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Harmonious Heart Beat (Part 16)

Hi guys! I’m here with part 16. Again sorry for the delay, but I delayed only by one day haan!!! ? I’m really quite busy nowadays, I’ll be free by Monday, HOPEFULLY!!! Anyways thank you for reading and commenting!
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***Maheshwari house***
Laksh was worried and confused. He was confused about his feelings, he didn’t know if he was worried about Sanskar and Swara’s closeness or about Ragini. What he knew was that he couldn’t bear to see his Jhalli even a little bit worried. He didn’t know what to do and walked here and there in the room. He broke things in his room to control his anger but anger was his reaction to cover his guilt of hurting his jhalli. He couldn’t stop himself from thinking and finally decided to go to Ragini.

Laksh knocked at Ragini’s door. Ragini didn’t respond.
Ap returned from temple and saw Laksh outside Ragini’s room.
Laksh banged on Ragini’s door and shouted “Jhalli, dharvasa kholo, tum mujhse aise moo mod nehi sakthi (Jhalli, open the door, you cant just turn away from me like that).”
Ragini opened the door and asked “Kya chahiye tumhe Laksh, please mujhe akela chod dho (What do you want Laksh, just leave me alone)” Ragini replied.
He forcefully entered her room and shut the door.

“Jhalli please, I’m sorry, lo mein kaan pakadke maafi maangtha hoon, par please maaf kardho (I’ll hold my ears and say sorry, but please forgive me)” Laksh pleaded.
“Kis cheese ki maafi chahiye tumhe Laksh (For what do you want my forgiveness)” Ragini asked standing like a corpse without any feeling or any tears.
“Ragini please, mein tumhe aise nehi dekh saktha, tum chaaho tho mujhe thappad bhi maar sakthi ho, laath bhi maaro, par bas uske baad smile karo (Ragini please, I cant see you like this, if you want you cant slap me, or kick me, but please smile after that).”
“Kyoon karoon mein yeh sab, kyu sunu mein tumhaari baath Laksh, kyoon nehi dekh sakthe ho tum mujhe aaise, nehi dena tumhe koi thappad ya laath (Why should I do all this, why should I listen to what you say Laksh, why cant you bear to see me like this, I don’t want to slap or kick you).”
“Hum pehle aise the na Jhalli, ab kya badhla he (We were like that before right, what has changed now)?”

“Kya badhla he? Poora ka poora Lucky badhal gaya he, ye koi Laksh khada he mere saamne, mera Lucky tho koi aur tha. (What has changed? Lucky has totally changed, this is some Laksh who is standing before me, my Lucky was something else).” Ragini said still with no feelings in her words but tears were at the brim and ready to overflow from her eyes. She turned away from Laksh and walked to cover the tears that was about to overflow.

Laksh held her hand and pushed her towards the wall. Ragini didn’t look at him, but did feel his breath near her face. His nose was close to hers. He looked at her tears that flowed from her eyes, he caught the tear with his fingers and looked at Ragini. Ragini didn’t look at his face but saw his fingers with her tears. Just the a tear drop fell next to her tear in his fingers. She knew it was not hers and looked up at Laksh surprised. She saw Laksh’s eyes water. Both of them looked into each others eyes. Ragini saw the pain in Laksh’s eyes and Laksh realized that Ragini was in love with him. He had to stop her from loving him because he loved Swara, but he couldn’t stop himself from getting close to Ragini. When he was close to Ragini, no thought interrupted him, not even thought about Swara.

He went more close to Ragini and rested his nose on hers. They both closed their eyes.
***Bg music***
{{{Dil mera hai nasamajh kitna (My heart is so mindless)
Besabar ye bewakoof bada (the imaptient (heart) is an idiot)
Chaahta hai kitnaa tujhe (how much it loves you)

Khud magar nahi jaan sakaa (it didn’t understand itself)
Is dard-e-dil ki sifarish (Now someone make a case for)
Ab kar de koi yahaan (this pain of heart)
Ki mil jaaye ise wo baarish (so that it gets that rain (of love))
Jo bhigaa de poori tarah (that drenches it completely)}}} [Song from movie yaariyan – baarish]
***Sanskar in car***
Sanskar was going to his office, but he wanted to share his happiness with his Dad first, so he drove home.
Sanskar reached Maheshwari house and walked to Dp’s room.

***Dp’s room***

Ap was talking to Dp.
“ Ji, Laksh aur Ragini ke beech kuch chal raha he, hame uske liye ek achi ladki doondi chahiye (Something is going on between Laksh and Ragini, we cant let it happen, we have to look for a nice girl for him).” Ap said.
“Kyu Annapurna ji, Ragini mein kya kami he, padi likhi he, achi he, samajhdar bhi he, aur Laksh ko bachpan se jaanthi he, usse zyaada Laksh ko kaun samajh saktha he (Why Ap, what is wrong in Ragini, she is well educated, nice, understanding, and knows Laksh from childhood, who will understand Laksh better than her)?”
“Nehi ji, Ragini bohoth achi he, par ik Ragini hi he jo hamare Sanskar ko sambhal saktha he (No Dp, Ragini is very nice, but its only Ragini who can support Sanskar.)”
“Kyoon Sanskar ko kya hua (Why what happened to Sanskar)?”

“Nehi voh kaise apne zindigi akele bithayega, use bhi tho zindigi me aage badna he na (No how will Sanskar live alone, he also has to move on in life).”
“Jo kehna he aap seedha seedha kahiye Ap ji (Just say it clearly).” Dp said sternly.
“Mein Ragini aur Sanskar ki shaadi ki baath kar rahi hoon (I’m talking about getting Ragini and Sanskar married).” Ap said.
“PAGAL HO GAYE HO KYA AAP AP JI, akal nehi he aapme, Sanskar shaadi shudha he, aur Swara uski beevi ( HAVE YOU GONE MAD, don’t you have brains, Sanskar is already married, and Swara is his wife).” Dp shouted.

“Dp ji, voh besharm ladki ne, hamare bacho ki zindigi kharab karke rakhe he, usne shaadi tho Sanskar se ki he, par voh Laksh ki bache ki ma banne vali he (Dp, that shameless girl, she spoiled our children’s life, she married Sanskar but she is going to be mother of Laksh’s child).” Ap said and irked.

“AP JI!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Dp shouted aloud. “APNA ZABAAN SAMBHALIYA (CONTROL YOUR TONGUE)”.
“Swara meri beti jaisi he, voh kabhi bhi koi galatha kadham nehi utta sakthi, mujhe Laksh se zyada yakeen us par he, Laksh jhoot bol raha he, Laksh bachpan se ziddi he, voh agar kuch paana chahega tho kisi bhi haal me vo paakar rahega, chaahe voh raastha sahi ho ya galath, voh kisi aur ke baare me nehi sochtha, aap ek aurath hoke aise kaise keh sakthi ho, aapke laad pyaar ne use aise bana diya, aapse baath karna hi bekaar he, ek aur baath, agar aapne isi vajah se Swara aur Sanskar ke beech darar daalne ki koshish ki, tho mujhse bura koi nehi hoga, mein bhool jaoonga ki aap mere pathni ho (Swara is like my daughter, she will never take a wrong step, I trust her more than Laksh, Laksh is lying, Laksh is like that from childhood, if he wants something, he will go to any level to attain it, even if it through the wrong path, he doesn’t think about anyone. How could you think like this being a woman, your pampering has spoiled him, one more thing, due to this reason if you try to separate Swara and Sanskar, there will be no one worse than me, I’ll forget that you are my wife).” Dp said and was going out.

“This girl has done some magic on everyone, but it wont work on me, I’ll save my family from her, look at Dp ji, he trusts her more than her son, I trust my son, after all I’m his mother, I’ll get him his child and throw out Swara from all our lives” Ap thought.
Dp walked out of the room and saw Sanskar standing outside the door. He overheard their conversation and stood teary eyed. He didn’t know what to say and silently walked to his room. Dp went back into his room and shouted at Ap “Sanskar ne sab sunli, kaisi ma ho tum, ek ma ko apne bacho ki himaath banni chaahiye, naaki unke raasthe me kaanta (Sanskar heard our conversation, what a mother are you, a mother should be her child’s strength and not the thorn in his way).” Dp said and went to console Sanskar.

On the way Sujatha’s husband stopped Dp and talked to him about Raghav’s alliance for their daughter. Dp agreed and said “Haan haan, Raghav acha ladka he, mein tumse abhi baath kartha hoon, I’ll come to your room, you carry on with the arrangements, now I’ve got something important to talk with Sanskar.”
“Ok bhai sahab.”

***In the kitchen***

Sujatha was busy with the arrangements as Raghav was coming to see Ragini. Sujatha called up Gauri.
“Gauri beta, mein maasi bol rahi hoon (Gauri dear, masi here)”
“Haan bolo maasi (Ya tell me masi)”
“Meine Ragini ke liye ek acha ladka doondliya he, voh aaj Ragini ko dekhne aa raha he, ek khande mein, tum dhamadh ji ko leke aa jaana (I have found a nice guy for Ragini, he is coming to see Ragini, in an hour, you come here with son in law).”
“Par maasi ithni jaldi mein kyoon, kya Ragini iske liye tayaar he, kya aapne usse baath ki (But aunty why so soon, is Ragini ready for it, did you talk to her)”

“Gauri beta, tum uski fikr math karo, voh sab mein dekhloongi, tum bas dhamadh ji ko leke aajao, Ragini se mein baath karloongi, mein uske bhalai ke liye hi ye sab kar rahi hoon, tum bas jaldi se aaj ke saara kaam niptaake aajao (Gauri dear, you don’t worry about that, I’ll see to it, you just come with son in law, I’ll talk to Ragini, I’ll doing it for her good, you just finish off all your work and come fast.”

***In hospital***

Gauri gets worried for Ragini and decides to reach there fast. Here duty time was over. She called up Om.
“Omu, come fast and pick me up, we have to go to Maheshwari house, ask Swara to get ready, take her along.” Gauri said.
“But why, all of a sudden, what happened.”
“Sujatha masi called Omu, she has been looking for a good guy for Ragini, and today that family is coming to see her in an hour, before that I want to see her and talk to her.” Gauri said.
“Ok I’ll come, but Swara will not.”
“Why, Swara is at home right.”
“Don’t worry Gauri, Swara is with Raghav now, I’ll tell you everything in car.”
“Ok, come fast but drive carefully.”

“Ok baba, I’ll take care.”

***Ragini’s room***
Laksh and Ragini stood close. Ragini tried to move by trying to push Laksh to a side. Laksh didn’t move a bit and slowly locked her fingers with his. Ragini who looked down all this while, slowly looked up at him.
***Bg music***
{{{Kya huaa asar tere saath reh kar na jaane (what such effect was there of being with you, I don’t know)

Ki hosh mujhe naa rahaa (that there was no sense left in me)
Lafz mere the zubaan pe aa ke ruke (my words stuck on my tongue)
Par ho na sake wo bayan (but couldn’t get spoken)}}} [Song – Baarish]
Laksh went even closer to Ragini and Ragini looked at him even without blinking. She slowly closed her eyes when she felt his cheeks touch hers. She was hurt from inside but didn’t know how to react, she felt blank, when she tried to protest, his fingers on hers stopped her, his hand on her shoulders stopped her and his cheeks on hers made her motionless. While she was overflowing with emotions, she realized her mistake, she knew she had to stop him and gave him a thrust on his chest and pushed him away.
“Kya kar rahe ho tum Laksh (what are you doing Laksh)?” Ragini shouted.

Laksh stood puzzled running his hand over his hair.
“Out of my room, now, get out Laksh” said Ragini and pushed him out of her room and closed the door on his face.
Ragini sat down and cried.

***Avni’s room***
Avni is moving here and there in excitement and worry, both thinking about Raghav’s surprise. Raghav would go to any extent to see her surprised and happy, she knew that very well. She was waiting for him to come to her. She went to her wardrobe and searched for a dress of Raghav’s favourite colour. She didn’t get one and looked upset. Raghav came behind her and said “Tumhe ithna sochne ki zaroorath nehi he Avni, jo colour tum pehenthi ho, voh mera favourite ban jaatha he, after all, mere zindigi me rang tumne daali he na (You don’t have to think so much Avni, which ever colour you wear, that becomes my favourite, after all you are the one who added colour to my life).”

Avni saw him through the mirror and bowed down, smiled shyly. She slowly looked up but didn’t find Raghav. She turned around to check and realized that it was just her imagination. She was at the hike of happiness and jumped to her bed, covered her blush with a bedsheet, rolled on her bed, pressed her face on the bed but nothing could stop her from blushing. She opened Raghav’s photo on her phone and hugged it and laid down waiting for her Raghav to come and surprise her.
Raghav and family reach the house and Sujatha welcomed them. Sujatha excused them and went to call the other family members.
Raghav was excited to surprise Avni. He saw Swara looking around and realized that she was searching for Sanskar.
“Swara, don’t have to search too much, that is Sanskar’s room, in fact your bedroom.” Raghav teased her.

Swara smiled and walked towards their room which was in the first floor.
***Sanskar’s room***
Dp entered Sanskar’s room.
“Sanskar, mera beta, tum fikr math karo, mein tumhaare saath hoon, tum apne ladai jeeth jaoge, peeche math hatna mera beta (Sanskar, my son, don’t worry, I’m there with you, you will win, don’t step back).”

“Par papa, ma aise kaise keh sakthi he meri Swara ke baare me, Swara mujhe kabhi dhoka nehi dhe sakthi, Swara mujhe achi tarah se jaanthi thi, voh agar Laksh ko chahthi thi, tho voh mujhse baath kar lethi, jaisa Laksh keh raha he, aur sab uske baath par yakeen kar raha he, vaise Swara mujhe chodke kabhi bhag hi nehi sakthi, agar use Laksh ke saath jeena tha, tho voh zaroor mujhse baath kar lethi kyunki voh jaanthi thi ki mere zindigi me uski Khushi hi sab kuch thi. Aur voh bacha mera hi he papa, voh hamare pyaar ki nishaani he papa (But papa, how could mom say like that about my Swara, Swara can never cheat me, Swara knew me very well, if she loved Laksh, she would have spoke to me, like how Laksh says and others believe, she would never leave me and run away with him, she would have spoke to me, because she knew that nothing else other than her happiness was important to me).” Sanskar said and hugged Dp and cried.
“Agar tumhe yakeen he, tho phir tum roh kyoon rahe ho beta (If you are so sure, then why are you crying)?”

“Papa, mujhe Swara par poora barosa he, par Laksh mera bhai he, mujhe patha nehi mein kya karoon (Papa, I trust Swara, but Laksh is my brother, I don’t know what to do). Sanskar said.
“Beta, mujhe bhi poora barosa he ki Swara aise kuch bhi nehi karegi jisse iss khandhan ki naam aur izath par ungli uttay jay, par agar Swara se koi galthi ho gayi, aur voh bacha Laksh ka hi he, kya tum use phir bhi apne pathni maanloge (Son, I also completely trust Swara, she would never do anything tha would halm our family’s name and respect, but if she had done some mistake, and if its Laksh’s child, the will you still accept her as your wife)? Dp asked.
“Papa, jaan boochke Swara aaise kabhi kar hi nehi sakthi, agar usse koi galthi ho gayi, aur voh mere saath hi rehna chahthi he tho, mein kushi kushi uska saath dhoonga Papa.(Swara would never do like that by purpose, it she did it by mistake, and still she wants to stay with me, then no doubt I would support her)” Sanskar said.

Swara overheard their conversation. Swara stood speechless before Sanskar’s love for her.

***Bg music***
{{{ Teri muskurahatein hain taakat meri (Your smiles are my strength)
Mujh ko inhi se ummeed mili (I got hope from them only)
Chaahe kare koi sitam ye jahaan (Whatever atrocity the world does to me)
In mein hi hai sadaa hifaazat meri (in them [these smiles] is my safety)
Zindagaani badi khoobsoorat hui (My life became very beautiful)

Jannat ab aur kya hogi kahin (now where else would heaven be)
Jo tu mera humdard hai (Now that you share my pain)
Suhaana har dard hai (Every pain is beautiful)}}} [Song from movie Ek Villain – Hamdard]
She couldn’t stop her tears. She wiped her tears and confidently said to herself “Is pyaar ki galath faida mein utta nehi sakthi, mujhe sachai patha karni hongi, tab tak Sanskar ko mujhse dhoor hi rehna hoga, mein use aur ummeedh nehi se sakthi (I cant take advantage of his sincere love, I have to find out the truth, till then I have to keep him away from me, I cant give him more hopes).” Swara decided and went downstairs.


Raghav and family reach Maheswari house. Avni ran to Swara and talked to her looking at Raghav. She smiled shyly. Sujatha asked them to sit down and served them snacks.
Swara searched for Sanskar. She messaged him since she was missing him.
Sujatha brought Ragini (Ragini had her head bowed down) and said, “Yeh rahi hamari beti, iske baare mein mujhe kuch kehne ki zaroorath bhi nehi he, Raghav beta aur aap sab bachpan se jaanthe he na Ragini ko (Here is our daughter, I don’t have to tell anything about her, Raghav and you all know her from chilhood right).”
Ragini looked at Raghav and Avni shocked. Swara also looked at them in shock. Swara knew his brother always saw Ragini as his younger sister and he liked Avni.
Avni made and excuse of going to the kitchen and went from there.

Guys today’s episode is also big, not as big as my maha episode, but bigger than normal episodes, so next update will be on 25 April 17 (Tuesday). Sorry for being irregular but I’ll try my best to be regular form next episode onwards. Forgive me if there are any mistakes because I didn’t even get time to reread it to cross check. Thankyou for reading and commenting.

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