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One shot

****************Surprise ******************

Tada here goes the os. For my jaan.. I love teasing her… So this ts flashback fully just to tease her… Now I'm starting to write…. The flashback is of half truth… That's of champ Janu friendship… Means swara ragini friendship…. " Happy seventh month anniversary Janu " may 23 2016 3:15 pm.. We met… 7 is my lucky number and is close to me… You know na Janu.. So I want to celebrate it…. Ha yes you may think.. If it's may 23 2016. Then it must be 8 months completed… Yah 8 months completed since we meet. But 7 months completed.. Since we became #champ_Janu

So here goes the os… Only to tease my jaan…

Story begins…..

" I'm glad have you all here on a special day.. Thanks for sharing our joy…. Here I welcome you all for my Didi.. Jiju's seventh Anniversary .. " A girl Chirped in joy occupying the middle of the stage with a boy on her side…

The boy gave a smile and continued " Here we welcome the couple of the day. Swara sanskar "

Everyone's gaze shifted to the couple who is descending the stairs hand in hand…..

Mom.. Dad.. A cute 5 year old boy shouted seeing them.. And ran towards them all smiled while the couple laughed a little seeing their son's excitement…..

Sanskar took him in his arms. Boy settled comfortably. Now they looks like a cute family.. Obviously they are. They reached down and joined the guest….

There boy and girl announced…

Girl " so me ragini and my husband laksh or you can say swara ki devar ( made faces..) are going to show the journey of swara and sanskar.. Also with mine and swara's journey.. ( winked and swara..) swara laughed a little.."

Laksh " don't get jealous of me and my sil. And even you jiju saali are not less.. Don't even leave a single stone unturned without irritating us.. You both twins… OK now I request you all to sit and watch the play.. "

There play starts.. All are indulged in it.. But swara was gone into past…

——————-Flashback ——————

We can see a 3 year old girl playing with a boy of 6 year… Both are playing with that girls toy… The girls brother vikrant and and her sister preethi are making fun of them… As the boy was not leaving the girl.. And was only with her…….their life was happy.. Until a accident happened.. Yes an accident… The boy lost his mother.. The person who show him love… But that doesn't affect the boy.. He was only with that girl.. Yes you are right.. It's swara and sanskar… But… Destiny doesn't need them to be together…..

The boys father send the boy to abroad alone with a care taker…. Days passed.. The girl forgot him… And was living her life.. She is successful in business…. A practical girl.. Who wants everyone's happiness……

After tough time of separation…. The boy returned to India again.. But he is not the same lovely boy.. Instead a devil.. Or you can say he shows himself as a devil… The years of loneliness made him wear this mask…..

Sanskar came to swara's home…. He was welcome by shekar and sumi… They are happy to see him after a long period.. And shekar was happy to see him as a good business man.. Like him.. He always wanted sanskar to get married to swara.. As sanskar is his sisters son.. .

The first time sanskar saw swara.. He was mesmerized seeing her. .. But his presence always made swara uncomfortable…… She used to share it with her sister… But she knows sanskar loves swara and can keep her happy.. It's just that he can't show like others. He is rude.. But soft by heart…. So swara used to irritate her sis by joining hands with her
Brother vikrant… Like teasing her using preeti love story.. Both brother and sister are best friends.. They can't live without each other… .vikrant being elder to swara care for her a lot… He is also friend of sanskar.. But never push her.. To accept sanskar.. As he only want her sister happiness….

But sanskar is sanskar right.. How can he leave his swara… Only his swara.. He is always possessive about her… Even swara has a crush on sanskar since childhood.. But now she can't accept this rude sanskar….. She just used to show attitude but sanskar never leaves any opportunity to tease her. Or romance with her…. In one point even she started enjoying those romance unknowingly…

During this period.. She came across a friend is Facebook…. Since swara used to write fan fiction.. It was a reader of her ff. Who commented with a confusion… On that ff… To clear the confusion she texted the reader in private… That girl is our ragini.. Then they started talking about their life.. Like their occupation.. Their interest.. Soon swara got to know ragini is also a writer but she left in middle.. So she asked her to write a ff for her… Like this both started to boost each other's interest…. One point of time.. Both are dependent to others.. Like Both are each other's dairy… Soon they started sharing their secrets too… Like this when swara told ragini about sanskar.. Ragini made swara understand that she is in love.. She made her understand herself… Both used to tease each other.. Like jiju devar.. As swara is 3 months elder to ragini…. Ragini used to call sanskar as jiju and swara used to tease her about her future husband… Sometimes she will ask ragini to marry vikrant so that ragini can become her bhabi.. Their friendship develop more.. Like they can't live without each other… But they used to fight a lot.. More with possessiveness and jealous… Swara is ragini's Janu and ragini is swara's champ… They made a identity champ Janu. With their fiction work #friends_the_chosen_family….

Making everyone jealous of them. Coming to sanskar.. Getting cleared about her feelings for sanskar.. She tried seeing him as a friend….she got to know many of his side…. Though they never confessed.. They are engaged…. Soon…

Like this some day swara ragini meet.. both introduced each other to their families. And both became a part of each other's family… Soon ragini and sanskar teamed up to irritate swara.. Both share a bro sis bonding.. And also ragsan share same birth date.. That irrikes swara more.. She user to say.. She will see when her Devar come…

Then they started seeing alliance for ragini.. In mean time.. Swasan marriage date is fixed.. That's when…. Ragini made arrangements for proposal. Like she made everything swara like…. Soon sanskar proposed swara…. She accepted.. And they got married. . Next day after wedding.. They took their relationship to next level….. In the mean time.. Alliance was fixed for ragini.. They found laksh.. They agreed after given laksh many test and advice… In the mean time.
They developed a friendly bonding…. On the day of raglak engagement.. Swara gave good news of.. Bringing a new soul to the earth.. All are overjoyed.. And celebrated…after a month of sunny's birth.. Raglak got married.. And all four.. Shifted to a mansion in Paris…. They lived the life of fairy tale. Ragsan used to irritate swalak a lot… Also flop swalak plan…. Sunny used to join hands with ragsan after all he is papa's prince.. After a year.. Sid came in their life.. Symbol of raglak love.. He used to be bari ma's prince… Swara's shadow… Like this their life went on.. With all happy moments.. Sunny and Sid used to share brother bonding… And preeti and vikrant and shruthi ( ragini's sister) with their family too shifted to Paris… All are leading blessed life… Now it's been seven years swasan are married……
************flashback ends *************

Swara came out flashback.. Hearing clap sound.. Indicating play is over. ..

Sunny and Sid gifted a art work both made together…..

The day ends with everyone's smile….

***************swasan room **************

Swa: sunny can you believe.. It's been seven years sunny… ( sunny is sanskar nick name… They kept it for their son)

San: yes Janu.. Everything looks like it happened yesterday ( he told back hugging her.. Placing his chin in her shoulder..)

Swa: what do you think about our life…

San: it's a fairy tale.. But sometimes you and ragini made it as a horror with your fight…

Swa: huh.. It makes our bond stronger… You know.

San: ha MA I can see.. So it's our anniversary.. Don't you think we should celebrate our first night too.

Swa: I don't think so.. ( she told with a naughty smile..)

San: Acha ji.. Then shall I try it with your cousin megs…

Swara turned with a force and captured sanskar neck with her hands…

Swa: ( dangerous tone..) I'll kill you if you even have that idea.. OK..

Sanskar was struggling to get out of her grip.. Atlast he tickled her…

Swara left him with a jerk…

San: I don't know my kiddos wife can also kill…

Swa: don't call me kiddo…

San: I'll call you kiddo…

Swa: huh… Then see what this kiddo can do…. Saying this swara pushed sanskar in bed… Light dims.. They marked each other.. Once again.. Enjoying the Solace….

Swara's pov….

Life can never be better than this….. My champ has been part of my life after our meet.. We made each other's life perfect….
We both are soul sisters more like a shadow… I got my sunny.. My sanskar… Now I'm living happily.. With my di preeti. My bro vikrant… My devar lucky.. My sis shruthi.. They all used to pamper me.. But I only pamper my champ.. Seriously she is tough to handle
.I can proudly say.. I'm the only one who can handle her… She becomes jhansi rani.. When fighting.. Seriously huh how much she fight.. But I console her everytime.. Same with sanskar.. She used to take champ help.. Both used to irritate me a lot.. These twin combo na.. Huh.. And champ.. I should always give up and say sorry. Even it's her mistake… But I love doing this…. We both met as stranger. . Became friends… Then best friends… Then sisters.. Then soulmate.. Then soul sisters… Then shadow… Then one.. It's cj.. Champ Janu… We were together.. We are together.. And we will be together.. Till eternity……FRIENDSHIP HAS A END.. But… NO END FOR #CJ CHAMP JANU ALWAYS ROCKS.. NOW AND FOREVER



Guys.. I know this os.. Is not upto the mark… But I want this to be a gift for my Janu…. And I'm sharing my happiness with you all….

Thanks for your time….


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  1. SRSL

    Awww so cute…who is janu in your life…is she there in tu and is this story real…

    1. Subi

      The Janu in my story is bhanu writer of tu meri mannat and mannat ya phir mohabbat.. This story is real till I mean we both met on fb.. It’s the true fact but still we haven’t met each other.. So till that it’s true.. Others are my imagination.. Thanks for your time..

  2. Adishu

    how can you even say that it is not up to the mark….
    the things that have the power to make us smile is the bestest thing in this world…. n ur os tooo made me smile… it was beautiful and cute…. n moreover the motive behind this os was epic….
    lovely os….

    1. Adishu

      n r u talking about bhanu Di the w

    2. Adishu

      n r u talking about bhanu Di the writer of “tu meri mannat”…

    3. Subi

      Yes same bhanu di dear.. Thanks for reading the os 🙂

  3. Kaynatk01


  4. Tamil


  5. Simi

    Awesome dear

  6. Shibil

    Awesome ….bonding is gud

  7. Raina

    sorry, i actually couldn’t make out these vikrant, sruthi etc. i mean i can’t understand few relations. but the os was fabulous. aww! it was very sweet and cute

    1. Subi

      Haha. Actually they are our family members.. I used their real names.. 🙂

  8. Deeksha

    Awesome dear…..

  9. awesome….

  10. wow this was cute

  11. Very nice

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