Har Mard Ka Dard 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 20th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mallika bringing lawyer to Police station and bail out Vinod. Vinod thanks her. Mallika says who called animal activist there. Inspector checks the file and says Sonu khanna have filed the complaint. Vinod says she is my wife. Mallika says I know you are in shock and says she can’t think Sonu could do this. Papa ji goes to get taxi. Mallika asks Vinod not to get angry on Sonu. Vinod says matter is already ruined. Anju cries for Vinod. Dadi says Police never came to our house. Vinod comes home. Anju and Dadi ask him how is he? Vinod tells Sonu that you called animal activist and told that I made that dog go missing and I am threat to that dog. Sonu is shocked. Dadi asks what you are saying? Kanno says bhabhi will not call. Anju says she is not having balance in her phone. Papa ji asks them to stop fighting and search double roti. Bunno says he couldn’t find double roti. Vinod gets Taneja’s call and gets tensed. Sonu says if Taneja comes to know about double roti then you will lose job.

Vinod pick the call. Taneja asks how is double roti. Vinod says it is fine. Taneja says they have come out of airport and will come to his house. He asks him to make Dog talk to him. Bunno makes dog sound. Taneja and his family are relieved. They see diya about to blow off and save it. Taneja and his wife come there. Vinod and his family stop them from entering the house. Taneja asks where is double roti. Vinod says Bunno took double roti out and says he will bring them. Mallika thinks until when Vinod will make excuses. Vinod searches for double roti and thinks where to search it. He thinks where to find dog. He prays to God to help him and save him. He comes back home and happens to see double roti in Mallika’s house. He understands it is her ploy to trouble him, and thinks if it is better to steal dog from her house.

He asks Double roti to come out of house. Double roti goes. Vinod says Anju and others feed food to Taneja and his wife. Vinod comes back to them and asks Mrs. Taneja to call Double roti in her style. She sings while Vinod records her voice. Vinod brings double roti back home. Everyone get happy. Mallika is shocked and wonders how did Vinod get it. Taneja gets impressed with Vinod and says he will increase her pay with more 2000. Vinod gets happy. Sonu asks Taneja, can I come to meet double roti sometimes. Taneja gets happy seeing Sonu’s love for double roti and increases his pay with 4000 more. Anju says can I come and meet double roti sometimes.

Taneja says I will increment with 6000 Rs. Dadi says can I come to take double roti for having chole khulche. Taneja says so much love and says he will increment him with 8000 Rs. Vinod is surprised and thanks him. Kanno says can I come and tie rakhi to double roti. Taneja says I promise that I will increment your salary with 10000 Rs. Papa ji says I want to say. Taneja says 10000 increment is enough. Papa ji says you are misunderstanding me and returns double roti phone and says he has recharged its phone. Taneja thanks them and leaves. Vinod apologizes to Sonu and says he couldn’t understand her affection for double roti. Sonu apologizes for ignoring him. Vinod and Sonu hug and patch up. Mallika gets shocked and thinks her plan failed badly.

Apsara laughs and asks her to go back and free her. Mallika says she can never accept defeat and says she will play her last 3 tricks.

Vinod tells Mallika that he is irritated with Sonu as she daily asks what she shall make. Mallika asks him to make list for the week. Vinod looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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