Har Mard Ka Dard 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 6th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sonu telling Kanno what she can do when Vinod don’t want to stay with her. Kanno says she will talk to Vinod. Sonu says you all love me, but I can’t stay with Vinod as he don’t respect my parents. Kanno says Vinod is good at heart and asks her to give him a chance. Sonu gets Romila’s call and says ok. She comes to the street and sees Vinod. Vinod thinks Sonu can’t understand him and take that as a joke. He thinks he can’t live without her, but have a self respect. Sonu thinks he don’t understand her and insulted her parent s. Vinod and Sonu come home. Tikku tries to make Sonu understand and asks her to meet counseller. Romila is in favour of divorce. Dadi and anju asks Vinod to rethink about their decision and meet counseller. Vinod agrees.

They come to meet Counseller along with Romila and Tikku. Romila introduces Sonu and says unfortunately he is Sonu’s husband. Counseller asks them to stay outside and asks Vinod to keep hand on Amitabh Bachchan’s pic and says the truth. Vinod promises keeping hand and tells everything. Counseller asks him to send Counseller. Sonu comes, keeps hand on the pic and tells everything. Counseller asks everyone to come and suggest them to stay separately for a month so that they can understand each other importance. Romila says nothing will change and blames Vinod. Counseller thinks Romila is more interested to get them divorce and thinks to take much money. Tikku asks Vinod to agree. He agrees and goes to college.

Counseller tells Romila that he is divorce lawyer too and have understood that she is Amrish Puri of DDLJ. He offers to get their divorce done and demands 1 lakhs rs. romila gives him 2000 and promises to give him 98000 later. They come home. Dadi and Anju tell that they will not let Sonu and Vinod stay separately. Rasika says they shall take Sonu to Gujrat. Bunno asks why she says Gujrat always and tells that Mallika’s house is empty. Kanno says we have keys and we will inform owner. Tikku says everything will be fine. Romila says we are ready to stay in that house and says Sonu and Vinod have to stay as strangers. Vinod agrees. Sonu also agrees.

Anju asks Sonu to take care and be happy. Rasika says she will be happy, since nobody will be there to hurt her. Anju asks why she is interfering and says Sonu is my bahu and I can tell her anything. She gets emotional. Dadi asks Sonu to return. Romila says she will not return. Anju says we are talking to our bahu. Sonu thinks I never thought that I have to go from here this way. Vinod feels bad and thinks she is not feeling pain. Sonu also thinks same. Kanno hugs Sonu. Sonu leaves from the house.

Vinod tells Sonu that he wants to talk to her. Romila tells people on road that he is teasing her daughter. Inspector arrests Vinod.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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