba mujhko arabic aankhon mein
Aaj loota loota mujhko farebi baaton ne (x2)

Khamkha saa seene mein
Pyaar ke mahine mein
Ek hi ishaare pe dil cheez tujhe dedi

Dedi dedi de cheez ye dedi
Dedi dedi dil cheez tujhe dedi
Dedi haan dedi de cheez ye dedi
Dedi, dedi dil cheez tujhe dedi

aryan came and hold mausam he pull her closer and start dancing with her all other people was looking them

Mashallah tarif-e-mash’allah
Badi kambakht hai tu
Habibi mast hai tu

Wallah wallah adaayein wallah wallah
Badi hi sakht hai tu
Habibi mast hai tu

Baar baar jo dekha do dafaa naa socha
Ek hi ishaare pe dil cheez tujhe de di

Dedi dedi de cheez ye dedi
Dedi dedi dil cheez tujhe dedi
Dedi haan dedi de cheez ye dedi
Dedi dedi dil cheez tujhe dedi

he spin her and then pull her close both were lost in each other

Zarra zarra kahe ye zarra zarra
Teri gustakh aankhen
Kare bebaak baatein

Parda parda hata le parda parda
Husan ke chand dekhe
Kayi armaan leke
Rubaru jo tu aayi
Dhadkan na sambhal payi
Ek hi ishaare pe 
Dil cheez tujhe de di

Dedi dedi de cheez ye dedi
Dedi dedi dil cheez tujhe dedi
Dedi haan dedi de cheez ye dedi
Dedi dedi dil cheez tujhe dedi

then song end and everyone clap then everyone was enjoying and mausam was looking at aryan who was talking to him female frds she was feeling jealous but she can’t do anything then one of aryan’s frd came to haya and said
boy:hi I’m varun
varun:u r looking beautiful
mausam saw him getting closer so she distance herself from him and said
mausam:I have so work excuse me saying this mausam gone from there but wherever Mausam was going he was following her mausam feel scared and she try to tel aryan but he was so busy that he was not even looking at her after try so much when aryan didn’t listen she run to her room she enter in her room and was about to close the door but varun came he push the door and came inside he close the door and mausam get scared and ask him to leave but he didn’t mausam thought to call aryan but how he didn’t know the Mausam said

mausam:look I’m telling u just go from here or else I will shout
varun: ooohh really then please shout but remember no one will be come to save u not even ur aryan as he is busy with his frds saying this he hold mausam and try to kiss her but she push him and try to go but he again hold her hand and pull her closer mausam was crying and was shouting for help then at last she shout aryan’s name but she thought that even he would not hear her as music was loud but however aryan felt that Mausam is calling him he look around and saw that mausam was not there he again felt that mausam call him and something is wrong he immediately run to her room he came and open the door and saw mausam cry and begging varun to leave her and was struggling to go

Next Episode:Aryan’s Caring For Mausam ?

hey frds h r u all?
here is the 3rd episode I really hope u guys r liking my stories please tell me till then bye tc and LOVE U A LOT… ?????

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  1. wow fantastic marvellous wonderful episode love you so much princess.

    1. thanks a lot and love u too ??

  2. very very very nice

  3. beautiful one…….luv it 😉 …………..and now what will be the condition of varun …..aaryan won’t leave him for sure for what he did 🙂

    1. thanks a lot and yeah off course aryan won’t leave him after all he dare to touch Aryan’s Gf ??

  4. This episode is awesome. Loved it a lot. Keep it up.

  5. Poor girl how can a guy to go against her wish yaar these boys really cruel

    1. yes some boys are like that

  6. Hey dr. . . Its getng intrestd day by day. . . Keep it up dr 🙂 updt nxt part fast 🙂

  7. Amazing episode dear. Aryan n mausam both r superb n Aryan’s inclination towards her is really amazing year. Waiting for next update. Love u ???…take care…

    1. thanks a lot dear and will update soon and love u too n u too tc ??

  8. Awesome

  9. Superb princess…. Really gng damn interesting dr… Continue dr…. I am waiting for next episode… nd one suggestion don’t change the aryan character so soon… bye take care. . ?

    1. thanks a lot for ur comment and for awesome suggestion and bye n u too tc ?

  10. superb it was. N i think there might be a reason for aryan’s sudden behaviour n anger towards mausam. I like it,

    1. thanks and yeah there is ?

  11. Awesome episode, Princess dearyyyy it’s superb n beautiful episode. ..aryan n mausam very good pair…song n dance was lovely…poor mausam. …varun will get tight punch for his dirty act…precap is very interesting. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. thanks a lot dear ??

  12. Such an amazing episode!!

    Love you ??

    1. thanks love u too ??

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