Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Chaitu finds a way to break new coalition

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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 5th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Khoji asking Genda about Chaitu’s terms with Chutku. Genda says if Chaitu got invite, it means he has good terms with Chutku. Khoji asks do you think Chaitu should get punished. Genda says yes, people should ask him to resign. She defends herself. Khoji asks any special message for Chaitu. Genda says Chaitu has betrayed the people, he should be punished. Chaitu says Chutku has ruined my life. Malai asks Puttan to think something for Chaitu. Puttan says fine, give me some time, I will come. He goes out and sees Dhakad.

Dhakad says this would happen if you keep relations with wrong people. Puttan says we have to keep friendship with everyone in politics. Dhakad says accept mistake and bear punishment, else pray to Lord. Puttan shuts his ears. Dhakad goes. Puttan says I have got a plan. Chaitu will go in the marriage. Chaitu asks how, media will censure me if I attend the meeting. Puttan says Chaitu will go in disguise. They try many wigs and gives a new look to Chaitu.

He asks him to act like him, then no one will recognize him. Chaitu gets Chutku’s call and says I m just coming. Chutku says my marriage got cancelled, I got drunk and fired a bullet, your would be Bhabhi got a shock and passed away, I m finding a new girl, I will fix marriage and send the card. Chaitu says I will come without invite. He ends call and dances happily. Ghotali says don’t do such thing now. Chaitu agrees. Khoji says Chaitu called us home to clarify. Chaitu says I m a politician, I was given a card to be part of happiness, I didn’t see in wedding. Khoji says marriage got cancelled, don’t you know. Chaitu says no, I m not Khoji. The man delivers explosives and says Chutku has sent return gifts for you. They all get shocked.

Khoji gets Pahelwan, Whisky and Chironji Lal to discuss about Chaitu’s win in elections. They say we will contest elections with Chaitu. Chironji says my health isn’t well, but I will be with him. Whisky says chaitu loves us a lot, there is no democracy in state. Khoji says you just said you aren’t annoyed with Chaitu. Pahelwan says yes, media makes such news. Jha asks Chaitu to watch tv. He plays the news. Pahelwan says we will fight elections on own. Chaya tells what Pahelwan wrote on social media. She reads out. Chaitu says how dare he condemn our govt. Jha says you won’t win elections, votes will go to Genda. Khoji asks them to tell the name of their coalition. Chironji says Kaam Chalau Coalition. They complain about Chaitu. Chaya says they are supporting your govt, don’t get angry. Chaitu asks Jha to give some advice. Chaya says you can get some idea and fool them. Chaitu says announce that I will give the ministers’ report card to people. Jha asks if they ask your report card. Chaitu says I m the principal, who will ask me. Khoji gives the news. Pahelwan, Whisky and Chironji come to ask Chaitu about the report card.

Chaitu says don’t worry, you don’t need to be scared. He asks them to pass the tests. Pahelwan asks Chaitu to give his report card. Chaitu says you have to pass, even if you fail, my govt will fail, you can do anything you want, people will question you. He goes. Pahelwan says he is playing a game, we will cheat and pass the test. Khoji says everyone is trying to get their scores. Media takes people’s interview. Chaitu says people will give the marks, people will say who has done the best. Pahelwan worries and says if our report gets public, then we are gone. Puttan comes and says I have an idea, I m with you. Pahelwan asks why, you are with Chaitu. Puttan says no, you take my help and serve me food, I can help you get good scores. Pahelwan asks how will this get possible. Puttan says you hold big offices, you can reform much. Pahelwan agrees. Puttan joins hands with them.

Khoji says people wants to know why is black money so black. Chaitu says I didn’t get black money. He asks Imli to hide the money, phones are trapped. Puttan says your list is in tax defaulters, there will be raid at home. He asks Dhakad to give a solution. He thinks what is Dhakad going to make him do.

Update Credit to: Amena

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