Harphoul Mohini 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Balwant tries to distract Mohini from Clinic opening

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Scene 1
Balwant wishes the people Teej. He says on this day women fast for their husbands. My mom loved this ritual. I want to do a competition that will choose the best DIL in the village. The girl who wins will get 50k. The second runner-up will get 30k. Ragni says I will win for sure. Mai says how can one tell the right DIL? He says the one who follows the house rules, like Divyani. The one who serves her husband and gives him a son, like Ragni. Like Ganga who cooks. The one who lives with her in-laws no matter how they are like Shalini. The one who is like us, speaks like us, knows our customs. Kaki says I don’t respect him at all but he’s right. The DILs these days have ruined our customs. Mai says the real DIL is who is a strength for her family. Doesn’t matter how she speaks. Balwant says your Madrasan DIL can’t win it that’s why you’re scared. Mohini says I will compete. Mai says Mohini can win anything. Balwant thinks I’ve to get that paper from her. Balwant says to the villagers this will be tough. He says to Banwari that she will get busy in this and will forget about the dispensary.

Mai asks Shalini and Mohini to break their fast. They go to eat. Mohini sees Harphoul. Mohini says I know you’ve not eaten either. She saw him not eating. Mohini says I know you fasted. He says I didn’t. Mohini shows him the food. They eat together. Mai looks at them and smiles. Mohini eats with him from the same plate. Mohini makes Harphoul eat. They get another plate. Mohini says you said you won’t fast then why did you? He says I took it as a challenge.

Scene 2
Balwant is angry. Shardha says to Mai I want to tell you something important. Divyani comes and says let’s go. Mai tells Mohini that Shardha was worried. She wanted to tell me something. Mohini recalls how Balwant scared her. Mohini says don’t worry. Let’s go inside. Balwant says to his dad’s photo I can be a venomous snake. I can do it. I can defeat that Mohini. Balwant’s men come. Shardha tries to check. Her son stops her. Balwant says to Sarpanj Mohini is trying to open a clinic. We get the money government pays for clinics. If the truth is out that there’s no clinic, we will all go to jail. Sarpanj says we’ve to stop it. Balwant says we’ve to keep Mohini away from it.

Mohini says to Mai I was thinking to learn to cook. Harphoul says who will taste your food? Mohini says Mai will. I am her favorite. Harphoul says Mai tells her. Mai says I don’t know. Mohini says I will learn it without your support. Balwant says my biggest secret will be out if that clinic is out. We have to stop Mohini.

Episode ends

Precap-Harphoul says how will you win? Mohini says you always underestimate me. He says you need my support to go to market even.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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