Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Chaitu gets a threatening letter

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 1st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chaitu meeting all the ministers and asking them to focus on work. Pahelwan says we should make some changes. Whisky says your image isn’t good, we were thinking to… Puttan asks them to say clearly, Chaitu will always be the CM. Pahelwan says you need to roll the dice smartly in politics. Whisky says we will decide what’s good for the party. Chaitu says fine then, we shall decide who is right candidate for CM. Jha says Pahelwan is right, reshuffle is good. Chaitu says he got greedy, did you go mad, we have to stop them. Jha says you can get voting done. Chaitu says I have robbed much money, who will give me votes, go and keep an eye on Pahelwan. Puttan asks him to get in to action and change image again. Puttan gives him idea to get in news. He says you will get a death threat, when you go in between public by not caring for threat, you will become a hero. Chaitu likes the idea. Puttan hides his identity and asks the man to write a threatening letter. The man says fine, I will charge money. Puttan asks him to write the letter such that the reader faints. He takes the letter. He asks Boondi to post the letter.

Its morning, Imli says I feel some bad news will come. The letter comes. Puttan signs Chaitu. Imli reads the threatening letter for Chaitu. They all get shocked. Imli gets dizzy. Chaitu and everyone worry. Jha says this is dangerous matter. Chaitu boasts that he is brave. Puttan says Chaitu is a tiger, he isn’t scared. Chaitu stays cool. Imli says I will go and make mannat. Chaitu asks Jha to inform media. Media gives the letter news. Reporter questions Chaitu. Chaitu says I m not scared of anyone, I will take the rally, I can do anything for people, I won’t sit at home, if the culprit has courage, he can come and show. Reporter says we are proud of Chaitu.

Uncle says I don’t know what’s the need to publicize. Genda says Chaitu is a coward, I didn’t find him scared. Genda’s uncle says I feel its fishy, he is doing this to become a hero. Uncle says you should do the same and become a heroine. She says I will see what Chaitu does and then do something. Chaitu comes for the rally. Jha says its not safe. Chaitu says I go this rally even when I got the threatening letter, I don’t care for my life, I care for people and state. Imli worries for him. Puttan says I m going to him, don’t worry. A letter comes. Puttan says it won’t be threatening letter. Imli says its similar threatening letter. Puttan gets shocked. Imli cries and faints. Malai sprinkles water on her. Imli says I m worried. Puttan says I m confused, how can we get same letter twice. He thinks did anyone send real letter. He checks both letters and says Chaitu is really in danger, I will go and get him alive. He leaves.

Chaitu boasts of himself. Puttan comes and asks Chaitu to come home, the letter is real. Chaitu says whatever, I don’t care, I m not scared, I can get a bullet and sacrifice my life for state, if you have courage, then shoot. Someone shoots. Chaitu falls. Puttan gets shocked and shouts for ambulance. Imli says I m worried, call Chaitu and Puttan. Rajneeti says they aren’t answering. Puttan gets Chaitu home. Imli cries and says why did you leave us, Chaitu ji…. Puttan says listen to me, a shot was fired in the rally. They cry for Chaitu. Puttan says listen to me, nothing happened to him. Jha says yes. Puttan says he fainted by fear. Chaitu gets conscious and says don’t kill me, I got saved. Jha says bullet went by side. Chaitu asks Puttan about it. Puttan asks him to take rest. He sends everyone. Puttan says see, someone has sent you that letter, I think someone shot at you. Chaitu says someone wants to kill me, save me. Puttan says don’t worry, no one can harm you. Chaitu says who wants to kill me. Puttan says its someone smart. Chaitu says who is he. Someone comes and says its me.

Puttan prays for Chaitu. Chaitu says I will destroy corruption. Someone shoots. He falls again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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