Har Mard Ka Dard 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vinod telling Bunty that he will take his life. Everyone say that they all know about her plan. Kanno says Bhabhi told us everything. Vinod says family members are cooperative and letting their bahu elope with others. Anju says Bunty is Sonu’s cousin. Sonu smiles. Mallika thinks truth would have come out after Vinod have beaten Bunty. Sonu tells Vinod that she loves only him and says you forgot me in your work and says there is a difference between furniture and humans. Vinod asks her to stop it and feels guilty. He apologizes to Bunty. Bunty forgives him. Vinod apologizes to Sonu. Sonu forgives him. Vinod says a person shall balance between work and family. Bunno says it was Mallika’s plan. Vinod thanks her. Mallika thinks she tried all means, but Vinod have won and she has lost. Vinod asks Bunty to tell poetry. Bunty tells poetry. They all laugh.

Mallika comes to her house and frees Apsara from the bottle. She accepts that Vinod is different and says your Vinod have won and I have lost. She asks her to tell Vinod that all the problems are created because of her. Apsara says she will not tell him as she don’t want him to have hatred for anyone. She says I am happy that you have realized your mistake and says we are not needed here, Vinod and Sonu will stay here happily. Apsara comes to meet Vinod. Vinod says hi and gets surprised. He tells her that so much happened when she was not there. Vinod tells her that something is wrong with mani. Apsara says she came to take the mani and says I miss you. She goes.

Mallika tells Sonu that she has decided to marry as the groom respects her Maasi like his own mum. Sonu says it is good. Mallika says I have seen that whoever don’t respect his wife’s mum, he don’t respect his wife too. Sonu says you are right and asks when she is going ? Mallika says in sometime. Sonu tells everyone that Mallika’s marriage is fixed by her aunt in London. Everyone congratulates him. Mallika says she will go to London via Delhi. She thanks everyone and tells Vinod that he is lucky to get Sonu. Bunno calls her. Mallika says statue. Bunno cries. Lootgaye song plays….Mallika thinks she has sowed seed of doubt in Sonu’s mind as she knows that Vinod relation is not good with her mum in law. She comes home and laughs. Apsara comes and says your this trick will not work this time. Mallika says she is going, but this trick will work for sure.

Mishra ji tells Vinod that his mum in law troubled him a lot, and taunted him. She made him made paratha also. Vinod says she will go soon. Mishra ji says you will not understand as your mum in law don’t visit you often. Vinod tells him that he is lucky as she don’t visit their house often. He says his mum in law doesn’t like him and was against their marriage. He says she got soften up since I won best husband contest. He says it is good that she don’t stay in Patiala else Sonu would have visited her often. He says jamai are like honey and saas is like bitter medicine. Sonu hears them and gets angry.

Vinod sees Sonu hearing him and tells Mishra ji that it will be a big kand now. Sonu goes to kitchen and cuts the vegetable angrily. Vinod comes to her and says he was just saying that. Sonu says you was badmouthing about my mum. She says I respect your mum. She asks Kanno what she will do if her husband badmouths about her husband. Kanno says she will play his band. Vinod apologizes to her. Sonu tells something in gujrati. Kanno says it is a threat. Vinod goes to room and asks Sonu if she is still angry. Sonu says she is very hurt and says don’t know what how much he badmouths about her mum. Vinod says I apologized to you and asks her to tell what he shall do now. Sonu says who will tell that you are educated and asks him not to shout. Vinod says am I shouting and says he will not come and take to her. Sonu asks him not to come.

Sonu tells Vinod that she don’t want to stay with him. Vinod says even I don’t want to stay with you. Sonu says lets separate. Everyone is shocked. Vinod agrees.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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