I hate You (Episode 28)

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Recap: A new character, Kabir enters. Kunj gets into a fight with Kabir after Kabir passed cheap comments about Twinkle. Twinkle stopped the fighting. She helped clean his wounds and got to know how Kunj feels about her.


Kunj comes out of the bathroom after taking a shower. He goes to the bed and picks up a pillow.
Twinkle- Kunj?
Kunj- Yea?
Twinkle- Voh….ur back is paining right? So, why don’t you sleep on the bed tonight?
Kunj- It’s ok Twinkle. I know u can’t sleep on the sofa. I’ll manage. U go to sleep.
Twinkle thinks- Hai Babaji, Kunj is such an idiot. Why can’t he just understand what I’m trying to say?
Twinkle- Kunj! Ur back is paining, go sleep on the bed.
Kunj- I know u can’t sleep on the sofa Twinkle, so it’s ok.
Twinkle- Who said I’m sleeping on the sofa?
Kunj- No don’t tell me…..Twinkle Taneja is going to sleep on the floor?!
Twinkle- What! Kunj tum na, ek number ka idiot ho. I meant to say that…..u can sleep on the bed with me.
Kunj was surprised.
Kunj- On the bed, with you?
Twinkle- Yea. U sleep on one side, and I’ll sleep on the other side. There will be a boundary of pillows between us.
Twinkle set up the wall of pillows and Kunj took laid on his side. Twinkle turned off the lights and laid on her side. A few minutes later, Kunj opened his eyes and looked over at Twinkle, who was sleeping. A strand of hair was on her face. Slowly, Kunj moved that strand of hair and tucked it behind Twinkle’s ear. Kunj smiled then closed his eyes to go to sleep.

The Next Morning…

Kunj woke up and tried to turn. However, he was stopped by some sort of force. Slowly opening his eyes, he realized where he was sleeping. Kunj opened his eyes and saw Twinkle sleeping on his arm. She was tightly clutching onto the neck of Kunj’s t-shirt, while she was snuggled up in Kunj’s arm. Kunj tried to shift a little and get out of Twinkle’s clutch. However, his movement just brought Twinkle closer to him as she wrapped her arm across his chest.
Twinkle (sleeping)- Stop moving. Let me sleep for 5 more min.
Kunj- Is she sleep talking?
Twinkle- Since when did my pillow start talking?
Kunj- Pillow? Twinkle ut ja! It’s me!
Twinkle opened her eyes and found herself laying in Kunj’s embrace, while her arm was tightly wrapped around his chest. Feeling embarrassed and awkward, Twinkle let go of Kunj and sat up.
Kunj- Do I look like a punching bag to you? And do u think ur Jackie Chan?
Twinkle looks at Kunj weirdly.
Kunj- God knows how many times u punched and kicked me. This is the first time I’ve seen a girl sleep like that. Dangerous ladki!
Twinkle- Ha toh….that’s my sleeping habit.
Kunj- Then change that habit.
Twinkle- Ek min ek min. How many other girls did u sleep with that u know how girls sleep?
Kunj was caught off guard by Twinkle’s question.
Kunj- Voh…I just said it like that…..Ok I’m getting late for college so bye.
Kunj ran into the bathroom while Twinkle laughed watching him.


Kunj was talking on the phone.
Kunj- Ha Aman, I’m sorry….no no…yes can u keep this between us?
Suddenly a guy comes running to Kunj. Kunj hangs up and looks at the guy who is now out of breathe.
Guy- Kunj, come quick!
Kunj- What happened?
Guy (out of breathe)- Voh…Twinkle….come quick!
As soon as Kunj’s ears heard the name of Twinkle, Kunj started running to where the guy had led him to. He arrived near the pool and saw a crowed gathered. Pushing through the crowd, Kunj saw Twinkle laying unconscious. Immediately, he rushed to her. Not caring that she was fully drenched in water, Kunj took Twinkle’s head in his lap.
Kunj- Twinkle! Twinkle wake up!
He looked around anxiously.
Kunj- What happened? Why is Twinkle waking up!
Chinki- Kunj, Twinkle fell in the pool.
Kunj- What? But she knows how to swim!
Chinki- Twinkle was wearing heels, so she couldn’t swim.
Kunj tapped Twinkle’s cheek. He started pressing on Twinkle’s chest. Kunj took Twinkle’s hand in his and was rubbing her palms. Suddenly Kabir comes through the crowd.
Kabir- I think at times like this a technique called cpr is used. I think I should give her mouth to mouth.
Kabir advances towards Twinkle. Kunj raises his hand and stops Kabir. He looks back at Twinkle. Twinkle, slowly opens her eyes. As soon as Twinkle opened her eyes and sat up, Kunj embraced her in a tight hug. The crowd dispersed and left.
Chinki thinks- I should leave them alone.
Twinkle and Kunj are left alone. Kunj breaks the hug.
Kunj- Twinkle, are you ok?
Twinkle nods.
Kunj- I got so scared. For a moment I thought…..Come, let’s go home.
Twinkle looks at Kunj lovingly as he helps her stand up. He wrapped his arm around her waist and helped her walk.
Kunj- Ur too weak to sit on the bike. I’ll call a cab.
Kunj calls a cab and they get in.

(Twinj’s Flat…)

Kunj brings Twinkle to their room and makes her sit on the bed. He sits next to her.
Twinkle- Kunj…Kabir is back.
Kunj- Did he do anything? Twinkle tell me, how did this happen?


Twinkle walks into college. When she was going to class, she heard a familiar voice. Turning around, she sees Kabir smirking at her.
Twinkle- You!
Kabir- Missed me baby?
Twinkle- U didn’t learn ur lesson the first time?
Kabir started advancing towards Twinkle.
Twinkle- Dur re mujhse!
Kabir- What’s wrong baby?
He reached out and touched Twinkle’s cheek.
Twinkle ran away. Kabir followed after her. Twinkle ran to the pool and accidentally fell in. Seeing this, Kabir left.


Kunj was enraged.
Kunj thinks- Kabir has always been a womanizer. His target was Twinkle in college last year. He always followed her around and made her uncomfortable. He always made cheap comments about me and Twinkle. I still can’t forget that day….


Kunj and Twinkle were fighting as usual. Kabir walks up to them.
Kunj- Look, ur boyfriend came, now please stop eating my head and go with him!
Twinkle- Excuse you, who are you calling my boyfriend?
Kunj starts walking away. He is stopped when he hears Twinkle’s voice. He turns around and sees Kabir holding Twinkle’s hand.
Kabir- What’s wrong baby? Don’t you like my touch? U always devote ur time to that loser Kunj. Give me some of your time also.
Twinkle- Leave me!
Kabir held Twinkle’s cheek and leaned in closer to her.
Twinkle- STOP! Leave me!
Kunj pushes Kabir off of Twinkle. After that incident, Kabir was expelled from the college.


Kunj- That blo*dy bastard! I won’t leave him!
Kunj stands up but Twinkle holds his arm.
Twinkle- Please Kunj, don’t do anything. I don’t want to provoke him anymore.
Kunj sits back down next to Twinkle.
Twinkle smiles at him.
Kunj thinks- Don’t worry Twinkle. I won’t let anything happen to you.

Precap: All of me…loves all of you…

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  3. Ria

    Hey Sara,
    This update was just so good. I loved it so much. Kabir!! Urgghh.. I hope everything settles down sooner. Moreover, what’s Kunj hiding from everyone. Who’s Aman now? I have so many questions so, please post soon. Also, only if you post, I’ll start writing THE CAPTIVES? Now, you decide.

    Well, the precap: love confession? If yes, I am so excited. Try posting soon. I’ll be waiting.

    Loads of love.❤

  4. Ayu

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    I refreshed old memories tq fr it
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    Too gud.Luved it to the core.While reading it I had a smile on my face.Amazing concept.Aur who is this Aman.Kya baat unndono ke beech may rakna hai.Too curious to know.Post soon.

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    Try posting the next one as soon as possible! Will be waiting! x
    Loves! xx

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