Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 3rd September 2018 Written Episode Update: Chaitu gets hospitalized

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 3rd September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Puttan telling Dabbu that he will come back with Chaitu. Puttan meets Chaitu and tells about the uncle, who isn’t agreeing to tell them about treasure. Chaitu says its necessary to meet uncle, else I will go bankrupt. Puttan gives him an idea to act ill. Chaitu says I m getting heart ache. Puttan asks him to do same drama and goes to tell plan to family. Chaitu shouts in pain. Constables take him to hospital. Khoji gives the breaking news about Chaitu’s illness. Uncle says how did Chaitu fall ill. Genda says Chaitu is doing some drama. She says we shall meet Chaitu and know the truth. Khoji says we are at hospital, we will know about Chaitu from his family. Puttan says Chaitu got a heart ache, we got him here.

Doctor says Chaitu has undergone surgery, he is still critical. Puttan thanks everyone for help. Puttan and Imli lie to Khoji. Khoji says we want to meet Chaitu. Puttan gets angry and asks are you more dear to him than us. Khoji apologizes. Puttan comes to Chaitu and says everything is going as per plan. He makes Chaitu change clothes. He asks Boondi to take Chaitu’s place and cover his face. Chaitu takes disguise of doctor and leaves. Chaitu comes home. The family gets happy. He says I have imp work. I have to go to village. Puttan asks him to go in private car. He asks everyone not to call anyone home. Jha asks what if ministers come to meet Chaitu at hospital.

Puttan says tell them that doctor didn’t allow anyone to meet. Chaitu asks Imli to cook his fav food. Everyone laughs. They go to dine. Genda comes to meet Chaitu. Constable says no one can meet him, Chaitu is resting, he can’t meet you. Genda and her uncle enter the ward to meet Chaitu. Constable informs Puttan. Uncle asks is Chaitu alive or no. Boondi coughs. Genda says he is alive. He signs to talk to them. Genda says I won’t go without seeing your face. Uncle says show me your face. Boondi coughs. Uncle says we shall remove his blanket. They all try to remove the blanket. Puttan comes there and stops them. He asks what are you doing. Genda says Chaitu was coughing, so we are trying to remove the blanket. Puttan says I know understand, Chaitu is weak, doctor asked him not to talk.

Uncle says Chaitu looks more fat. Puttan says you may get infection, just go now. Genda and uncle leave. Uncle says Chaitu is really ill. Genda says we didn’t see Chaitu, something is wrong, shall I take media and expose Chaitu. Uncle says think well. We will get insulted if its really Chaitu. Genda asks what shall I do now. They see Malai buying many pumpkins. Genda says Chaitu loves pumpkins. She goes to Malai and asks why did she buy all pumpkins. Malai says nothing special. Genda says Chaitu likes pumpkins right. Malai says yes. Genda says but Chaitu can’t eat this, he is in hospital. Malai says he can have it later, I can’t take risk and so I bought pumpkin now. She goes. Genda calls Khoji and says I have breaking news for you.

Puttan says we have to go village, get up. Khoji says I will catch Chaitu and give breaking news. Khoji and Genda spy on Chaitu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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