Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 14th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Chaitu and Imli patch up

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 14th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone singing songs. Chaitu and Puttan look on angrily. Rajneeti and Party sing and dance with Imli and Malai. Chaitu asks Imli to have shame. Puttan says all the women aren’t working, men aren’t doing work on time. Genda says Chaitu isn’t respecting the women, how long will his family women bear torture. Genda lies that Chaitu has beaten up Imli. Chaitu says she is lying. Imli says yes. Puttan goes to the news channel and argues with Genda. He says Chaitu didn’t beat Imli.

Genda says Chaitu should resign. Dhakad comes there. Puttan sees him and asks him to leave. Dhakad possesses him. Puttan asks Genda to ask herself, she should be really handling this matter, but is she taking advantage of herself. He says people always hurt each other, the common people’s pain is always the same. Genda asks what about Chaitu’s question. He says its a cheap question, Chaitu should apologize to all the women. Chaitu says I will not leave him. Puttan says I m always with truth. Genda says this is happening because of Chaitu. He says Chaitu will do work like all the women do. She asks who will check if he did the work or not. He says the channel guys will see it, I accept the challenge, Chaitu will do Imli’s work, I ask all the men to accept this challenge and do the women work. Imli praises him. Chaitu scolds Puttan. Puttan says Dhakad did this. He scolds her. Puttan asks the man to just record Chaitu doing the work and leave. Chaitu does all the work. Duniya me rehna hai to….plays….

Everyone looks on. Genda comes and says I knew Chaitu will cheat, he is manipulating media. Puttan scolds Genda. He gets possessed again and asks the reporters to record more. Chaitu says give me some time. Puttan says media will cover you, feed the guests. Imli asks him not to insult Chaitu further. Puttan asks Chaitu to look at himself, won’t he fulfill the challenge, what did you do, petty things, now you will get answer. Imli stops Puttan. Imli supports chaitu. He apologizes to her and says I understand your work and value. Everyone claps. Puttan asks Chaitu why did he lose, he is with her. Chaitu scolds him. Puttan gets troubled. Uncle says keep trying Genda. They leave. Imli asks the media to leave now. Chaitu says let me also rest. Media leaves. Chaitu and Imli unite. Everyone gets a positive message and praise Chaitu. The family members claps. Imli says Puttan made this possible. Chaitu says yes, he did all this. Puttan says Dhakad did this. Chaitu says I can just see you. Puttan says I didn’t do this. Chaitu and Imli argue. Everyone laughs.

Khoji gives the breaking news, Chaitu is caught in scam. Chaitu says now none can stop me from becoming CM.

Update Credit to: Amena

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