Har Mard Ka Dard 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 27th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sonu getting angry Vinod on finding Preeti’s greeting card. Vinod says she was my best friend. Sonu asks him to buy garland and do her jaap. Vinod runs to Mallika’s house and says big Kand happened, and tells that he will get Veer gati by his wife. Mallika asks what happened? Vinod tell her that Sonu got his best friend’s call and she got furious on him. Mallika says it is difficult to clear her doubt and asks him to search Preeti and make her come infront of Sonu, so that she can get some peace. Vinod says ok and goes to search Preeti.

Vinod asks Kanno and Bunno to help him. They say they can’t see Sonu’s pain. Vinod says what about my pain. He asks them to search Preeti on social networking sites. They agree. Mishra ji and Gulati ji tells that Bunno will find fast. Bunno calls Vinod and informs him that he found Preeti and gives his number. He gets Taneja’s call and he asks him to come in evening to teach his daughter. Vinod says preeti is not picking call. Vinod comes to Mallika’s house and talk slowly. He tells that he called Preeti, but she didn’t pick his call. Mallika asks him to send message to Preeti and does magic. Vinod says I will leave. Mallik asks him to check the lamp and gives many missed calls to Preeti from his phone.

Vinod checks the lamp and tells that he will buy the bulb. Mallika calls Sonu and asks her not to check Vinod’s phone and messages. Sonu thinks she will check for sure. She gets angry on Vinod and reads the message and missed calls. Sonu is shocked and tell Mallika. Mallika provokes her against Vinod as he goes to teach Taneja’s daughter. Vinod comes back home and thinks his scooter is punctured and that’s why he shall get his scooter repaired now itself. He goes. Mallika laughs as she punctured his scooter.

Sonu calls Taneja and enquires him about Vinod. Taneja says he left at 9 pm. Sonu asks where did he go? Vinod says his scooter was punctured and that’s why he went to get his repaired. Sonu doesn’t believe him. Vinod calls mallika. Mallika asks him to call Preeti and invite her home, to save his marriage. Preeti agrees. Vinod thanks her and thinks she will get mukti for him.

He informs Sonu that Preeti is coming at 6 pm and asks her to question him. Papa ji, Anju, Kanno and Bunno tell that Vinod loves her every much. Mallika calls Vinod. He tells her that Preeti will come at 6 pm. Mallika thinks she will not come today and calls her as Sonu. She tells her that everything is sorted out and that’s why she don’t have to come.

Vinod tells Mishra ji and Gulati that his life will be sorted now. He gets Preeti’s message that she can’t come as her mum in law is unwell.

Everyone waits for Preeti. Sonu says now she is sure that Vinod had an affair with her. Preeti comes there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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