Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli becomes the new CM

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 15th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Khoji telling about Chaitu caught in big scams. He says Chaitu started the havan puja to get saved from the scams. Imli comes with a blind fold. Puttan says she has sworn to be blind fold till Chaitu wins the case. Chaitu does the havan. Everyone wishes him to win. They ask him to him and come back with gifts. Chaitu asks them to do the havan well. He asks Jha did he keep all the files. Jha says yes. Imli says take care, I will waiting for you. Chaitu leaves. Everyone takes permission and leave. Pandit sits to complete haven. Everyone waits for Chaitu. Pahelwan and other ministers meet. They think how Chaitu gets saved this time, who will become CM then. Uncle says Chaitu can’t get saved. Genda does a havan and prays that she becomes the CM. Imli prays that Chaitu gets saved. Khoji says Chaitu is declared as culprit, he is punished for 5 years, court has given me two days time to surrender. Imli and everyone cry.

Pahelwan and others get happy that Chaitu has gone to jail. Pahelwan says we will take revenge well. Chaitu comes home. Imli says I did big puja and even then this happened. Everyone supports Chaitu. Khoji comes to ask Chaitu how does he feel. Puttan asks guard to throw away Khoji.

Chaitu comes to office with Puttan. All the ministers start acting good. Chaitu says I will declare the person taking my place tomorrow, but first I will take a jail yatra. Puttan and everyone join Chaitu in the jail yatra. Genda lies that she doesn’t like Chaitu going to jail. She gives her interview to Khoji. Uncle says Genda is very upset, she has come to bid him farewell. Khoji asks the ministers what are they feeling. Everyone lies about their real emotions. Chaitu asks the people not to get sad for him, he is going jail for their happiness, but they don’t need to worry, as he is giving the responsibility to someone good, I give this responsibility to Imli. Everyone claps.

Khoji asks Imli is she really educated. Imli lies about her degree. Uncle says if we get Imli’s fake degree, it will be good. Genda says I have a plan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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