Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 5th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Genda troubles Chaitu

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 5th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Puttan asking Chaitu to come fast. Chaitu hears uncle and stops. He asks about money. Uncle tells the address. Chaitu informs his men to come and find money. He leaves with Puttan. The car stops. Driver says tyre punctured. Malai calls Puttan and asks did you reach. Puttan says no, it will be problem if doctor reaches first. She says do something fast.

Imli asks Jha to manage. Puttan and Chaity are on the way. Genda comes with doctor. Imli welcomes him and introduces her family. Genda says we should leave now. Everyone talks to doctor. He says I should go now, I have to see Chaitu and catch a flight. Malai gets Puttan’s call and says Genda left with doctor, do something. Genda and doctor reach the hospital. Everyone tries to make delay. They take selfie with doctor. Genda sees Boondi in Chaitu’s place. Puttan and Chaitu reach there. Puttan says Chaitu is here, I took him to washroom. Doctor checks Chaitu and says great, you need one month complete rest, operation is successful, I shall go home. He goes. Genda says I know this is a drama, you all are together, I won’t leave you. Puttan asks her to go. Puttan thanks Dr. Vijay for fooling the doctor. Chaitu says I got saved and got money also, I shall come home and have sweets.

Genda stays tensed. She says Chaitu is lying. Uncle says Chaitu is very mean. Genda says I will proof that he should go jail, I will protest. Genda and her party protest against Chaitu. Khoji takes their interview. Genda says we will not leave Chaitu. Khoji says if this blame on Chaitu is proved, he will be troubled. Puttan asks Chaitu to do something. Imli worries and says I will pray for Chaitu. Dr. Vijay says Genda is troubling, my job is at stake. Chaitu says don’t worry of Genda, she can’t do anything. Chaitu gives the news of Chaitu’s surgery and his one month hospitalization. Chaitu asks Jha to help him, he doesn’t want to go to jail. Jha says I understand your state. Puttan comes and says you can get any heart attack again. Chaitu acts. Puttan says permit Chaitu to rest at home for 10 days. Dr. Vijay asks how can I let him go without court permission. Puttan gives the permission letter. Chaitu gets permission. He smiles. Chaitu asks Jha to learn this from Puttan. Puttan says I paid some money from the big amount we got from uncle. Chaitu smiles. Khoji gives the breaking news of Chaitu’s chest pain. Genda says Chaitu is lying, I advice him to change soon.

Genda swears to become CM and kick them out of the CM house. She bribes the ministers.

Update Credit to: Amena

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