Har Mard Ka Dard 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 23rd June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mallika dancing happily in her house. Apsara asks what happened? Malllika says talk is such that her heart is making him to dance. Apsara asks her to tell. Mallika tells her that she called Taneja as Tripathi’s secretary and told that Mr. Tripathi hates lauke ki sabzi and moong kid al. She says Taneja must have told Vinod by now and Vinod must have told Sonu, but she being egoistic will not change the menu. Vinod tells Dadi that list needs to be change and asks them to understand. Sonu says list will not be changed, and reminds him that he made the list and also signed on it. She says you said that even if you tell us then also we shall not change the list. All the ladies of his house laugh on him. Papa ji says he will make food along with his sons. Vinod says I will make food for Tripathi. Anju says we will go to Mallika’s house and chill. Bunno says he will drop them.

Vinod gets Taneja’s call and he tells that Tripathi will come soon. Papa ji asks him to go and make food. Vinod says I told the ladies as I thought you will make food. They get worried. Mallika comes and offers to help them and asks to make food. Papa ji thinks this ghost will help us now. Bunno thinks I love her. Mallika thinks she will help them while the ladies chill at her house.

Mallika asks Vinod to cut the onions and gives work to Papa ji and Bunno also. Tripathi ji comes with Taneja and Mishra ji and Gulati. Mishra ji comes to know about this and is shocked. Tripathi ji asks why there is no food smell. Vinod says it will come soon and says the men of the house are making food. Mishra ji says he makes nice food. Mallika does magic on Bunno and makes him put turmeric in the dish. The dish gets burnt. Everyone get the burning smell. Gulati says it is a food smell. Vinod tries to cut tomatoes and its juice falls on Bunno. Bunno tries to hit egg on Vinod’s head, but he moves and egg falls on Papa ji’s head. Mallika laughs. Vinod also laughs.

Papa ji and Bunno put flour on him and laugh. Vinod also puts flour on their heads. Mallika says you can’t make food even after instructions, a big zero. Vinod says what we will serve them.

Just then they hear Tripati ji praising the food and come out. They see Tripathi ji, Taneja, Gulati and Mishra ji having food on the dining table, while Anju, Sonu and others serve them. Tripathi and others see Vinod, Papa ji and Bunno’s condition and laughs. Tripathi says I never had such delicious food before and says it is good that the food is cooked by them else my mood would have gotten ruined. Taneja asks about the fund.

Tripathi assures to give him funds. Tripathi asks what did I have just now, and asks about the food dish name. Anju says it was lauki ki sabzi and masoor dal. Vinod is shocked. Tripathi says I never had such tasty lauki and masoor ki dal. Dadi says when made with love then even can beat paneer’s taste. Tripathi ji says you said right and says whenever he is in the city, will have food in their house. Mishra ji tells that Gulati left as he got call and asks Sonu to pack his tiffin and also his dinner. Vinod looks on. Mallika tells them that she came to help them, but they couldn’t make food. Sonu says we made food at your house. Dadi tells Vinod that Sonu asking him daily what to make in food and you telling her daily, is an ingredient of a happy family life. He says family don’t run on list. Vinod brings list and tears it. Sonu hugs him. Mallika is angry and upset, thinks that her plan ruined.

Apsara laughs and asks Mallika to accept her defeat and says if you are to sailab then Vinod is faulad, if you are tsunami then vinod is toofan. Mallika refuses to accept defeat and says I came here to bhang Vinod’s tapasya and to perfect that he is not a perfect husband. Apsara says you have failed and says you have just two chances left. Mallika says she will win.

Sonu asks Vinod about his girl friend in college. Vinod says many girls wanted to be his girl friend, but he never made any girl as his girl friend. Sonu asks questions to Vinod. Vinod while answering about best friend, he takes Preeti’s name. Sonu asks if she was his girl friend. Vinod is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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