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Wow, 50 episodes. Can you believe it? This is my second golden jubilee and I couldn’t have done it without you guys. Now finally I will have to do something that has been long overdue. Bear with me through my thank you session. Please forgive me if I miss anyone. Every episode, I get a new silent reader’s comment and it is really difficult to remember all of your names. But trust me, I cannot explain how happy I feel whenever a silent reader comments. So thank you to all silent readers. Of course, I am eternally grateful to those who are regular commenters. Thank you Adeebarizwan, Ramya, Ria, Twinjfan.tamanna, Presha, Kritika, Uc, Loveleen, Sushmitha, Cp, Sidmin, Sidmin23, Rutu, Chiku, Sohi, Purnima.agrawal30, Baby, Aafi, Aanya_pandey, Monaa, Nuramy1997, Malhotrarochika, Priya23, Usvathul, Asna, Kiara, Soumyad, Shreya098, SidminTwinj, Sidvee.Yashvee, Sujina. If I missed anyone please forgive me and take my regards.

I really missed Tashan E Ishq and Twinj while writing this episode. I don’t think listening to Tum Bin Jiya Jaye Kaise while writing helped with my emotions either. ?It only made me miss then more. Now without a further ado, let’s get on with our 50th episode!

Recap: Twinkle and Kunj face an embarrassing situation when they are caught in the bathroom. Yuvi and Mahi tease Twinkle and Kunj. Kunj’s dream comes true when he receives a letter about training to be a pilot. He has been accepted into the program and will be attending the flight from Mumbai to California.


Bebe- Twinkle puttar, have you seen Kunj?
Twinkle- Ji Bebe. He actually went to get all his documentation completed. His flight is tomorrow.
Bebe- Okay.
Usha- Bebe, are you ready?
Bebe- Oh haa. I forgot to tell you Twinkle. Usha, Mahi and I are going to the temple. You also come along Twinkle.
Twinkle- Bebe, where is bhai and papa ji?

Usha- Oh they have an important meeting tonight. They will come home late.
Twinkle- Then you guys go ahead mummy ji. I will wait for Kunj. When he comes home, there will be no one home.
Usha- Are you sure?
Twinkle- Yes.
Bebe- Okay take care. We will be back soon.

The Next Scene…

Mahi, Usha, and Bebe are in the mandir. It starts storming outside.
Usha- Bebe, look at the storm going on outside. How will we get home?
Pandit- It is storming outside. The roads are blocked by fallen tree. It’s better if you stay in the mandir until the storm subsides.
Bebe- Ji pandit ji. Looks like we will have to do that.
Mahi- Maa, Bebe, I should call Twinkle. Otherwise, she will worry.
Mahi calls Twinkle.

Mahi- Twinkle, we are stuck in the mandir due to the storm. It might be very late when we come home or we might not even get home for the night.
Twinkle- Is everyone fine?
Mahi- Everyone is perfect.
Twinkle- Ok you guys be safe. I will take care here.

(Sarna Mansion…)

Twinkle- Maa, bhabhi, aur Bebe bhi nahi hai. I’m in the house alone. What should I do?
Twinkle suddenly thinks something.
Twinkle- Twinkle, your in the house…alone. Papa and bhai is at a meeting and maa, bebe, and bhabhi are at the temple.
Twinkle calls Kunj.
Kunj- Hello my Siyappa Queen. Missing me?
Twinkle- Kunj, when are you coming home?
Kunj- In about half an hour. Why?
Twinkle- Nahi kuch nahi. Come home quickly. Bye.
Twinkle smiles.

The Next Scene…

Twinkle sat in front of the mirror. The end of her pale pink sari fluttered in the wind. Through the mirror, she saw a picture of Kunj. She went to the picture frame and picked it up.
Twinkle- Bas, ab jaldi ghar aa jao.
Kunj- Kyun?
Twinkle- Great. Now I have gone completely mad. I am hearing Kunj’s voice everywhere.
Kunj- Tu toh pehli se hi pagal thi.

Twinkle turns towards the door to see Kunj standing in the doorway. He was drenched from the rain. His wet shirt became transparent and clung to his body, revealing his perfectly sculpted abdomen. Twinkle turned and tried to run away, only to be stopped by a force pulling her. She looked back to see Kunj holding the end of her sari.
Kunj- Won’t you complete your promise?
Twinkle- U knew?
Kunj- Twinkle, I understand you. I know you. I knew from the beginning that you had promised yourself that you would get back the Sarna property. Only then would you take our relationship to the next level.
Twinkle- If you knew all along, then…in the bathroom….why did you not come close to me?
Kunj raises his eyebrow and smiles.

Kunj- I had to see how much Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna wants me.
Twinkle blushes and escapes out of Kunj’s grasp. She opens the door of the balcony and steps out under the rain and holds the railing, letting the rain drip down her face. Kunj steps onto the balcony and looks at Twinkle. (Ijazat plays in bg).
He walks over and puts his hand on top on Twinkle’s. Twinkle closes her eyes as Kunj moves her hair off her shoulder. Kunj kisses Twinkle’s shoulder. He goes down and kisses the tattoo on her back then turns her around. Cupping her face, he kisses her earlobe. Twinkle clutches Kunj’s shirt at his shoulder. Kunj’s gaze shifts down to Twinkle’s soft lips that were now decorated with raindrops. He captures her lips in his. Releasing themselves from the enchanting connection, Kunj picks Twinkle up in his arms and brings her into the room Kunj lays Twinkle on the bed and goes on top of her. Supporting himself up with his arms on either side of Twinkle’s head, he looks into her eyes.

Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai
Tere ishq ki mujhko aadat hai…

He leans down, putting his weight on her body and buries his face in the side of her neck. Twinkle’s hand went up to Kunj’s hair as she pulled on it slightly. Kunj traces his nose down Twinkle’s neck as Twinkle digs her nails into Kunj’s bare back. He goes down, leaving kisses on Twinkle’s arms and stomach. Twinkle pulls him back up and locks her lips with his. The weight of his body on hers and the contact of their skin send sparks through their bodies. Kunj runs his hands through Twinkle’s hair, giving her comfort as pain and pleasure takes over her emotions. They entangle their fingers together and cover themselves with blankets. The two bodies moves in perfect rhythm with the rain drops tapping the windows and doors.

Precap: Kunj leaves for one week…

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  1. SidMin23

    Hey Sara
    It was nice scene of twinj and now kunj is leaving for week I hope nothing will come between twinj so that they will separate or misunderstand between them and hope everyone is safe in mandir as they stock their. Twinj scene was romantic and yeah congratulations for completing 50 episode wish it could be? Episode do post soon if it possible for u.

  2. Presha

    Hey sara congratulations nd celebration for completing 50 episodes of this ff nd this epi was a blast loved it to the core…
    Love u

  3. Soumyad

    Hey Sara first of all congrats for golden jubilee…I loved today’s episode it was so romantic and twinj’s scenes were on high peak….loved it

  4. Mayahtwinjfan

    Oh my god amazing superb fabulous these are understatements
    I just loved it!!!!????

  5. OH GOD Sarah, what a epi yarr, just SPECTACULAR ??????????????????????????????????? and god i nvr expct in this epi will be their cnsmmtion ??? Their romnc was damn romntic yarr,?? And u knw when i saw ur ff cover in dp its give me gosebmps allover in my body ??? and I m very happy to ?? And Aww my twinj is superrrrr hotttt yarr,?? and s*xy also ?? and oh god they are burning in this pic ????looks like its as real rmnc ?? But I just LOVE it yarr coz it’s was MARVELOUS,????
    And Kitna wait karati ho yarr,wait naii hota jeyada ?? Plz post soon,eagerly waiting 4 next ?? And……………,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    A big ???CONGRATS 4 ur GOLDEN JUBILEEEEE,????????? May u reach ur 100 episode,?? So stay happy ?? and keep smiling ??
    My multi talented queen,??
    Love you,❤❤❤

    1. Sara28

      THANK YOU!!!!! I know right! Twinj in the picture is just on fire ?I Just love them, and miss them loads!

  6. Monaa

    Hey sarah.. Congo for the golden jublie..???.. Today’s episode was nice.. Finally twinj are together.. I hope now no problem comes in their way.. Loved it..
    Keep smiling..☺?

  7. Marvellous episode sara the romance was amazing yaar and congratulations for golden jubilee post the next part asap

  8. SidMin

    Congrats for your Gollden Jubliee ??????
    Loved the episode……..
    Loved the Twinj scene …. It was just so good
    Love you
    Post soon ?

  9. Ur welcome ?? what an episode ? I am also missing Tashan e ishq way too much ? I just really wish there is a season two ❤️??Anyways lovely choice in the music ? love u and take care ?

    1. And yeah congratulations ????

  10. Awesome epi sara… Nd many many congo for u’r ff’s golden jubilee…

  11. Congrats Sara nd a.m. really happy to read ur ff nd u r mindblowing nd twins scenes were really superb nd pls don’t separate r create misunderstanding btw twinj let twinj hav a peaceful luv nd parenthood nd as some life ahead

  12. Chiku

    Sara!!! Congratulations for ur golden jublie????????… many more to come????
    Episode is fantastic. Loved it. Woaaaah it’s amazing. Lovely. I enjoyed it alot but it was small??i read it in two minutes ???????
    I am ur fan.

    U need to complete century this tym. Plzzzzzzzzzz??????

    Post soon?

  13. Asna

    Awesome episode sara… kunj’s knows that then after pretending to be innocent hahaha…

  14. Hey Sara
    It’s been so long.
    M sorry couldn’t comment for long.
    I read 16 of your episodes together.
    They’ve been amazing.

  15. Purvi128

    Hey Sara,
    One word only FANTABULOUS ..! ?????????????
    It was just SPLENDID ..!
    I cannot describe …! Nd I m also missing them sooooo much …! Nd ya the pic is super hot …! I m speechless ….
    U r amazing …! Nd now Kunj is leaving for one week ..!
    I hope twinj seperate na hun …
    Post next asap
    Love u ❤❤

  16. Purvi128

    Nd yaa congrats for ur golden jubilee …✨✨?????

  17. Ria

    Hey Sara,
    I really feel I should take up this occupation of being a future teller??? See, I told ya what was coming up. Your surprises always mean something special. I remember in Love Is Blind you’d given kinda the same precap in the 35th episode and remember me guessing it???

    Anyway, this episode was really romantic. The DP ? I love Twinj . . Irreplaceable couple, remember? Haha.. okay, no requests for century because dragging a story only makes it worse plus, I know it’s going to end soon. Anyhow, I’m looking forward to the next update. Hope you can update sooner this time.

    All my love,

  18. Congratulations for a jubbliee???Congratulations and celebrations…,
    Ayee hayeee Twinj??blushy blushy?????
    Awesomeness overloaded ..loads of love .??

  19. sara di…..di….di…..it was damn romantic marvelous epi loved it…..di muhh,…muhh…
    love u
    post soon

  20. KarthikaJasmin

    Hey SARA.. congrats for completing 50 episodes??
    & D episode was awesome..
    U know something..
    D song is one of my favorite..?
    Tnx for including dat song 8n dis episode?

  21. congo..sara…???????

  22. Awsme sara its too goood finally aftr long wait i gt to read it

  23. Twinjfan.tamanna

    hey sarah,
    congrats for completing 50 epis…. it is really the beautiful ff… I love it and Twinj romance was really hot..

    with love,
    Urs Tamanna

  24. Malhotrarochika


  25. Anshikajainn

    Yrrr it was so cutre??

  26. Firstly congratulations Sara
    Episode was awesome
    Kunj understands twinkle completely
    I hope when kunj leaves alisha will not create any prblm
    Love u keep smiling

  27. Sohi

    It was awesome, romantic, amazing
    You nailed it yaar
    Thanks for golden jubilee treat
    I loved it to the core
    Congratulations for your golden jubilee dear
    Do continue and post soon bye

  28. Baby

    ohhh god sara di☺
    too cute n lovely episode☺
    first of all congratulations……..♥♥
    voohohoooo congrax agn for golden jublieee rainbow…….☺
    romance ke liye perfect aroma n atmosphere………..☺
    wowooaaaa loved it well yeh storm lane ka acha idea tha hahaa…….
    matlab bebe mahi or usha fas gaye mandir mein manohar uv chale gaye meeting mein hahahaahahaa……….wow loved it sooooooo much much much……..☺☺☺
    love u lods♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    amazing fabulous marvalleous cute adorable ek dam bindass episode☺☺
    ☺loved it to eternity☺
    post next as soon as possible☺

  29. RUTU.....

    Hey Sara, fabulous fantastic awesome amazing don’t have words to describe how much I loved it mind-blowing episode ever… Just loved it
    Congratulations to you for completing 50episides ??✨✨✨
    Love you so much & keep smiling

  30. Kritika14

    Okay, sorry for the late comment! Was caught with some stupid work -.-

    But ohmygod! I so loved this! Twinj’s romance was lit! and the dp ??Moreover, I’ve been missing tei too! It really has taken a very special place in my heart not only cause it was amazing but also cause I found people like you here! ?

    Also, congratulations on completing 50 episodes! ? Really looking forward for more and more episodes but surely not expecting 100 cause I know that won’t be possible, right? Anyway, quickly update with the next episode!


  31. Loveleen

    Hey Sara …M late to nt cz of my xms….Bt I had to join u fr ur golden jubilee nyways….M so glad u mentioned me ….U deserve it doll….U r an amazing writer I love all ur episds….I wish u keep on writing n entertaining us….

  32. Loveleen

    Hey Sara …M late to nt cz of my xms….Bt I had to join u fr ur golden jubilee nyways….M so glad u mentioned me ….U deserve it doll….U r an amazing writer I love all ur episds….I wish u keep on writing n entertaining us….Love u dear…

    1. Loveleen

      Ohh internet issues so three cmnts came…???

  33. Loveleen

    Hey Sara dear m late today cz of my xms …Nyways I had to join in ur golden jubilee….Congo babes ..U deserve it all doll….I wish u keep on writing n entertaining us…..Wish u all the luck…Love u..

  34. Aanya_pandey

    First of all congratulations.. for this journey of 50 parts..
    This was just amazing update..
    Amd that kunj saying i knew what ur promise was.. that was so good to read!!!

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