Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 3rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Puttan’s selfie problems

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 3rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone passing time at home. They learn that Puttan took a selfie with Genda. It becomes a big news. Pahelwan says its not a big deal, every minister takes selfies, Puttan took first selfie with me when I gave my support to party, we all should take selfies. Reporter asks Whisky about the selfie news. Whisky says its good to click selfies. Genda comes with her uncle. She says its an insult with all ladies, how did Puttan take selfie without asking me, I will file a case of defamation.

The man asks what’s the selfie. Lady says women feel unsafe by such insult. People give their views. Malai sings a song lag jaa gale…. Imli asks Puttan why did he do this. Puttan says you need to hug enemies in politics, I have learnt this from Chaitu. Jha says you should see gender of enemies. Imli says you have done wrong, you have upset everyone. Party men say Genda is making this a big issue, she is getting rally for women. Puttan says she wants to threaten me. They say she wants you to apologize. Imli says yes, apologize to her. Puttan says no, its big mistake to accept a mistake, attack is the best form of defense, call a press conference, see what I do.

He tells reporters that he will click selfies with everyone, its their duty, he will continue this tradition. He justifies himself. He says selfies increase cordial relations, its being appreciated, Chaitu is impressed, state is my responsibility in his absence, I will introduce a law in which every citizen should click one selfie every day, jai Selfie day. Everyone clicks selfie. Girls beat the men for clicking selfie with them. Selfie lele re….plays…… Genda and uncle come to office. Haseena says we are clicking selfie to obey laws. Genda says think how to find a solution. Uncle says I have an idea, Puttan is eager to hug and take selfies, lets how what’s to bug others. Uncle tells Reporter that Puttan can click selfie, but he can’t force everyone. Pahelwan says you are making a false accusation, I won’t keep quiet. They argue. Reporter tries to stop them.

Puttan tells Chaitu that he made him more famous. Imli says you are awesome. She does his tilak. Puttan asks her to bless him. A man comes to meet Puttan and clicks selfie with him. Reporter says Puttan has contacts with don Pappu. Puttan gets shocked seeing the pic. The man goes. Puttan says where did he go, he even took a selfie with me, what can I do now. He worries.

He says Chaitu got upset with me, I don’t even know Pappu. Reporter says Puttan has connections with Pappu. Imli asks what nonsense. Puttan asks Jha to stop this news. Jha says secrecy is maintained. Imli says they are blaming Puttan. Puttan gets angry knowing bad comments on him. Jha asks what will you answer media now. Party man says Pappu will deny this news and calm this matter. Puttan asks will anyone believe him. Malai says just Chaitu can solve this. Puttan says no, I have created this problem, I will solve it. Imli says you can handle this.

Genda says just wait and watch, how I break Chaitu’s govt by using Puttan. Uncle says we must create a fear, it will make our fear easy. She says I understood. Pahelwan says stop this selfie rule. Puttan asks why. Pahelwan says some party workers are taking selfie with my wife. Puttan says you take selfies with other’s wife, we won’t change the law for personal problem. Whisky says your selfie with don is affecting our coalition. Pahelwan says we will withdraw our support. Puttan offers cash. Pahelwan agrees. He asks how much will I get. Puttan says a lot. They laugh.

Puttan talks to Chaitu. He worries knowing Sarkar fell down. He says how did this happen. Malai says I m saying about kid Sarkar. He says thank God. She asks what. Imli wards off bad sight from Puttan. They see the same news again. Puttan says he is lying, what shall I do. Boondi says what if you click selfie with a good man, not a don, in order to make your image good, clean Pappu’s image, then no one will point finger at you. Puttan says yes, come, hug me, what an idea. Jha says its wrong to prove a wrong man right. Puttan asks did I ask you for advice, be quiet now, see what I do now. He smiles.

Reporter says Pappu is surrendering today. Pappu says I reformed after hugging Puttan. Genda worries. She protests against Puttan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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