Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega…PreeRan Arjun Bijlani-Ada Khan Part 2


Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega…Every heart that falls in love…Part 2
I dedicate this chapter to Shesha485 who gave a jodi name to Raj Ruchika-RajRu

Ruchika went with Raj to the airport.
Ruchika:When will you return from London?
Raj:It’s a business tour.So I can return only after my work is done.So it will take some time.
Ruchika:Will miss you Raj.
Raj:I will also miss you Ruchika.Before going I want to tell you something.
Ruchika:What is that?

Raj:I wanted to tell this since a long time.But the present sad situation stopped me from saying it.But I feel that I should say it now as I am becoming restless.
Ruchika looked at him eagerly.
Raj:I love you Ruchika.
Ruchika was shocked.
Ruchika became upset:Raj…I have never seen you like that.You are my best friend.But …
Raj felt upset.
Raj:It’s ok Ruchika.I just said what I feel for you.I did’nt tell you to love me back.
Ruchika:But I feel helpless now.I feel sad that I am not able to love you back the way you love me.
Raj:You love me as your best friend.Right?That’s enough for me.So don’t be guilty.And what if you will also love me back in future realizing how much I love you?
Ruchika looked at his emotionally.
Ruchika:You have hope?
Raj:To be frank yes as I believe in my love.
Ruchika:What if it does’nt happen?
Raj:Then I will wait for you in my next birth.But in my next birth also I will love you and live for you.
Ruchika did not know what to say.
Raj gave her a cute smile pulling her cheek cutely and said:Bye…
Ruchika smiled slightly:Bye…

The nurse looked at Preeta:Will change your dress now.
Preeta simply looked at her.

The nurse:Mr.Kanishk..come..help me to change Preeta’s clothes.
Kanishk and Ruchika were shocked.
Nurse:If not you,then who?You are Preeta’s husband.Right?
Karan:Ya..but still…
Ruchika:I will help you to change Preeta’s clothes.
Nurse:No,it’s the husband who has to these things for his wife.
Nurse:Mr.Kanishk..come with me.
The nurse went near Preeta.
Ruchika stared at Karan angrily.
Ruchika:How dare you?You think that you can enjoy?

Karan:But what did I do?I did’nt even go inside yet.It’s the nurse who is forcing me.

Ruchika:Don’t try to be innocent.I know what kind of people are you actors.Don’t think that you can behave with my sister like you behave to your heroines.
Karan got hurt.
The nurse called him again.Karan went inside.Ruchika tried to get inside.But the nurse closed the door.
Ruchika was really worried.She was biting nails outside.Finally the door was open.Karan came out.
Ruchika looked at him angrily:Did you touch my sister unnecessarily while changing her dress?
The nurse came out murmuring:What kind of husband is this?Which husband changes his own wife’s dress with eyes closed?
Ruchika looked at Karan in disbelief.The nurse walked away.
Ruchika thought:This guy is not as bad as I thought.
Ruchika:I am sorry Karan.I misunderstood you.
Karan:It’s ok.I understand your feelings.Anyone in your position will doubt me.But trust me.I will not take advantage of your sister’s condition.
Ruchika smiled.

After a few days Preeta was shifted to Arora Mansion.

Ruchika caressed Preeta emotionally.
Ruchika:Don’t worry Preeta.You will become alright soon.
Ruchika went out crying.Karan saw it and followed Ruchika.
Karan:You ran away from Preeta as you don’t want Preeta to see your tears.Right?
Ruchika:She cannot bear my tears.
Karan:Then don’t cry.
He wiped her tears.
Karan:I know why you are crying.You are worried about Preeta’s health.Right?

Ruchika:My heart breaks when I see her in this condition.

Karan:Don’t worry.Now I am here.I will bring Preeta back to normal.
Karan kept his palm on her hand:Promise.
Ruchika looked at him emotionally.

Days passed….

Karan always stood by Preeta looking after her.
Unknowingly he slept near to Preeta on the bed.Preeta opened her eyes.Seeing Karan near by unknowingly a smile appeared on her face.

She kept looking at him.

Karan opened his eyes.Suddenly he sneezed making a huge sound.Preeta burst into laughter.

Karan was surprised to see her laugh.
Karan called everyone in excitement:Ruchika..uncle..aunty…come here soon.
Everyone came inside.
Karan:Preeta is smiling.
They all were surprised to see Preeta smiling.
They went and hugged Preeta.
Sarla:After a long time my daughter smiled.
Ruchika called the doctor.
The doctor came and checked Preeta.
Dr:It’s a nice improvement that her face started showing movements.It’s a good sign.Very soon she will talk.She might be able to get up from the bed also.
They all became very happy.

Karan was standing at the balcony.Ruchika went near him.
Ruchika:Thank you so much Karan.Because of you only Preeta is improving.You made him very happy.

Karan:Not me,Kanishk.Preeta is happy because she thinks that it’s Kanishk who is with her.
Ruchika became upset.
Karan:I feel guilty.I am cheating Preeta.

Ruchika:Karan…your heart is pure.That’s why….you are so nice.
Karan looked at her emotionally.

Days passed…

By suppressing the guilt Karan was taking care of Preeta.
Preeta’s lips shivered:Kanishk..
Karan looked at her with surprise.To the surprise Preeta was not only talking but also sitting.
Karan:Preeta…you are able to sit..you really talked?
Preeta smiled emotionally:Yes Kanishk..it’s your love which cured me.
Karan looked at her with guilt.
Karan:Let me inform this happy news to others.
Preeta smiled.Her parents and Ruchika came.
They became so happy that they hugged Preeta.
Ruchika kissed her and said:Call me again Preeta.
Raghuveer:Don’t make her strain Ruchika.How many times should she call you?
Ruchika:I really missed her call me.That’s why.My name sounds the sweetest when Preeta calls me by my name.
Everyone smiled.
Sarla:Raghuveerji..now itself we can go to the temple.We should thank God for improving Preeta’s health.
Raghuveer:Yes yes Sarlaji.
Sarla and Raghuveer went out.Ruchika too joined them.
When Karan was about to go,Preeta held her hand.
Preeta:Kanishk..sit near me..close to me.
Karan also held her hand.Their eyes got locked onto each other.

Karan came back to senses and took his hand off her.
Karan:This is wrong.
Preeta:What is wrong Kanishk?
Karan walked away with his guilty feeling.Preeta was upset.

Karan brought soup for Preeta and tried to feed Preeta.
Preeta:No Kanishk.First I want to know whether you are hiding something from me.Something is bothering you.I fear whether that is affecting their relationship.
Karan shed tears.Preeta was shocked.
Preeta:What happened Kanishk?Why so much of pain in your heart?
Karan:I am sorry Preeta.You are very innocent.I can’t cheat you anymore.
Preeta:What are you saying Kanishk?
Karan:I am not your Kanishk.I am Karan,an ordinary play artiste.
Preeta was shocked.

  1. krithi poojary

    it was a heart touching episode. I am waiting for preeran romance episodes

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank u so much

  2. Shesha485

    It is really impressive when Raj said that he would love her for all births and not forcing her. Poor Ruchika misunderstood Karan. Greatly she understand Karan. Ruchika asking Preeta to call her name was emotional. Karan’s sneeze and Preeta’s laugh is lovely. Beautiful pics.

    1. Shesha485

      Thanks for dedication. 😃😃

    2. Jasminerahul

      thank u very much

  3. This is awesome

  4. krithi poojary

    when is the next part going to be published? I am madly waiting for it. please publish the part 3 jasmine

    1. Jasminerahul

      I have already published the new part

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