Har Mard Ka Dard 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Har Mard Ka Dard 19th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vinod asking Sonu to make something good for everyone to eat. Sonu says but match. Vinod insists and tells his colleagues that Sonu makes tasty pakodas. He says if you make pakodas then India will win. Sonu goes. Mishra ji praises Vinod’s mind. Gulati says she is biwi no. 1 and you are husband no 1. Sonu comes to kitchen and calls Anju. Anju says you came to kitchen today and asks her to drink water. Sonu says pakodas. Anju says request…and says taunts her. Sonu says she will make pakodas. Anju laughs hearing this and says it is like cat driving the plane. Sonu is shocked. Anju asks her to make Thepka, Khakra etc. Sonu tells her that Vinod told her that he wants to have pakodas made by her and that nobody cooks tasty pakodas than me. Anju is shocked and says my Vinod can’t say this, and goes. Anju comes to Vinod and stands infront of TV. She says her Maasi used to said right that son gets changed after he marry. She says when I asked what do you want to have? You said nothing and then asked Sonu to make pakodas. Vinod asks Anju to make pakodas. Sonu asks if this is right. Kanno says mummy asked Vinod first.. Dadi taunts Sonu. Vinod asks them to move from the way and let them see the match. He asks her to make pakodas. Sonu says he asked me.

Kanno says ethically Mum asked him first. Papa ji asks her to go and tells Vinod that his wicket will be down between mum and wife’s fight. Sonu sees Anju making parathi batter fast and then add Ajwain. Sonu says it is finished. They hide the things. Sonu adds much water. Anju and Kanno laugh. Dadi asks her to add more besan. Sonu asks Dadi to cut onion as she gets tears in her eyes. Vinod hears Sonu’s thought. Sonu thinks she will see he likes whose pakodas. Anju thinks the same Vinod thinks what will happen now and feels sandwich between wife and mum. Sonu imagines giving pakodas to Vinod and making him eat,

Anju also dreams the same sequence. They make pakoda. Anju thinks my son will make pakodas made by me. Sonu thinks the same. Anju and Sonu bring pakodas for Vinod. Anju asks him to have pakodas made with her motherly love. Sonu asks him to have pakodas made by his wife’s love. Vinod apologizes to Sonu also and tells he can’t have pakodss as he sores on her mouth. Sonu asks him to show the ring. Vinod shows the blister on his tongue. Sonu says it is like lipstick mark. They give pakodas to everyone. Mishra ji and Gulati ask Anju to bring more pakodas. Anju goes. Sonu says we will also bring. Anju comes to Dadi and asks her to search in her phone about home remedy to treat blister. Sonu calls Rasika and asks home remedy. Anju thinks now he have to tell whose pakoda is good.

Vinod eats the pakodas. Bunno tells Dadi that Vinod feigned to have blister.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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