I Hate You (Episode 31)

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Sorry guys. Actually, TU posted episode 30 under Ishqbaaz. I don’t know why. If you haven’t read the last episode…here’s the link:
https://www.tellyupdates.com/hate-episode-30/Also sorry if you guys were disappointed by the last episode, but it was needed. You will see why in the upcoming episodes. Now, if you guys are still willing to read, let’s get on with the episode…

Recap: Twinkle thought that Kunj would propose to her. However, she is shocked when Kunj says that he has filed for a divorce. He says that he does not love her. Twinkle is heartbroken and leaves. It is revealed that Kunj did this because of Leela and he actually loves Twinkle.


The next morning, Kunj wakes up on the balcony. He was drenched from the rain and his palms were bleeding. Kunj’s hair was a mess and his eyes were red and swollen. Using a lot of strength, he got up and headed towards the bathroom.


Kunj was walking in the hallway when he bumped into someone.
Kunj- Oh I’m so sorry…
He looks up to see Twinkle. She was in a similar state like Kunj. She had bags under her eyes ad her face looked dull. Kunj was wearing sunglasses, covering his swollen eyes from Twinkle. Kunj looks into Twinkle’s hurt eyes. (Sad Sajna Ve plays). Twinkle leaves and Kunj notices her wipe a tear as she walks away.
After classes ended, Kunj went out and started his bike. He noticed Twinkle standing by the road, trying to hail a taxi. Kunj’s eyes widened as he saw a car approaching Twinkle from behind. He quickly ran to her and pulled her away just as the car was about to hit her. In the process, Kunj’s sunglasses fell off, revealing his swollen eyes. Twinkle was shocked seeing Kunj in that state. Kunj let go of Twinkle’s arm and looked away from Twinkle. Twinkle noticed the bandage on Kunj’s hand.
Kunj- Why can’t you be more careful? Didn’t you see the car coming? What if something happened to you?!
Kunj calmed down.

Kunj- Come. I’ll drop you home.
Twinkle- If you care so much, you are u leaving?
Kunj stopped in his tracks.
Kunj- Twinkle just stop talking.
Twinkle- Why?!
Kunj thinks- Why can’t you see Twinkle, sometimes your words just hypnotize me…
Twinkle- If you can’t live without me, why are you pushing me out of your life? Kunj, answer me!
Kunj was silent.
Twinkle- Ur silent today. One day when I won’t be in front of you, when u will lose all ur rights over me, then u will regret everything Kunj Sarna.
Twinkle got into a taxi and drove off, leaving Kunj heartbroken once again.

(Taneja Mansion…)

Twinkle walked into the house and ran up to her room.
Leela- Twinkle!
Leela walked into the room and Twinkle quickly wiped her tears away.
Leela- Twinkle puttar, I have some news for you.
Twinkle- Ha ma?
Leela- You know Mrs. Bhaliya’s son has just returned from Australia. U know Sunny. U guys used to play together when you were children.
Twinkle- Play? Ma, we hated each other.
Leela- Don’t say that. Well, I’ve decided to fix your marriage with Sunny.
Twinkle- What!
Leela- No whats, ifs, or buts. This is my final decision.
Leela leaves.

Twinkle- Babaji, why are you doing this to me? U know how much I love Kunj. I can’t think of living my life with someone other than him. Why are you punishing me?
Twinkle’s phone suddenly rings, interrupting Twinkle’s conversation with her Babaji.
Twinkle picks up the phone call.
Twinkle- Hello?
Chinki- Ha Twinkle. What’s going on? I saw u and Kunj acting very strangely around each other at college today. Did you tell him about ur feelings yet?
Twinkle’s chocked on her words and her voice cracked as she proceeded to tell Chinki what had happened in the past two days. How they had grown closer…how she realized her love for Kunj…how she was planning on telling him that night after the party….how Kunj also wanted to tell Twinkle something…and finally how her heart was broken by that one word…divorce.

Chinki- What! All this happened? But how is this possible? I was sure Kunj loved you. Are you sure there isn’t some kind of misunderstanding?
Twinkle- There’s no misunderstanding Chinki. I was a fool. I was stupid enough to fall in love with him and then think he loved me back. How dumb of me to think that Kunj loves me. Now ma is fixing my marriage with someone else. It’s all over Chinki, it’s all over.
Twinkle cries and hangs up.
Chinki- There must be some kind of misunderstanding. I see the love between the two. I don’t know why Kunj did this. I have to talk to him.
Chinki calls Kunj.
Kunj- Hello?
Chinki- Hello, Kunj? I need to speak to you urgently. Kunj, why are you doing this to Twinkle? Why are you hurting her? She loves you a lot. Twinkle can’t live without you. And I know that u also love her. Then why are you doing this?
Kunj was silent.

Chinki- Silence is not the answer. Kunj, Leela aunty is fixing Twinkle’s marriage.
Kunj was shocked.
Chinki- I know she will be happy with you. Please go and take Twinkle before it’s too late and you lose her forever.
Chinki hangs up. Kunj couldn’t believe his ears.
Kunj- Twinkle is getting married?
Kunj’s heart skipped a beat as the thought of losing Twinkle crossed his mind. He remembered all the times he had cared for Twinkle and had become restless when she was in trouble. He remembered Twinkle leaving that night.
Kunj- No, I can’t lose Twinkle. I can’t lose her. Twinkle, me tujhse kho nahi sakta. I tried letting you go thinking about Leela aunty. But I realized that our happiness lies in each other. I can’t live without you Twinkle.
Kunj smiles- I’m coming Twinkle, I’m coming.

(Taneja Mansion…)

Leela- Twinkle, tomorrow Sunny is coming to our house for lunch. Please don’t do any drama. I’m warning you now Twinkle.
Twinkle thinks- What dilemma am I stuck in now? Do I choose my love, or my mother’s happiness?
The screen splits on Twinkle’s worried face and Kunj’s smiling face.

Precap: Kunj’s plan…

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it hope everything gets fine soon hope Twinj unite soon
    Loved yhe way Chinki helped Kunj understand that he needs Twinkle
    Love you? post soon ❤

    1. My name u dont need to know!

      This comment is deleted.

      1. SIDMIN-Daamini

        First of all who the hell are you to advise us what to read or not …. yes I accept tei doesn’t air anymore but everyone has their own exceptions n favourites … who r u to advise them …. frankly I don’t watch ishqbaz …. but I don’t bother to bash that show …. n if there is no link with tei with u then y r u wasting ur time ….. u r free to read n comment on telly updates n that too on ur favourite …. I don’t want to be rude with u but must say u should have some manners…….. I’m happy u love ur show but don’t u dare point on our show …. we love tei n a big fan of twinj …. even I can bash ishqbaz but I won’t coz there r many who loves it n we r too who loves tei a lot n always do …
        So it’s a request mind ur own business n if u can praise so be just quiet …. ur one word against it .. many will be standing against u ……

  2. My name u dont need to know!

    This comment is deleted.

    1. SidMin23

      We don’t tell u to read twinj ff and why ur even here if u don’t love twinj plz mind your own business okay and If u don’t like it then don’t read and we are not even forcing to read tei ff and I u watch ishqbaaz then go watch and don’t disturb us we are tei and twinj fans and we don’t want to get into fight. If u like twinj u can enjoy with us. Thanks u.

      1. My name u dont need to know!


    2. Kritika14

      Well firstly! Mind your own business. If you hate TEI so much then why on earth are you on this page! Okay, I agree it doesn’t air anymore but surely this is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen! I suppose, everyone holds their own opinion so it’s absolutely fine if you dislike it but you can not tell us what to like and dislike okay? Moreover, you are WRONG! There are many readers of this ff and also of the rest. SO give yourself time and think, do you have a life? Cause I think you don’t ? I know I’m being a little rude but you have no rights to say anything about us! and yes we do live in a different world which we are happy about, any problem? ?

      1. SidMin23

        Well said monica I wonder if that person don’t like twinj of tei why even is ready just to fight with us. Just too much and yes we all tei family lives in different world which is like happy family’s world right tei family’s. that person was ordering us to watch that ishqbaaz show. ???? we are happy with twinj memories and sidmin too so better stay away from Here that my name U dont need to know

      2. My name u dont need to know!


    3. Malhotrarochika

      firstly i want to ask u that why are on tei page if u don’t read it? have we told u to come and reAD..THEN just mind your own buisness and don’t utter a single word from your sh** mouth about tei ….it was the bestest show i have ever watched…and if we like it then only we are writing these ffs and os..and whats your problem? don’t u have mind ! if someone is writing something u should appericiate it…and if u hate tei soooo much then please don’t comment here and don’t come on this page..stupid idiot dumbo on earth!!!!!!!!! just stay away because TU
      is our world and we will not keep quiet if someone tries to speak about our world! get lost from here!!!!

    4. Aanya_pandey

      Who ever u r.. u know wat.. if u didn’t liked TEI wats ur prob then.. everyone has there own likes n dislikes.. if u don’t like it its ur choice.. n we d people who like it is our own choice.. no 1 is forcing u to come n peep here.. if u don’t like it jst don’t come here.. as simple as that..
      Jst do watever u like n plz if u cn’t encourage d author.. don’t discourage her.. it’s her choice it’s our choice u r no 1 to comment on it.. hope u get that

      1. My name u dont need to know!


    5. Ria

      Let’s for a second think the way you’re thinking. Let me think that I’m not a Twinj fan. Well, according to my manners atleast I would have never taken this disgusting step. I understand you didn’t like Twinj, but does that mean that others won’t like it too? Just think about it sensibly. I mean if you want to. Just in case you don’t want to, then you’re free to comment these disgusting thoughts of yours here. We do have a huge fandom and we support everyone out here. So, please go ahead with such comments if that’s what you feel like doing. We’ll surely he there to support the authors over here.

      Thank you for this terrible comment though. ?

    6. Baby

      howwwwww dare youuuuuuuu
      who r u to tell our sara dat what should she write n what she should not look whoever u r we dont know n also we dont want to know ur name samjhi wat d heck haan wat do u think of urself kuch bhi khedoge n we all will listen who r u to tell us dat we should leave twinj n go for ur fu***ng ishqbaaz…………just kee dat crap wid u n not a word again against our family tu family or twinj if u dont like dem den y r u mnding it
      and den
      secondly MY NAME U DONT NEED TO KNOW we even didnt asked u to tell us ur name n now onwards jst dont put dis shit here odr wise d consequenses wont be good……
      why r u here haan if u dont like twinj go to ur ishqbaaz page n dont show us dis shit here we love dese ffs n os n we love twinj u wont decide whom we should read about n what we should write about whom we should write about just shut thatcrap we know dat d serial is off air bt sidmin or twinj r still dere for we ppl soo dare u agn srsly i ll not leave u or ooppsss i should say we wont be leaving u mind ur own business i never abuse i guess its for d 2nd time for ppl like u huh…. :@ :@ :@ :@ :@
      well sry for d abusive word used by me bt not to u to god u deserve it…
      idont wanna have any fyt ohk soo pls jst leave dis all
      n thank u ☻
      we know its off air bt we all decided to stay one we all ecided to keep writig n enjoy r lives n feel dem soo plsss its a request n if anybody stands against us sooo we all r always together n can face any problem soo u r free to contradict we all r here to show u who we are….

      1. Who r u to say dat no one reads dis I’m her biggest fan n her ff was amazing n love it aur ha she had many fans in dis so don’t u dare to speak anything wrong about her she is just amazing n many people like her ff

      2. Sara pehle tu uss stupid ki comments ko ignore kar aur apne mood off bilkul mat kar u r such a amazing ff writer we know n I’m ur fan even paavu is also ur biggesst fan as she said me recently so plsss don’t loose hope n plsss keep smiling n be happy aur episode loved it to core Pls don’t be sad
        Love u

    7. Whoever u r I don’t care but pls stop cmting rubbish. I agree that TEI has already ended but still the memories of TEI r stored in our mind.TEI is the bestest show I have ever seen. I watch isqhbaaz as well but I am not a fan of it but I am a fan of twinj. This is my choice n I am too happy to be a fan of twinj. Actually why I am telling all this to u. U r free to cmt but it doesn’t mean that u can tell rubbish about twinj.If u can’t appreciate some one’s effort n creation then stop cmting n never visit this page ever again.

    8. Hey u!!! How dare u to say like this about our favourite show… Stop u’r nonsense okay!!! Nd abt ishqbaaz, i had watched some episodes of ishqbaaz, it was good but still tei will always remain the best… It was the bestest show ever… Do u get that, u better be… Nd we all have our own choice, so u don’t need to teach us… We’ll read nd write where we like… Nd we like no no no we love tei more than any other show… Here many of us r ishqbaaz fan, so it’s normal nd it’s totally their own choice… Here everyone have their own rights for choose their fav ones… So that we also… Nd u have no rights to bash our fav show… Nd if u don’t like it then why r u here ha, who told u to read??? Do what ever u want but don’t u dare to say any other ill language abt our tei, our twinjraj, nd our tei tu family…. We made many friends here… We r like a family bt people like u can’t understand it… We r lucky nd we r proud to be here….

    9. Sara28

      Thank you so much “whatever your name is” ? You are right, we are living in a different world…in our world of TEI and Twinj. And I think ur mistaken cause you don’t see the number of posts and comments plus backlash you are getting. That’s why u assume that no one reads these anymore. Well…what can I say, you do have to have a brain to realize this. Maybe that’s why u can’t realize. Thanks but no thanks…I think we will all keep loving TEI. Thank you so much my TU family for all ur support. U guys are the best. Love you all! ?

    10. Zuha Fatima

      Hello to the great unknown person,
      Well firstly thanks for your advice but to ve honest no one out here needs you and your stupid advice!!

      I am really sorry if I sound rude whereas my intention is not to hurt you but sorry to say the way you used Sarah’s (actual Sarah) name was disgusting.

      Also just differ between her (Sarah) and you…You said a lot to her and her FF but she is still calm and cool and not discriminating or using abusive language and thus creates a line between you and her.

      I am really apologetic if you felt hurt because of me or anyone else being rude out here but REMEMBER that this life is very small and we may not get to apologize to a person we ever hurt so try spreading smile and happiness rather than hurting others 🙂

      I really hope that you won’t repeat such disgusting thing again 🙂

      Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  3. Kritika14

    Hey Sara,
    Firstly, ignore all stupid comment, like seriously IGNORE! They aren’t worth the time to read -.- Anyway, coming to the episode, it was amazing! The way you depicted their feelings was just incredible. Really hoping for everything to get fine soon! Curious to know what’s gonna happen in the next episode so update us quickly!

    Will be waiting,
    Lovess! xx

  4. SidMin23

    Sara today was amazing scene and yes yes thanks to Chinki that she make him relaxed and wonder what is kunj plan. Keep wring and don’t listen to some nonsense Poole feedback lot of love SidMin23 ???✅

  5. Mindblowing episode Sara waiting to see how kunj will admit his love for twinkle loved it Post soon pls

  6. I was a silent reader but now commenting that both ur ffs are amazing ?

  7. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…..awesome episode…. Hope everything gets fine soon……awesome…. Lovely…..

  8. Hey Sara…..
    Firstly i want to say that dont pay any kind of attention to such UNWANTED comments….. welll i guess i never commented on your ff before…. but i read it regularly….. today i m commenting to show that Basher that u too have many silent readers who read ur stuff……
    And i must tell u that u r brilliant….. ☺☺

    And coming to the episode…… it was Wonderful……… post next asap☺??

  9. Malhotrarochika

    hey sara, i know i dont comment on your ff..but today i am commenting after seeing the comment of that basher,,,i want to tell him that how many of us read your ff and just IGNORE that person who is just an idiot! forget it! coming onto your epsiode it was just awesome! and i am waiting for the nxt what will kunj do now? please post it asap!

  10. Chiku

    Hey sarah plzz ignore stupid b*t*hes ke negative comments. They are just mad
    Coming to episode its just amazing ??lovey. Ohh god some interesting twist are coming. I am waiting for kunjs plan. Some thing spicy is on the way?????
    Ok plzz post soon
    Love u????
    Plz dont think about those haters

  11. Anshikajainn

    Soooo cutee

  12. Heya Sara…firstly plzzz don’t pay any heed to those morons comments…they are good for nothing…now coming to episode it’s amazingly awesome…loved it to the core…glad that Kunj realized that TwiNj happiness lies in each other…damn excited for Kunj’s plan…plzzzz post next soon…

    #love ??

  13. Aanya_pandey

    Ok nw that ws a mind blowing epi.. waiting fr next one eagerly

  14. Ria

    Hey Sara,
    IGNORE!!! IGNORE!!! This is for the first time I spoke against any basher. I usually write something in my FFs, but I don’t like it when someone does so. Moreover when they tell about Twinj, I just lose my temper. They’re the best on-screen couple I’ve ever seen. Also, I feel that they do just for fun to see us losing our temper, but there’s a limit to everything.

    Anyway, back to the episode, this episode was majestic! The feelings were portrayed so beautifully!! I could just feel the way they must’ve been feeling right at the moment. Well, Twinkle getting married to Sunny?? Okay, what’s Kunj upto!! I am excited. Try posting the next one soon. I’d be waiting.

    Loads of love?


  15. Sohi

    Hello sara I liked the episode very much excited for kunjs plan do continue

  16. Kanchi

    Hey Sara I loved ur ff
    Eagerly waiting for the next part post asap
    Loads of love from kanchi
    N ya ignore all the nonsence by that my name U don’t need to know love u:-D

  17. Awesome episode…plz do continue..

  18. Oh hallo miss or mr whatever who the hell r u telling us what to do or not? its our life n our choice so it’ll be our decision that which shows ff we’ll read or write a ff..ok? so u don’t need to give us ur useless suggession……. ohh sorry now I get it acctually u r feeling jealous that why all great writers r writing such a best ffs on TEI when its not airing anymore….. I can understand that u want them to write their ffs on ishqbaaz..right? so tell it directly na why r u insulting everyone for such a stupid reason…. u know what now I’m not upset with u infact feeling bad for u that for reading for their stories on ishqbaaz you’d to stoops so low….. so sad…. well if you’ve any shame so don’t u dare to bash any tei fan again…. go n read ur favourite shows ff bcz there is already lots of writers who r writing great ffs… but don’t disturb us…. we didn’t told u to read tei ff…n one more thing here is also lots of big fan of ishqbaaz may be more than u but no one is like u who disrespect someones feeling or tallent or tries to humiliate them…. I think it’s enough for u

  19. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing emotional epi….eagerly waiting for next part

  20. SIDMIN-Daamini

    It was amazing sara … just loved it … waiting to see what kunj will do next ?? N yeah don’t mind others …. who are bashing you are mental …. n somewhere she appreciated too … u write so well that’s why she advised u to write for ishqbaz but somewhere she bashed our twinj n i won’t spare her …
    Lub u ??

  21. Apurva

    Woww….. Sara i m soo happy now again twinj ll b together i am very so excited to read further.. post soon and love u dear.

  22. Joonakanksha

    Awesome hope kunj’s plan worked

  23. Hey sara! sorry yar jyada bol diya but pls don’t pay any attention on such a stupid bashers just ignor them….ok?

    Well leave it n cming the epi….so it was awesome n fabulous….. loved when kunj saved twinkle n she noticed his love for herself….now waiting to see what will kunj plan to get twinkle back…pls post next asap….

    Lots of love n support… keep smiling always..
    n once again just ignor them…


  24. Baby

    ohhhh shit shayad jyada bo lida naa mene sra uss bandi ko bt yr srsly i dont care yr how dare she huh…leave it
    bt d episode yr speechless bhot emotional toh tha bt wen kunj smiled n kunj’s plan woohoohooooooooooooooooooooooooo………………..yr dear srsly i cant w8 for it fabulous lovely episode ab ayega maza….☻☻♥♥
    n yeah u ignore watevr dat prsn told we all r always dere for u♥☻
    n dis marriage sunny n all huh kunj ek chutki mein sab thik krdega………..
    chinki ka role was amazing loved her
    osm fab marvalleous beautiful loved it 2 eternity♥♥♥♥☻☻☻☻♥♥♥♥
    ♥♥♥♥♥love ☻u☻ lods♥♥♥♥♥

  25. Hey Sara,
    Just ignore that rubbish cmt.Don’t pay any attention to that nonsense cmt.

    Let’s come to the epi, it was a blast yaar. Awesom plus amazing plus fab epi.Luved it to the core. Twinj luv each other but due to the misunderstanding they r not together.It was n emotional epi.Hope kunj’s plan work.

    Lots of luv,

  26. Adya

    Sara di !!!!
    I’m sure she’s the same idiot …so called ” Sarah ” my god….I would just prefer that u IGNORE ” such comments…
    She is heck stupid…doesn’t have her own little brain….Nd gid knows what else…blo*dy stupid….basterd..well just leave that out..

    The episode was awesome…I loved each nd every scene…hope kunj is successful nd hope u post soon….
    That was lovely..Sunny’s entry gonna bring a new twist it seems…
    Post soon..
    Love u nd plss IGNORE

  27. Hey sara awesome episode.. Just loved it.. Nd i think mene uss basher ko kuch zyada hi suna diya.. U knw pehle to mene ek comment par bohat kuch likha.. Then i thought it didn’t got posted so i write it again nd posted it… U knw i’m sooo much angry on that creature, that if get him\her na then i’ll make allu ka bharta of her… I really can’t bear if anyone say anything wrong abt tei nd u all… So that’s why… Are yaar hojata hey na kabhi kabhi… So bare with u’r this jhalli sis…

  28. Zuha Fatima

    Hey Sarah,
    Simply ignore such cheap stuff!! Also your creativity is at height so never take over what others say…Also your FF is intriguing! Loving the way the story is proceeding 🙂

    Keep it up!

    Loads of love and support ♡♡♡

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  29. Hey guys. I agree with the fact that u might not want negative comments on this page, but everyone has a point of view. The person who wrote the negative comment is bad going against them and writing meaner things makes u badder. I hummbly suggest that apologise to the person after ganging up on them like that. He or she is just sharing their opinion and that is what a comment section is for. I am not taking anyones side.
    By the way amazing episode.

  30. My name u dont need to know!

    I hope everything is settled now. Am i forgiven? ☺☺☺

    1. Sara28

      I really don’t like arguments and I apologize on everyone’s behalf. I guess we are just too protective of each other. Still, you should respect other’s like and dislike and we respect your also. Thank you for your apology and you are most certainly forgiven

    2. Ria

      Hey, sorry for the sudden outburst. We are really overprotective of each other. Sorry for being so harsh and rude. We didn’t mean to be so. A big sorry from all of us. Also, thank you so much for understanding our point. Obviously, you’re forgiven for your kind gesture.

    3. Hey i’m sorry for being so rude with u… But i can’t tolerate when it comes to tei, twinj or our tu family… But u should not disrespect other’s feelings… It’s wrong… Hope u’ll understand…

    4. Malhotrarochika

      Hey! I AM ALSOOO VERY VERY VERY SORRY FOR BEING SOOO SOOO RUDE. WE ALL WERE JUST OVERPROTECTIVE. I AM REALLY SORRY. I think i wrote u very bad.soorrry…and yeah u r forgiven ofcourse.once Again sorryy

  31. Hi guys, i am not here to praise or write mean thing about anyone i am just going to make something very clear.
    One of my friends told me that some of the comments here are against Ishqbaaz. PLEASE DO NOT SAY ANYTHING AGAINST ISHQBAAZ. In your comments you are writing that you cant her hear anything against TEI and on the other hand the same people are writing mean things about someone else’s show. You people need to stop taking out your anger on ISHQBAAZ. And please say sorry for going against, ISHQBAAZ. Also i am sorry if this sounds mean but like you guys cant hear anything wrong about TEI I can’t hear anything wrong about Ishqbaaz. Thank you.

    1. Sara28

      I think you have mistaken. No one said anything against Ishqbaaz. We merely tried to make the person who spoke ill about TEI realize their fault. And please realize that we did not say anything. It was a person from the Ishqbaaz fandom that started this by disrespecting another fandom. And what anger about Ishqbaaz? We didn’t even say anything ? So if you want all this animosity to end please also advise the people in your fandom to stop being so disrespectful. So I think it’s fair that if you want an apology for something we didn’t do, you should first apologize for something you guys did.

      1. The person in our fandom has already apologised, so that the ishqbaaz fandom dosnt get into this. Whats you problem, do you want everyone to apologise. Read some of the comments, they have called ishqbaaz stupid, and do you want more someone described ishqbaaz as f…ing. I still cant believe you and your fans cant realise what thay have done.

      2. Sara28

        Why should I apologize? If the person in ur fandom has apologized, then the person from our fandom has also forgiven that person and has also apologized. Just go back and check for yourself. They did apologize. I didn’t say anything. Why should I apologize? So to quote you…”what’s your problem, do you want everyone to apologise.” Your words, not mine.
        Btw, its apologize, not apologise.


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