Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Chaitu upsets Imli

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 13th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Imli getting food for Chaitu. He gets angry and asks what do you do all day. Imli asks what do you do at your office all day. Chaitu says I m running the entire state, you just take care of food and cooking. Jha says someone has filed RTIs against the pending work. Chaitu asks who raised the question, reply that work is in progress. Imli asks Chaitu what do you do all day in the office. Chaitu asks her not to irritate me. She says I do all the work at home. He asks what’s the work to do at home, you are getting lazy. He goes. Imli cries. Malai consoles her.

Chaitu asks Puttan to do some work and finish the pending things. Puttan says leave it to me, I will manage. Chaitu says I left it to you, so this happened. They argue. Chaitu says you and your sister made my life miserable. Puttan says you seem worried, what happened. Chaitu says you go and support your sister, will you fight with her. Puttan asks what’s the matter. Chaitu says Imli stressed me lot, she seems to be upset, she is troubling me more than opposition party. Puttan says I will handle it, what will I get in return. Chaitu says you can get river bridge construction work. Puttan says great, just see how Imli obeys you. Chaitu imagines and says it would be great.

Imli says Chaitu is upset with me. Malai says even then you are making his fav dishes. Rajneeti says its dad’s day today. Imli says don’t know what happened to me in morning, I don’t like anything when he gets upset. Malai asks her to look fine.

Party men joke on Chaitu that he is a big fool, and Imli also fools him by making him have pumpkin dishes. Puttan and Chaitu come home. Puttan says see how I make Imli work now. He asks Imli to get food for him. Imli says there is much food prepared today. Rajneeti names the pumpkin dishes. Chaitu likes it. Puttan asks for different dishes. Imli asks him to eat what’s prepared. Dhakad comes and looks on. Imli asks Chaitu to have his fav food. Puttan says talk to Chaitu via me. Imli says I made his fav food. Chaitu says its a big deal. Imli says its my love for you.

Chaitu says you do little work and show like you do a great favor. Malai takes Imli’s side. Puttan says Chaitu is state CM, you can’t talk to him like this. Malai says so what. Puttan says Chaitu will get angry. He asks Chaitu not to get jealous of women, they are lucky, they keep enjoying at home, men are burdened with work. Imli says you didn’t understand my value. Malai sings. Imli asks did I raise you to see such a day. Puttan says its your mistake, apologize to Chaitu. Imli says you are his Saala because of me, he should apologize to me. He asks what do you all do sitting at home all day. They get shocked. Dhakad possesses Puttan.

Puttan says Imli, the world is filled with men like Chaitu, they think their job is actual job, and housewives are useless, all of you team up and show them what happens when women don’t do work, recall when our country was under British rule, Gandhi ji protested and got freedom, this time, men’s thinking is the enemy, go on to the streets and explain what women do at home. Chaitu asks what nonsense, what did we discuss in the office. Malai says it means Chaitu tried to bribe Puttan on office. Rajneeti says Puttan is right. Dhakad goes. Puttan gets shocked and says I won’t spare you.

Chaitu twists his ear and scolds him. Puttan says Dhakad is making me say this. Chaitu says I m confused about it. He asks Imli to make tea for him. Imli refuses and says I won’t make, its non-cooperation. Rajneeti and Party ask all the ladies not to help the men and show what they all do. Reporters tells about the non-cooperation movement. Malai says women do all the work at home, but she is always asked the same question, what do you do all day. Chaitu says I didn’t know Imli will get so upset. Puttan says I will handle it, I have done a mistake, I will rectify it. Imli says I will show what a woman is, I was 19 years old when Chaitu married me, I m managing him, his children and his life, he always asks what I do, I will show what I do, I will not fight, I will not cooperate, be a part of our movement and do not cooperate, show them what we do all day at home. Dhakad claps. Puttan sees him.

Chaitu says whatever you are doing isn’t right. Imli asks him to apologize. Chaitu says Puttan, she is asking me to apologize. Puttan gets possessed and asks Chaitu to apologize, else how will he face himself. Chaitu gets angry and says you are changing colors. He asks Puttan to explain them. Puttan says help me. They don’t listen. Chaitu says this is wrong. Imli says then admit that we don’t sit idle at home. Puttan says Chaitu will agree. He runs. Chaitu says I will teach you a lesson Imli. Imli says a woman doesn’t fight without a reason, worry for yourself. Reporter gives the breaking news and asks what will Chaitu do, will he get Imli’s love. Genda says now Chaitu will understand the puzzle of a woman, I will see how he saves his seat. Uncle asks how will this threaten Chaitu’s seat. Genda says a woman is enough to teach anything suitable, let ms explain, running is household isn’t easy, running a govt is easier, just watch now, when Chaitu’s women don’t do any work. Chaitu will come out of the house and get a punch, Imli won’t let him live and I won’t let him die.

Genda questions Chaitu and asks him to resign. Puttan says the work women do is not small, Chaitu will do all the work like women do. Chaitu takes the challenge and works all day.

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