Har Mard Ka Dard 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 22nd June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mallika says good morning to Vinod. Vinod says what good morning and says Sonu is so egoistic. Mallika says Sonu is really good and lucky person got her. He says only he knows. He tells her that Sonu took his signatures on the list so that no change can be made by me. Mallika says this shows that she don’t trust you and says you did right. She asks him to be happy. Vinod says you forgot that I am married. Mallika says marr hi daloge.

After 2 days, Mishra ji applauds for Vinod’s idea of list. Vinod says his life have become simple now. Sonu is not asking now. Mishra ji says he will also give list to his wife. Gulati says he gave list to his wife already. Vinod says that day you said that you can’t win over your wife.

Apsara asks Mallika to accept her defeat. Mallika says I will not go until I prove that Vinod is not a perfect husband. Sonu comes to room and closes the light. Vinod says I am reading and switches on light. They argue. Vinod says if I shall write application and take your sign. Sonu asks if you are done and switches off lights. They continue to on and off lights. Mallika thinks now finals. This ego fire will burn their married life. Sonu takes pillow from under his head and says it is hers. Vinod is surprised. Sonu says she will give list to him about the things.

Next day, Sonu thinks Vinod is becoming egoistic and is doing his work by himself. Vinod searches for the file. Sonu asks if he couldn’t find anything. Vinod says no. Mallika comes there.

Janardhan Tripathi comes to College and meets Taneja and says he is from big educational organization. Taneja asks him to explain. Janardhan Tripathi says this college have been selected to get 1 crore Rs fund. . Taneja gets happy. Mr. Tripathi says he has managed to find stay for 2 days, but needs home made food. Taneja thinks his wife makes non tasty food and thinks what to do. He tells Mr. Tripathi that he will make him have dinner at Vinod’s house. Mr. Tripathi says today he is busy and says he will come tomorrow, but be sure food is good.

Mallika hears them and calls Taneja as Tripathi’s secretary. She tells him that Mr. Tripathi hates lauki ki sabzi and masoor ki dal. Mallika says make sure these things are not included in food. Mallika thinks this will be fun now. She says Taneja will tell this to Vinod. Vinod gets worried and tells Gulati and Mishra ji that Sonu didn’t give him examination file. He says Taneja will get angry now. Mishra ji and Gulati tells that they were beaten by their wives.

Mallika comes there and gives file to Vinod, says it was hidden under the bedsheet. Vinod thanks her. Mallika goes. Taneja calls Vinod and tells that their college is selected for the funds. He asks Vinod to arrange for dinner and make sure lauki ki sabzi and moong ki dal are not in the menu. Vinod comes home and tells dadi that they are getting 1 crore fund and says Tripathi ji from the same organization is coming to have food in our house. Vinod says if our college don’t get funds then Taneja will fire me. Anju asks Sonu to check the list. Sonu says lauki ki sabzi and masoor ki dal. Vinod recalls Mr. Tripathi dislikes it and asks Sonu to make something else. Sonu says food will be made by list. Anju says you asked us not to change list even if you tell us. Papa ji asks Anju to make Paneer. Anju asks him to shut up. Dadi says food will be made according to list. Bunno says what you will do now. Vinod thinks to talk in the morning.

Vinod asks Dadi and Anju to understand and says list needs to be changed. Sonu says list will not change. Vinod says he will make food.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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