Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 28th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Everyone gets greedy for rewards

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 28th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with party men saying about the cheque and the good deed. Postman comes and delivers another letter. Puttan reads the letter and says the reward got raised to 11000rs. Chaitu says don’t take it serious, its someone’s joke. Genda gets a letter and says who will do good work, this will spoil my image. Uncle says I think its Chaitu and Puttan’s plan. Genda says throw this letter. He asks her to try once. She asks what is good work. He says its very simple, think its acting and do. She likes the idea. He asks her to clean the place and practice. Genda sweeps off the junk. She gets late for party meeting and asks why did you call me. Chaitu says we have to discuss the letter matter with you.

Uncle says Genda got the letter. Genda denies. Chaitu says I won’t

do cheap work for small amount. Genda says postman told me that you got the cheque. Chaitu says I will go home and check. He comes home and asks how did you get the cheque, who has done the good deed. They all refuse. Imli says we did a mistake and forgot to tell you. He says my name is getting spoiled for small amount. Postman comes and gives letter. Rajneeti says this time prize is 51000. Pahelwan and his wife also like to try secretly. They think what to do. He gets old men home and does their massage. He feeds them kheer. Khoji says ministers are doing good work and not saying anyone, a good change is happening. Chaitu says everyone has shown status for money, I can’t do good work, I m a CM. Ghotali says your image will get better, people will respect you. Chaitu says but fear will get less. Postman comes and gives letter. Puttan reads and says the next reward is 5 lakhs. Chaitu keeps the letter. Ministers discuss that Chaitu would be doing some good work as well. Chaitu treats Jha well.

He asks Jha to get media and people for meeting. He gets praising Jha and Chaya. They get surprised. Puttan comes and says you are folding hands in front of Jha. Chaitu says treat Jha with respect. Jha gets glad. Chaitu hears the complaints from people. Janta and Khoji tell their problems. Chaitu says I will solve all the problems, I thank the media for finding problems and coming to us, Khoji is great. Puttan praises Khoji. Chaitu makes a good image. Khoji gets happy. He goes to take Genda’s interview and asks her plan. She says I want to change the govt, my way to work is different. Haseena says we lost the reward. Genda makes excuse and goes. Chaitu says who has taken the money. Jha asks shall we find out. Chaitu says I m not greedy. Imli calls him and says post man has come, one crore reward is mentioned in the letter. They all get shocked.

Chaitu is asked to ban a film. Puttan says its superhit film. Chaitu says I will get this film tax free. Dhakad comes in Puttan. Puttan says the women will decide this, I will support them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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