I Hate You (Episode 49)

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Hey guys, thank you so much for your unexplainable love and support. I can’t believe I made it this far and in one more episode, I will reach a half century for the second time! This is only possible because of you guys. Thank you! By the way, is the track getting too boring? I feel as though it is. Don’t worry, I have another interesting twist in mind but I don’t know if you guys will like it. Please let me know in the comment below. Now let’s get on with the episode.

Recap: Twinkle is welcomed into the Sarna Mansion. Kunj says he wont come close to her until she completes her promise. The situation takes a funny turn when Twinkle tries to tell Kunj that her promise is completed, but Kunj doesn’t understand.


Twinkle- Kunj ruko.
Kunj stops right before he could open the bathroom door and turns around.
Twinkle- Kunj, I…I uhh…I wanted to talk about something….
Kunj- Now?
Kunj looks at Twinkle from top to bottom.
Kunj- In this state?
Twinkle looked down and saw she was drenched and still wet. Kunj smiled as Twinkle blushed.

The Next Scene…

The door bell rang at the Sarna Mansion. Mahi opened the door. It was a mailman.
Mailman- Is Mr. Kunj Sarna here?
Mahi- Yes.
Mailman- There’s a letter for him.
Mahi signs and takes the letter.
Mahi- Letter for Kunj? What kind of letter could it be? I better go give it to him.
Mahi went up to Twinkle and Kunj’s room. She couldn’t find anyone there.
Mahi- Kunj? Twinkle!
Meanwhile, Twinkle and Kunj were still in the bathroom.
Twinkle- Bhabhi!
Kunj- Twinkle shhhh!

Kunj quickly covered Twinkle’s mouth with his hand. His other arm found its way to Twinkle’s back and pulled her to his chest.
Mahi- Twinkle? Are you in the washroom?
Twinkle looks at Kunj and he moves his hand from her mouth, still holding her.
Twinkle- Ha..yes bhabhi.
Mahi- Have you seen Kunj?
Twinkle looks at Kunj with wide eyes. Kunj nods no.
Mahi- There’s a letter for him. I just wanted to give that to him.
Kunj- Letter?
Kunj quickly covers his mouth. Twinkle bites her tongue.
Mahi- Kunj?!
Twinkle slaps her forehead.
Mahi- Kunj, where are you?

Kunj- In the washroom…
Mahi- Then where is Twinkle?
Twinkle- Voh…I’m also in here.
Twinkle bits her lower lip and looks helplessly at Kunj. Mahi giggles. Yuvi walks into the room.
Uv- Jaan, I’ve been looking everywhere for you.
Mahi- Shhh!
Uv points to the washroom.
Uv- What?
Mahi- Ok sorry, Twinkle please tell Kunj that there is a letter for him. So when he is..umm…when you guys are not busy, please tell him to come and take it from me.
Yuvi’s jaw drops.
Uv- Wow bhai, itna romance already? You are faster than me.
Mahi elbows Yuvi.
Mahi- Yuvraj!
Twinkle giggles.
Mahi- Yuvraj chalo!
Uv- Are wait…
Mahi- Chalo!
Mahi pulls Yuvi out of the room. Kunj leaves the washroom.

The Next Scene…

Kunj comes to Mahi to retrieve his letter.
Kunj- Bhabhi, my letter?
Mahi- Sorry if i disturbed you.
Mahi chuckles as Kunj looks around embarrassed.
Kunj- It’s nothing like that. I actually just left my watch in the bathroom so I went to get that.
Mahi- Ohhhh. Watch?
Kunj- Sachi.
Mahi laughs and hands him the letter.
Mahi- What’s in this letter that you are so excited about?
Kunj looks at the envelope with a huge smile on his face.
Kunj- My dream.

(Twinj’s Room)

Kunj comes into the room and sits on the couch. He opens the letter and reads it. Immediately, his face starts shining as he flashes a radiant smile. He jumps up.
Kunj- Yes!
Twinkle enters the room and is surprised to see Kunj in such an excited state.
Twinkle- Kunj?
Kunj runs to Twinkle and picks her up bridal style and spins with her in his arms.
Twinkle- Kunj, what are you doing, put me down.
Kunj puts Twinkle down and sits with her on the bed.
Kunj- Twinkle, my dream has finally come true. I have been recruited as a pilot in training!
Twinkle- What! Kunj, that’s amazing!
Kunj- Thank you Twinkle.
Twinkle- Why?
Kunj- I couldn’t have gotten this far without you. You helped me in the dance competition and you brought back the happiness in my families life. I don’t have the words to thank you.
Twinkle stands up abruptly.
Kunj- Twinkle, why happened?

Twinkle- Mr. Sarna, is this what I mean to you? Just someone that does you favors and in return you thank them? Well let me tell you then. This is not only your family, but mine also. I am very selfish so whatever I did, I did for my family. And I didn’t help you out. No, I stood by the person I love and took his hand in mine. We walked together through life and came this far because I love him more than my life. So no, I didn’t help you Mr. Kunj Sarna.
Kunj sat there with his mouth open.
Twinkle- Close your mouth before a horse goes inside.
Kunj closes his mouth.
Kunj- Naraz hai mujhse?

Twinkle- No. Why would you think that?
Kunj- Well, every time you are mad at me, you call me Mr. Sarna. Ok baba sorry.
Twinkle doesn’t look at Kunj.
Kunj- Ur not going to speak to me before I leave?
Twinkle looks at Kunj in shock.
Twinkle- Leave?

Kunj- Yeah. I have to leave for my training in two days. I am training on a flight from Mumbai to California. I will be gone for one week.
Twinkle- One week…
Kunj- It will go by before you know it.
Twinkle- Ok then you better bring me back a gift from California!
The both laugh.

Precap: Golden Jubilee special…

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  1. sara di it was just fabulous epi and advanced congratulations for reaching till epi 49…….love u plz post soon

  2. Awesome sara
    Superb episode loved it
    Track is not at all boring
    Keep writing
    Loads of love keep smiling

  3. Ria

    Hey Sara,
    The bathroom scene?? It was so funny. Lol, I laughed hard. ? Plus, the way Yuvraj reacted to it. ? Yay!! I’m so happy that Kunj finally achieved his target. I’d been waiting for it since the start? Plus, Twinkle’s lecture?? The episode was absolutely fantastic and humorous too. I’m looking forward to the golden jubilee episode and for it’s speciality too. Hope you can post soon.

    All my love,

  4. Twinjfan.tamanna

    hiya sarah,
    Amazing update… too funny hahaha… yuvi I love him yaar… too cute epi…
    post soon

    with love,
    Urs Tamanna

  5. Presha

    Hey Sara
    The bathroom scene was awesome I loved it
    Twinj got teased by yuhi loved it and I was waiting for this epi eagerly but plz post soon
    Love u

  6. Awwww dis sooo awsme lov u yaar sry i dont comment of ur ff bt i regularly read it i jus wait 4 ur ff to b posted n congrats u did it agn jus cnt wait 4 d nxt part post soon itazaar nai hone wala mujhse

  7. Kritika14

    Hiya! How are you?

    and OhMyGod! I laughed so much while reading this! The bathroom scene and Yuvraj’s dialogue ??? and that Twinkle’s lecture? ? just couldn’t stop laughing! Moreover, so glad you’re near to golden jubilee, for the second time! Although, I’m a lil upset on not being a part of it at the first time but surely gonna rock it the second time! Okay, honestly idk how but just go with the flow! I’m a lil too excited, for no legit reason! ? Also, really curious and excited for what you’ve planned for us in the next episode of yours! Will be waiting for it! But, no hurries!

    Love you!

  8. Loveleen

    Hey I loved this twist….M eagerly waiting fr ur golden jubilee …Post soon dear…I knw u must hv stored smthng specl …

  9. Fabulous episode Sara I’m loving the story

  10. Amazing annd funny episode! Sara.??
    Let’s see kya hota hai?

  11. SidMin

    Loved it Awesome….. the episode was so cute
    Waiting for the next episode…. Love you ???

  12. SidMin23

    It was superb and that bathroom scene was ????? yuhi make twinj nervous as they both stock into bathroom and kunj will left for weeks to participate for his pilot programs and hope before he will will we could see twinj romance and congratulations it going to be 50 in next episode

  13. RUTU.....

    Awesome amazing fabulous episode dear & funny too loved it so much??????

  14. Chiku

    Saraaa!!! Bathroom scene was funny??????loll
    I loved it. Woaaaah kunjs dream came true???
    Are u going to show plan crash of kunjs first flight as pilot from mumbai to california. Well its a guess.. fingers crossed. Hope aisa na hop??
    Post soon?

  15. Sohi

    It was fabulous
    And in advance congratulations for golden jubilee
    Waiting for the special episode
    Do continue

  16. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous epi

  17. Baby

    ohhhhhhh god sara di☺
    golden jubliee gonna be surely a dhamakka♥
    cant wait m too excited☺
    n hahhahahahaaa d episode bathroom scene was too funny hahhaaa
    pity twinj☺☺hahhahaaaaa sooooo hell embarassing
    bt luvd it very mch♥♥♥
    bt now kunj to calafornia☺
    wooohooooo kya hoga 😀
    post nxt asap rainbow☺
    love u lods♥♥♥♥♥

  18. It was fabulous sara
    Happy for kunj
    Do continue

  19. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous epi…..

  20. Aanya_pandey

    Aaawww.. bathroom romance!!! But.. it was spoiled coz of that lettr… N that pilot… Aahhaa!!! That will be interesting to see

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