I Hate You (Episode 54)

Recap: Twinkle comes to California and sees that Kunj booked a honeymoon suite for them. They get invited to a party at the hotel. At the party, Twinkle meets Mark and dances with him. Kunj becomes jealous and acts to be drunk. Twinkle says I love you to him and he gives up his act.


Twinkle and Kunj break the hug.
Mark- Wow dude, you guys are crazy in love! Hey bro, no hard feelings right?
Kunj gives an annoyed look at Mark. Twinkle pinches Kunj. Kunj sighs and extends his hand out to Mark. Mark smiles and shakes Kunj’s hand.
Kunj- Kamine, phirse mere biwi ke saath nacha na, toh mera naam bhi Kunj Sarna nahi.
Twinkle’s jaw drops.
Mark- Excuse me? I didn’t understand what you said.
Kunj gives a fake smile.
Kunj- I said, nice to meet you. My name is Kunj Sarna.

Mark smiles and walks away. Kunj looks at Twinkle who was still staring at him in disbelief.
Kunj- What?
Kunj shrugs his shoulders, smiles slyly, and walks away with his hands in his pockets. Twinkle runs up to Kunj and turns him around.
Twinkle- What was that?
Kunj- What?
Twinkle- Why were you so rude to Mark?

Kunj- Mark? Who’s Mark?
Twinkle rolls her eyes.
Twinkle- Kunj, why are you acting so possessive? I was only dancing with him. That’s it!
Kunj- Possessive?
Twinkle- God Kunj, just let me breathe a little!

Twinkle walks away frustrated. She goes and sits at the bar. She orders a drink. From the corner of her eye, she notices something unexpected. There was Kunj, in the middle of a dance crowd, dancing….with girls up on his body. Twinkle fumed watching the sight. She gulped down her drink furiously and ordered another one. Pretty soon, she had five to six empty shot glasses. Kunj watched Twinkle from the corner of his eye.
Kunj thinks- Yaar Twinkle, what are you doing? I was only trying to make you jealous. Stop drinking so much.
Twinkle stumbles over Kunj and pulls the girls off of him. Her words slur out of her mouth.
Twinkle- Who are you?

She points her finger at a girl’s face.
Kunj- Twinkle…tu….
Twinkle turns to Kunj.
Twinkle- You…shut up!
Kunj closes his mouth and waits patiently like a little child. Twinkle turns back to the girl.
Twinkle- Haa..what was I saying? Oh, who are you?
Twinkle pokes her finger at the girl’s chest.
Girl- Hey! Don’t touch me!
Twinkle- Don’t touch me my foot! How dare you touch my husband?
Kunj smiles.

Twinkle- No one touches him! No one talks to him! No one….kisses him….
Twinkle turns to Kunj and holds his collars. She pulls on his collar, bringing his face down to meet hers and locks her lips with his, leaving Kunj startled. Twinkle pulls back and pushes Kunj. Kunj was still dazed.
Girl- Ok ok whatever! Take him, he’s not that hot anyways. He’s only…
The girl looks Kunj up and down.
Girl- He’s a bit hot, but not my type.
The girl walks away.
Twinkle- Whaaaat?
Twinkle takes off her heels.

Twinkle- Kunj, hold my heels.
Twinkle takes off her heels and puts them in Kunj’s hands.
Twinkle- Tu rukh. I’ll show you!
Twinkle runs after the girl. Kunj looks at the shoes in his hands then back at Twinkle.
Kunj- Oye Twinkle!
Kunj drops the shoes and runs after Twinkle. He catches her before she could have done something to the girl. Kunj lift Twinkle over his shoulder and leaves the party. Once out into the empty street, he puts Twinkle down.
Twinkle- How dare she call you not hot!

Kunj smiles- Chal, let’s go back to the room.
Bartender- Sir!
Kunj- Yes?
Bartender- Sir, your wife had many shots. She didn’t pay for them yet.
Kunj- Oh I’m sorry.
Kunj reaches for his wallet in his pocket. He became shocked as he couldn’t find it. He began frantically searching all his pockets. He let’s out a nervous laughter.
Kunj thinks- Oh no, looks like someone stole my wallet. It was probably one of the girls I was dancing with.
Kunj- Look, what is that?

Kunj points in the opposite direction. The bartender looks at that direction and Kunj makes a run for it with Twinkle. Kunj stopped to catch his breath when they were finally out of the bartender’s sight. Twinkle starts laughing.
Kunj- Twinkle? Are you okay?
Twinkle waves Kunj’s wallet in front of his face.
Kunj- Tu? You took my wallet?
Twinkle smiles a goofy smile and nods. She opens Kunj’s wallet.
Kunj- Ladko ka wallet check nahi karte. Kuch…bhi ho sakta hain…

(Back at the Hotel room…)

Kunj- I’ll go get you some lemon water. You wait here.
Kunj starts to leave when Twinkle holds his wrist.
She pulls him back and pushes him onto the bed.
Kunj- Twinkle? What are you doing?
Twinkle lays on top on Kunj and runs her finger down his face.
Kunj- Twinkle…

Twinkle kisses Kunj’s eyes. She moves her hand under his shirt and onto his bare chest. Kunj falls weak under Twinkle’s touch. He rolls her over, bringing her under him. He smirks as Twinkle let’s out a small giggle. Kunj takes off his blazer and it gets thrown somewhere on the other side of the room. He pulls down Twinkle’s dress off her shoulder and kisses her shoulder. Twinkle entangles her fingers with Kunj’s as the night draws on.

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Lady- Please help! My husband got shot in the heart. Please somebody!
Nurse- Don’t worry ma’am, the best cardiotharacic surgeon is on her way.
A surgeon walks into the operation theater. She is wearing her surgery gown, a head cap, and a mask. Only her eyes are shown. She begins the surgery on the man’s chest.
The nurse watches in awe.

Nurse- Wow, this surgeon is amazing….
The surgeon looks at the nurse from the corner of her eyes.
Surgeon- If I can’t fix my own broken heart, might as well fix other hearts.

I have posted the first chapter of a short story called “Elegantly Wasted”. If you guys want, please do check it out. It is a very short story, about 4 or 5 chapters. Here is the link to the first chapter:
Chapter 1
Here’s a little intro to the story:

~Twinkle’s POV~

I have been stuck in the same boring life from the day I was born. Enter Kunj Sarna. Travel photographer, and the funniest and s*xiest man I’ve ever met. Before I know it, I’m falling for him. Hard. But his heart is locked up tight. Am I falling head over heels in love with a man I can never have? Or will one night when I’m elegantly wasted change everything forever?

  1. Akanksha

    Hey Sara, I’m getting confused of the promo…its so suspicious…

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    Awesome …… Loved the episode…..
    Just too good ….
    Loved the drunk Twinkle …. god she was so cute ?
    How dare the girl calls Kunj not so hot….. he is hottest man on Earth ?
    Loved it ❤
    Love you post soon ?

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    Oh my god,, Aajto twinkle to chagaye matlab,?????? and damn kamini ki himmat to dekho mere kunj ko bola hot nai hai vo,??? He is the most hottest ??? and s*xist ??? guy ever i seen in this world,??? and there romance woaahh,???,Such a wonderful episode,???? loved it,???well post next soon,☺☺☺
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  6. Mindblowing episode Sara I loved it and the promo is so scary yaar

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    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi….bt confusing shocking promo….

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    Funny yet fantastic
    Precap is confusing

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    Di the episode was so funny yet cute. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a cuteness overloaded episode. Uffff Twinkle, she was so funny, so sweet. And how dare thar girl called Kunj not hot. He is the most hottest,s*xiest man in the whole world and universe.
    Precap is confusing. Don’t know what will happen. Suspenseful.
    Di when will you post Elegantly Wasted Chapter 2? I am desperately waiting.
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    Hey Sara,
    This was such a adorable update. The way Kunj tried making Twinkle feel jealous then, the drunk Twinkle ? followed by Twinkle’s jealousy then, Twinkle robbing Kunj’s wallet ? and finally, they made each other love again ? Omg! I loved this update. I’m looking forward to the next one already. Really excited to know who’s the surgeon. Pallavi, is it?

    And and btw, my FF won’t be posted until day after because I didn’t feel like writing it yet. Anyway, hope you can post yours soon.

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